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November 20  • 

Throwback Thursday: Midwestern states are more progressive than you think

Midwestern legislative milestones that paved the way for progressive causes like women's rights, same-sex marriage, equality and education.

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November 18  • 

‘Right-to-try’ laws: Explaining the latest legislative trend in patients’ rights

Several states have passed laws giving terminally ill patients greater freedom in obtaining experimental drugs when other treatments fail.

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November 16  • 

In the rape accusations against Bill Cosby, no justice

My assessment of the Bill Cosby rape accusations, as a litigator who has handled cases of rape, battery and sexual abuse for decades.

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November 16  • 

Federal law guarantees little when it comes to holiday, overtime pay

What rights do US workers have regarding holidays? What you should know about holiday pay, overtime and employer-employee relations.

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November 13  • 

Same-sex marriage nears its defining moment

Within the next year, the Supreme Court will answer the question of whether same-sex marriage is constitutionally required in every state.

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November 9  • 

What to expect when you’re expecting: Your fetus may have more legal rights than you

Since 1973, over 700 women have been arrested or forced into unwanted medical procedures based on fetus “personhood” rights.

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October 31  • 

Take back the day

Street harassment is the low-grade fever we are expected to grin and bear...a constant reminder of the lurking potential of sexual violence.

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October 30  • 

Is there any legal recourse for the street harassment in this video?

A new PSA about street harassment went viral this week. We asked Avvo attorneys if there is any legal recourse for this type of harassment.

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October 28  • 

Does quarantined nurse Kaci Hickox have a legal case?

Quarantined nurse Kaci Hickox has hired a civil rights attorney and plans to sue. Does she have a case? Twitter's legal voices respond.

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October 27  • 

How to take action against your illegal internship

Learn how to take action against an illegal internship. You may be entitled to back pay.

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