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April 29  • 

How Do We Define Terrorism?

The word choice does matter — beyond shaping public perception. Categorizing an act as terrorism -- as opposed to a violent crime -- means the FBI...

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May 17  • 

The 4 Biggest Standoffs in U.S. History

This summer marks the 20th anniversary of one of America’s most infamous police sieges: Ruby Ridge. But that isn’t the only major siege the U.S....

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April 12  • 

Why You Should Stay Awake on Your Next Flight

If you’re a flight sleeper—or one of those people who completely tunes out with noise-canceling headphones and a book, movie, or Sudoku—you...

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March 21  • 

The Truth About Kony 2012

In the past week a YouTube video has been making the social media rounds, posted by everyone from your next-door neighbor to celebrities. Not your...

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November 6  • 

10 Terrorist Attacks Stopped In America Since 9/11

After 9/11, watching for—and thwarting—terrorism on American soil became a much higher priority, and it has paid off. Since then, dozens of...

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May 6  • 

Was the Assassination of Osama bin Laden Illegal?

Most of us were taught in school that assassinating someone in cold blood is against the law, even if he is a raging bad guy. The Nazis got tried in...

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April 6  • 

What’s to Stop a Terrorist From Hijacking a Private Plane?

We’ve all become used to stringent and increasingly invasive TSA security checks when traveling by air. But what about the rich people who get to...

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March 23  • 

Could Terrorists Easily Buy a Nuclear Bomb?

Could a terrorist organization acquire and use a nuclear weapon? The idea has proliferated in popular culture, and while it is, according to some...

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November 19  • 

Ask a Lawyer: TSA Pat Downs and Passenger Rights

The outrage has been loud and clear over the latest security measures enforced by the Transportation Security Administration.  So much so that...

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October 14  • 

How to Tell if the Feds Are Tracking Your Car

Earlier this month, Yasir Afifi, a 20-year-old business major from Santa Clara, CA, noticed a wire poking out from his car when he took it in for an...

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