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Lying on Your Dating Profile Will Cost You in a Divorce

lying during divorce

You’re separated from and/or divorcing your ex, so you might feel like dating again is fair game—but can lying about things like your marital status or whether you have kids cause problems? And if the information on dating sites can get you into trouble, what about other social media?

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Expunging Your Record — How to Get a Clean Slate

expunging records

Certainly not everyone with a record qualifies, but if you do, having your record expunged wipes the slate clean for most purposes and allows you to live your life without that stigma again.

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How to Be a Credible Whistle-Blower

whistleblower law

In an effort to make it less risky, last November President Obama signed a law that enhances protections for whistle-blowers, allowing federal employees to challenge policy decisions without risking losing their jobs.

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Should You File Your Taxes Separately or Jointly?

filing your taxes

In general, filing jointly tends to be more beneficial, but there are some cases when it makes more sense to file individually.

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What You Need to Know About a Jury Duty Summons

jury duty

Despite its importance, sometimes we really need to be excused from jury duty. Here’s what you need to know.

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In a Crash? Your Car May Know if it’s Your Fault

black boxes in cars

Most auto manufacturers are now installing black boxes in cars private vehicles. Is this an important technological advance that will make cars safer, or just one more way in which we are losing privacy?

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Is It Illegal to Sabotage Your Partner’s Birth Control?

Young woman looking at her contraceptive pills

Although we now have the technology to prevent unwanted pregnancy and protect ourselves from sexually transmitted diseases, we don’t always retain personal choice in the matter.

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Liability Insurance for Gun Owners?

liability insurance for gun owners

In Massachusetts, lawmakers are currently considering a bill that requires gun owners to purchase liability insurance in the event their gun is used to injure someone. It’s a creative idea, but will it really work?

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Combat Ban Lifted for Women in the Military

women in combat - square

Earlier last week, the Pentagon announced a major change in policy—one that allows women to serve in combat roles previously unavailable to them.

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6 Ways Your Boss Can Spy On You


The fact is, your boss may be digging into your life in ways and to an extent you don’t even realize.

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