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7 things you must do immediately if you’re the victim of excessive police force


More than 1000 Americans are killed by law enforcement each year, and many more are injured. The top 7 tips to protect your rights.

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Uncovering the Dennis Hastert cover-up


In many cases, it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.

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Top 5 things the Social Security Administration wants to know about your disability


How Disability Determination Services will determine if you meet the definition of “disabled” and qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

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Dog days of summer: How to avoid a hot car tragedy


Thousands of dogs and pets die each year when left alone in hot cars. Follow these tips to keep your pets safe this summer. Infographic.

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Josh Duggar scandal: We’ve seen this show too many times


This case is all too familiar: family protects the perpetrator and lets time lapse for the victims. — Avvo legal analyst Lisa Bloom

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Top 10 worst criminals in the NFL


Ten of the worst criminals in the NFL: Aaron Hernandez, Ray Lewis, Jim Dunaway, Robert Rozier, Ray Carruth, OJ Simpson and more.

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The homeowner’s guide to land use laws


Everything homeowners should know about the land use laws that govern trampolines, backyard chicken coops, mother-in-law suites, and more.

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Death throes for the Boy Scouts’ discrimination against gay Scout leaders?


The lesson in Robert Gates’ “I’m-doing-it-because-you’re-making-me-not-because-I-want-to” statement is the power of persistent activism.

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Bootstrapped: Show me the money


“I needed some basic direction on how to finance my small business, so I decided to try Avvo Advisor for the second time.”

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Wedding vendor contracts 101 and what to do if there’s a problem


If you’re shelling out big bucks for a vendor and aren’t sure whether the contract is fair, have a lawyer look it over for red flags.

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