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July 26  • 

Is Your Garden Gnome an Outlaw? 8 Things That May Be Banned from Your Yard

It's your lawn, and it's a free country. So no one can tell your garden gnomes and plastic pink flamingos where to go -- right?

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July 19  • 

The Legal Peculiarities that Allow Edward Snowden to Live in a Russian Airport

Why can’t he be extradited to the United States to face criminal charges.

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December 28  • 

How to Own Your Own Island

Many celebrities own their own private getaway islands, and some relatively affordable islands are on the market. But does buying your own island...

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October 16  • 

Hire a Lawyer for Your Dog?

People hire lawyers for all kinds of things: defense, personal injury, libel, collections, real estate, immigration—the list is endless. But few...

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October 10  • 

5 Types of Unusual Insurance Policies

Most of us have auto, homeowners, and health insurance, but insurance can be purchased for any number of potential disasters—and is, more often...

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October 1  • 

Would You Fake Cancer for Cash?

The temptation of quick cash seems to be enough to get people scamming their communities, friends, and family. The trend of cancer-faking has many...

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September 23  • 

Your Digital Life After Death

Some have calculated that roughly 19,000 Facebook users die each day. We used to leave behind letters in shoe boxes, rolls of film to be remembered...

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September 12  • 

5 Love Triangles Gone Terribly Wrong

Having an intimate relationship with more than one person usually results in complications: anger, jealousy, private investigators, divorce, etc....

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August 10  • 

Most Bizarre Court Punishments

While no one like going to jail, many are even more outraged at judges' ordering less-than-standard punishments to fit their crimes. Here are a few...

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July 25  • 

Why Every Vote Counts

Many elections and ballot initiatives come down to the wire -- and recounts happen more often than you might think.

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