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5 crimes confessed on Facebook

facebook crime2_sized

Examples abound of scofflaws taking to Facebook and spilling the beans about their bad behavior. Are the admissions of guilt a way of boasting? Or do these lawbreakers find penitent relief in the form of an online confessional? Or are they just idiots? You be the judge.

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Boy arrested for sexually exploiting…himself

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Cormega Copening, a North Carolina resident, is currently facing felony charges of sexual exploitation of a minor. If convicted, he would have to register as a sex offender. He was charged after authorities found sexually explicit photos of a 16-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy on his phone. That boy? Himself.

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The topless ladies of Times Square


In what has been a boon for nudist visibility (at least in terms of media coverage), New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill DeBlasio have denounced a group of scantily clad women in Times Square. Terming themselves the “desnudas,” which means “naked” in Spanish, the topless women typically paint themselves red, white, and blue, and pose with passersby for money.

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7 unbelievable divorce tales from around the world

divorce world_sized

It’s easy to agree on some no-brainer reasons for divorce – abuse, alcoholism and infidelity are all common reasons to end a marriage. But what about cleaning too much, disliking a beloved film or kissing a horse?

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The 8 weirdest legal stories of summer 2015

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Not a lot of data is available on seasonal upticks in lawsuits and/or illegal behavior (when asked for comment, Josh King, Avvo’s general counsel, would only say “crazy lawsuits know no season”) but based on the below examples from the 2015 summer to date, it appears the hot weather might be getting to some people

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Pocket-dialing: A cautionary tale

butt dial3_sized

The butt-dial: one of the more common, and occasionally embarrassing, faux pas of the cell phone age. Accidentally dialing someone is awkward enough, but now, thanks to a ruling by a Cincinnati federal appeals court, it could mean that any conversation you have during an unintentional phone call could be made public.

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From the Avvo vault: July 4th edition

July 4th UGC_sized

Avvo’s users ask questions on how to deal with their Independence Day-related legal issues.

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Throwback Thursday: Real laws governing the ghoulish

Spooky Laws Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve rounded up some crazy laws governing superstitions, the supernatural, even sports in graveyards.

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Tricks, treats and torts: 4 scary-real Halloween lawsuits

Tricks, treats and torts: 4 scary-real Halloween lawsuits

From tombstone taunting to flammable flocks, if you want a real fright this Halloween, take a look at some of these scary-real lawsuits.

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Throwback Thursday: Inside the quiz show scandals of the 1950s

Twenty One Quiz Show

In the 1950s, TV’s many popular quiz shows were found to be rigged, prompting Congress to pass laws in response to the quiz show scandals.

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