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Posted by  •  September 10

Lisa Bloom: What kind of fantasy world did police, prosecutors, and the NFL live in before this video?

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September 9  • 

Suiting up: A fresh season of concussion lawsuits and allegations of league negligence

The status of NCAA and NFL wrongful death and concussion lawsuits. Plus, how to keep your child athlete safe in the pee wees.

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September 9  • 

Ask Avvo: My fiancé wants to sign a prenup. Is that really necessary?

Avvo attorneys answer your legal questions.

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September 8  • 

Reading, writing and … litigating? The implications of injuries at school

Our children spend close to 40 hours per week at school; inevitably, accidents occur. Who is liable, and what are a child's rights?

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September 5  • 

What happened at Joan Rivers’ clinic?

Lisa Bloom: We must resist the impulse to assume the death of Joan Rivers was due to her age. A full, thorough investigation must happen.

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September 4  • 

Throwback Thursday: Labor law highlights and changes still to come

Monday marked Labor Day, which recognizes the contributions of America’s 156 million workers. Here, a look at labor laws over the years.

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September 3  • 

Legal implications of the Jennifer Lawrence nude photo leak

Legally speaking, obtaining and disseminating private photos through unlawful hacking is not only creepy, it’s illegal and possibly tortious.

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September 3  • 

Trouble in paradise: Protecting yourself from new time-share scams

Scams can crop up virtually anywhere, and the vacation industry is no exception. Follow these tips to avoid new and common timeshare scams.

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September 2  • 

Vending machine assault and 4 other bizarre workers’ comp victories

Workers' compensation provides protection to workers hurt on the job, but sometimes it gives rise to logic-defying cases.

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