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Is it legal to flip off a cop?

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The finger. The bird. Flipping someone off. Whatever you call it, it’s a rude gesture meant to express disdain and provoke a reaction. So, if you flip off a cop, can you get arrested? In January 2013, a federal court said no. Hurrah for freedom of expression! But not so fast. Just because you can legally give a police officer the finger doesn’t mean you should.

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Midazolam and the future of the death penalty


In a dissent authored by Justice Sotomayor and joined by Justices Ginsberg, Breyer, and Kagan, Sotomayor chastised the majority not only for its recognition of the death penalty as a constitutional form of punishment under the Eighth Amendment, but also for ignoring the petitioners’ requests for a stay of execution pending the final resolution of the ongoing midazolam debate.

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Will we finally fix our broken prison system?


US politicians have suddenly woken up and realized—finally—that something has to be done about mass incarceration. In a recent speech to the NAACP, President Barack Obama called for a sentencing overhaul bill to be passed this year that would reduce mandatory minimum sentences “or get rid of them entirely,” favoring treatment or other alternatives for many drug offenders. Remarkably, Republican House Speaker John Boehner largely agrees, and said he supports a bipartisan bill currently making its way through the House that would, among other things, lower mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenders.

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Detergent pods: Convenient, but dangerous


With bright colors and appealing packaging, detergent pods cause many children to mistake them for toys or candy.

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5 reasons men file for divorce

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When it comes to divorce, does sex matter? That is, are there differences between men and women? Research and experience both say yes.

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Donald Trump’s textbook racism


Mr. Trump’s blanket insulting statements about Mexican Americans are clearly the definition of racism.

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The new legal landscape of same-sex marriage

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Despite the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage, there are still some hoops to jump through for those planning LGB weddings.

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Is it legal to spank your kids?

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Is spanking as a form of corporal punishment “firmly woven into our nation’s social fabric,” as one state’s highest court recently asserted?

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Swearing “Minions,” and other toy rollout disasters


The F-bomb dropping “Minion” toys living in McDonald’s Happy Meals aren’t the first foul-mouthed toys to pollute impressionable young minds.

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10 STD laws you should know about


Can you go to jail for giving someone an STD, even if you didn’t know you had it?

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