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6 Outrageously Wealthy Preachers Under Federal Investigation


When you think of the mega-wealthy who rake in millions each year and live ridiculously lavish lifestyles, you probably don’t think about preachers.

But as you’re about to find out, spreading the gospel has become a very profitable business for several well-known televangelists, affording them the opportunity to live in mansions, own private jets, take exotic trips, relax in hotel rooms that cost thousands per night, and even own second and third homes.

Of course, these preachers are heads over nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations, so whenever one of them starts to flaunt their wealth, the government is going to take notice. Over the course of the past 3 years, the Senate has been investigating 6 of the wealthiest televangelists to ensure they aren’t taking advantage of their nonprofit status.

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The investigation has yet to be resolved—it’s safe to say Congress has more pressing matters—but we’re going to share some of the most interesting financial data for each of these televangelists so you can decide if you think these organizations are in violation.

Nonprofit guidelines for churches

Before we talk about the preachers under federal investigation, let’s take a look at some of the laws applicable to churches and religious organizations.

According to the IRS tax guidelines for churches, there are several things a church can do to jeopardize its tax-exempt status.

–Churches net earnings may not inure to any private shareholder or individual

–They must not provide a substantial benefit to private interests

–All tax-exempt organizations must maintain books of accounting to justify their claim for exemption in the event of an audit. In other words, they need to have specific records of where all the money is going.

Auditing churches

The IRS may initiate a church tax inquiry if an appropriate high-level Treasury Department official has reasonable belief (based on written facts and circumstances) that the organization is in violation of its tax-exempt status.

Here’s how the audit process works:

Reasonable belief is established, and the IRS contacts the church with a written notice explaining their concerns.

–The church may respond with a written explanation to address these concerns

–If the church doesn’t respond or the response is weak, the IRS sends second notice saying they will examine their books and records

–The church may request a meeting with the IRS official to discuss concerns in person.

–The IRS may then move forward with examining the church’s books and records.

The richest televangelists in question

1. Benny Hinn—Benny Hinn is known around the world for his large healing crusades. His television show airs in over 100 countries, and during his time as an evangelist, Hinn claims to have seen people get healed from cancer and crippling diseases, and he even says he has seen a dead man resurrected.

While building his following, Hinn has earned quite a bit of money along the way. His ministry collects more than $200 million a year, and he’s admitted to his salary being over half a million. Hinn owns a private jet, lives in a $10 million house near the Pacific Ocean, stays in hotel rooms that cost thousands each night, and owns luxury vehicles. His lavish lifestyle was first exposed by Dateline NBC, and it’s now under investigation by the Senate.

2. Joyce Meyer—Since 1999, Joyce Meyer’s ministry has spent at least $4 million on 5 homes for Meyer and her children. Meyer’s house is a 10,000 square foot home with an 8-car garage, a large fountain, a gazebo, a private putting green, a pool, and pool house with a new $10,000 bathroom. Her salary was reported at $900,000 back in 2003, and she also enjoys use of a private jet and luxury cars. Needless to say, Meyer has been questioned for years, and she is once again under investigation by the government for possibly violating nonprofit laws.

3. Kenneth Copeland—Despite being under investigation, Kenneth Copeland refused to submit financial information about his ministry, saying “You can go get a subpoena, and I won’t give it to you. It’s not yours, it’s God’s and you’re not going to get it and that’s something I’ll go to prison over. So, just get over it.”

Copeland lives in a mansion that some have said is “the size of a hotel.” He also has acquired a $20 million Cessna Citation private jet for flying around the country to spread the word. And of course, he owns an airport for landing said airplane.

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4. Creflo Dollar—Creflo Dollar was another televangelist who ignored the Senate’s request for probes into financial records. Dollar claimed he was concerned about the privacy of his donors, and he said that if the IRS requested it, he would send it over. However, since it was Congress asking for the information, he wouldn’t do so without a subpoena.

His church made $69 million back in 2006, and the church also provided him with a Rolls Royce. In Dollar’s words “Just because it (my life) is excessive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong.”

5. Eddie Long—According to Eddie Long, Jesus wasn’t broke, and leaders of churches shouldn’t be either. Long has earned millions in salary from his ministry, owns a million dollar home on a 20-acre lot, has use of a $350,000 Bentley, and pulls in a host of other benefits too.

Long was also in the group of televangelists who refused to give the Senate the information requested of the ministry. Senatore Grassley, the leader of this investigation, said “When I hear about leaders of charities being provided a $300,000 Bentley to drive around in, my fear is that it’s the taxpayers who subsidize this charity who are really being taken for a ride.”

6. Randy and Paula White—The White’s ministry brings in millions each year, and they own million dollar homes across the country (including in Trump Tower). The couple has been under constant scrutiny for mismanagement of church funds, and they recently got divorced, further complicating matters for the ministry. At last check, they also failed to provide the Senate with all requested records.

What do you think? Should we be taking a closer look at these nonprofits?



  1. 1

    Whether these pastors are in violation of law or not is important, but not as important as the fact that they are in violation of moral and ethical principles!

  2. 2

    What if, by the time they’ve received enough religious education to become a minister, they’ve also learned enough to realize it’s all make believe, and they all are just operating their churches, as for profit businesses with the world’s greatest tax loophole?

  3. 3

    Wow alot of money collected from those churches,so many churches getting rich off of people.I refuse to give my money to a church,when you need help what is their response.I’m sorry we don’t have any money to help what the hell they collect weekly and they have no money.I will spend my money elsewhere,our crooked gov needs to make churches pay taxes they don’t help people with that money,they take care of themselves and their families.Everyone in the U.S. should not have to pay taxes either if those greedy churches are getting rich and not using it to help people in need.Hey crooked gov stick the churches to pay taxes to then the deficit would start going down,stop making hard working people pay taxes.What the hell happened to equality,it’s not equal for churches to collect millions yearly and not pay taxes.I would rather send my money to St.Jude at least I know those children are getting to live a little longer!

  4. 4

    any Christian or any other religion org. that brings in over 2 mil. a yr. should have to pay taxes! do these greedy preachers even pay taxes? SHAME SHAME , SHAME on them!

  5. 5
    Shawn W. Nippard

    God & Satan are ancient manmade characters! The church needs to be taxed! Religious folk are gullible & naive to think that their bible book is right! Gods word? Ha…the bible was written by numerous authors…it has been rewritten…revised & is not the word of God…it’s the word of primitive humans who didn’t know where the sun went at night & thought the world was center of the universe! Ever wonder why the bible is written in plural?! Religious folk need serious education on science without the interference of their myth & superstition! (Religion) A spirit in the sky & a demon residing in the bowels of the earth? Really? The church leaders needs to spread their wealth to the needy…not their bank accounts! Shame!

  6. 7

    Sadly, it is the parishioners who spoiled these wolves dress in sheep clothing. Don’t these churchgoers ever question why these preachers live in multi-million dollars home. Why do they own a fleet of luxury cars. The Pope of the Catholic church drives a 20-year old Subaru. He recently sacked a bishop who wanted to renovate his mansion to the tune of $48 millions. If a preacher lives in a luxury home and draws $150,000 or more in salary. You know he is using Gods name to financial benefiting himself.

  7. 8

    Study Book of James chapter5 verses 1-9. I live a modest life. I help local suffering people and give out the Word of God free. I will be able to look at my precious Yeshua in the eye as I haven’t exploited anyone. Said manipulators have received their goodies here. Not certain they will be with us! Shalom.

    • 9

      It just sickens me to see people so out of it to believe in these greedy so called do gooders. Sure many do help the needy but the amount that goes to the needy vs. what they themselves keep is criminal and they will not use their good works to go to heaven because they are receiving their rewards now. To live as they live on the money people give them to help the needy is so evil with it counteracting the money that they gave to the needy. I would hate to have to explain my reasons for living so high on the hog (yea,HOG) to Jesus when He asks why and He will ask why they stole from God to live in hugh houses that they did not need. And if you where to ask the people why they gave to them, they would have all kinds of reasons why they did this, including how wonderful and giving they are to the ones less able to live a half way descent life. People are not following the God of Creation and it is getting late for them. They are doing what they THINK God would want because they do not go to church, read the bible, or study the word. So they know not what God really requires of them.

  8. 10

    I happen to know that a pastor is supposed to be paid the same salary that he made when he left his full time job and went into the ministry full time. I don’t know who made that rule but it’s in place. I don’t feel it’s anything wrong with a preacher being rich as long as the church is doing their job to enrich and enhance the community. As long as the church’s first obligation is to teach the truth…the word of God and help the people. Communities need help with the homeless, the jobless, education, housing and other things. It’s the Church’s job to lead these people to Christ and go out and bring in other people. The preacher is not supposed to line his or her pockets with money and the people are poor and broken in spirit.

    • 11

      The money should be used to help God’s flock. Preachers don’t need 8 car garages nor do they need homes the size of a hotel. That money could be better used to help the homeless and feed the hungry.

      • 12

        Exactly. God’s Word says the Church is to help the orphans and widows. Any neighbor in need. And I do not know where the guy got the impression that Jesus was well off with money. He did not even have his own home. The Bible says he was lowly. The last thing I will say is the money these preachers get come from those who can’t afford to send it. They are stealing.

  9. 13

    I live in Australia and over here Hillsongs have been in the news lately for raking in tax free dollars of 72 million. My question to them is “where is all that money going too a part from the 3 million dollar’s donated to a community group”. Otherwise, I see them as sheep in wolves clothing with criminal overtures. A movie of Hillsong United is due to be released showcasing their music to further manipulate people in to their Hillsong culture. They’re hoping that this film will bring Hilsong further success, REALLY! I was a devout pentecostal but I’m really thankful that I’ve moved on from being conned……… It’s not good to brand bash Jesus!

  10. 14

    People, please read the scripture and pray. When God tells you to give, give, If you are attending a church that you think is perverting the word of God or misusing the money, Confront the Pastor and then take your worship elsewhere. Worship is from the heart not the wallet. This article has a few errors. Give where your heart and mind tells you to, not the preacher. And for the record, I am a preacher

  11. 15

    i.am a preacher for christ.in india. if could you posible to help for the poor ineconomicaly?.i will send my church report you.

  12. 16

    Author lost credibility right off the bat. Said Benny Hinn is seen in over 200 countries. There are 195 countries in the world as of 2014, and, no, they haven’t been disappearing. If this simple fact is wrong, how can I trust anything else in the article?

    • 17

      247 countries at last count see wiki
      List of countries

    • 18

      Wow unbelievable! Why comment if you can’t read Author says over a 100, ONE HUNDRED. But the most uneducated person can see this is a disgrace. If a so called minister does not live by what he preaches and then use the bible to hide? Makes me more made the government lets it gone. But will take a honest persons home cause they owe a few thousand in back taxes.

    • 19

      I looked back and they quoted “over 100.”

  13. 20

    Jesus opened to every human the forgiveness of sins to all nations of people Matt.28:18-20. He is the savior, not the church, the church pastor. today is the days of salvation, not the days for us to seek big dog pastors, they are false pastors. we have preach this for years, now we are not some movement, we have always been around- 1Cor.1:2. Gal1:13.
    We teach people are to repent to God-2Pet.2:1-22. Anyone is who-so every-John 3:16. life is about what God wants not what men want. we all are what God says we are not what someone may think you are. Jesus is alive Jesus is the boss.

  14. 21

    What ever taxes the churches don’t pay,we the people have to pay.and the money that we give the churches as tithe,half the time doesn’t get used for the church.its not like a church is doing extreme maintenance every year.also we have a lot of poverty and people struggling to make ends meet.i don’t see any churches in my town helping with that.let me correct myself on that.one church gives out free meal once a week.The economy is bad for everybody in the USA. And yet a lot of these pastors and priests live lavished lives on a daily bases. If you ask me that’s a smack in the face to the people.you pastors and priests know who you are,that is what I’m referring to.

    • 22

      Isaac (nice Biblical name). Let me help you out a little. First, let me say that I do not agree that preachers should live extravagantly on money that people are contributing to do God’s work. I do acknowledge, though, that some of these folks, like Joyce Meyers, make a lot of their money selling books, videos, etc., that do help a lot of people. The government makes sales taxes on these items like any other product you buy. So, the only tax that we’re talking about is the individual preacher’s income tax. All the churches do is collect money from people that earn it from working. The government has already taxed that money once when the people earn it. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with paying taxes? Why do you feel that “we” have to pay extra money somehow for taxes that aren’t being collected from churches? All the church does is move money. As a member of any church, you have free access to their books and you have the option of getting personally involved in ministry. If I give money to a church, I get a small percentage break on the taxes I pay at the end of the year. Why shouldn’t I? Since I’m giving the money away, I effectively made less income. How is it somehow better for me to give the government 20% of the amount I would have given to the church and then stuff the remaining 80% in my personal bank account? So, the church can take my money and use it for a local or worldwide charity, or it goes to pay the expenses of the church which include maintaining the facility and paying the staff and pastors. If I don’t like how the church is using my money, I always have the prerogative to go to another church that is using my money to do God’s work. Because the church works largely via volunteers, it performs acts of charity much more efficiently than the government that has to support a bureaucracy to get anything done and that spends my money on things I don’t want my money spent on, like studying the gambling habits of monkeys, or teaching mountain lions to ride a treadmill. Finally, because you are only aware of one church that hands out sandwiches, that is no indication that your local churches are not sinking money back into your community. I go to a relatively small Baptist church, but we support, in part, and not including foreign ministries, a men’s 12-step recovery facility, a men’s prison ministry, a woman’s prison ministry, a woman’s halfway house, a local urban community center, an urban ministry to provide computers for inner-city kid, and a foodbank ministry. Perhaps if you were involved with helping, you would be more aware of all the good things that are going on in your community because of churches. And, yes, we do sometimes help people who are struggling to make ends meet by buying them groceries; however, if you are not a member of a local church, when times get tough for you don’t expect that just showing up at the doorstep with a sad story will get you a check to pay your utility bills. Churches take care of those they know first because they have a obligation to be good stewards of God’s money. My suggestion to you Isaac is to get involved in a ministry at a local church. Once you see what they really are doing while you’re standing in the line to get a sandwich you will change your opinion.

      • 23

        U seem to be very versed in finances and also very rude.
        These pastors/thieves live like rock stars off the backs of their “partners”. Asking them to buy lavish jets and other such nonsense. Why would they not turn that back into helping pay for their “partners” house or car. Their lifestyles are past ludicrous.

        • 24

          I trust this woman more than I trust Benny Hinn!! :) If he really can do what he claims he can do and has done, he would be attending every hospital and sick person all over the world.. See, the guy has all the $ to last a life time, his needs are pretty much covered until he passes from this world on to hell. Most God loving people who devote their lives to the Almighty, live humbly, and are very devoted stewards and are all about helping people…and they would give their last dime to help another human being. HE’S A FRAUD!

      • 25

        djh, you are very mislead and are somewhat arrogant, rude and belittling. unfortunately, You are the one needing help, Isaac knows what he is talking about. I have quite a few suggestions for you, but you aren’t worth the time right now. And, your ego is so far into space that it would take some time before you could comprehend. Just pray for insight and wisdom, that’s my recommendation.

      • 26

        Sure its OK for a church to pay for its maintainence. And help the preacher or pastor. But it come to a point that if they are for real after they have more than enough to live on. Like $20 million in some cases and still taking poor peoples money. They are nothing but ravenous wolves trying to get all they can from people. But using God as away taking money from people and making them feel guilty. Now OK now if they sold books and made the money fine. But if they are asking you for mo ey on TV or in church for some type of adventure or project. Its a Bold In Your Face Scam. But some of us good hearted Christians are to stupid to see it. Sorry to say.

  15. 27

    Look at the salaries of other tax exempt organizations like Unicef, American Red Cross, Susan G.Komen, and United Way. Their CEO’s make huge high 6 figure salaries plus expenses off private donations just like church leaders do. So don’t be too offended that these people are making money and spreading the word of God as they see it. What’s the difference to congress or the IRS whether you are exploiting religious believers or starving children somewhere?

  16. 28

    Level the playing field. Make all mosques, churches, shrines, temples, synagogues pay their fair taxes and see who sticks around.

    • 29

      I agree, 98percent of the Churches dors will close because of no Pastor or Preaches. We all will be at home studing the true Word of God for oursleves with money in our bank accounts and pockets to help people with real human needs

  17. 30

    A person only needs to study Jesus life and the life of the disciples to see his heart……Bling bling……..His treasures are here and he stole it from people who are sincerely trying to serve God…The worst thing a person will ever hear,…””’Depart from me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you..”””’

  18. 31


  19. 32

    I think it depends on how they acquired their wealth. I appreciate that Joel Osteen, for example, does not take a salary from the church but lives completely off his book profits, which are huge obviously since he is very popular. He wrote the books and like any other author should be able to keep the profits. If that is how they are making money, from their books and other similar things they are producing, than I don’t see what’s wrong with that. If they are making millions from a church salary, though, then it’s hard to justify and I cannot imagine God would want that to be done with the money people are giving in the offerings.
    As for the private jets, that really doesn’t bother me. Many of them were given the plane as an offering from a donor but, even if they purchased it, I think it is reasonable if you are constantly flying from Church engagement to church engagement all over the world to not be expected to fly commercial where you have to spend hours in security lines and all the time consuming aspects involved in commercial travel. I can’t see God having a problem with that.

    • 33

      You can’t see God having a problem with people using his name to line their pockets to the extent where they own 5 homes & travel by private jet in a World where hundreds of millions live in abject poverty?
      I’ll spell it out to you- you are not a Christian & nor are any of these sickening God pimps.

      • 34

        Just because someone has an opinion that differs from yours, does not mean they are not a christian. I do not believe it is your opinions or views that make you a christian, do you?

    • 35

      I used to fly a lot for business, not nearly as much as Joyce Meyer and some of the others I’m sure, and it is a real drag, totally exhausting! Nothing wrong with getting a plane if it means faster, less stressful travel, it only makes sense. And Daniel is correct in that many of these folks, like Joyce, make millions from the sale of their books. Why should they not enjoy some of the sweat of their brow that doesn’t come from donations, and much of their book sales DO go toward the ministry. We are followers of Christ and live in an expensive home, in an expensive-to-live-in area, and give a lot of our income to church and other non-profits. God does not have a problem with Christians having money as long as they don’t love money and use it wisely. Sounds like some of the folks commenting here are either jealous, or just like to judge others …

  20. 36

    Just make these people pay taxes like they should. That’s all.

  21. 37

    From the Elders: When we teach the New Covenant church- Jer.31:31- Heb.8:1-13- as a free to all salvation, with No money to the pastors, as the only way for our day we teach the truth, people think that they can buy heaven, but God gives for free, when all they need is Jesus as the boss, Jesus as the Head of the Church with no head man on earth to pay, if we could have a return to the New Covenant way the Way God sent for us all, then all false money loving Big dog, holding heaven from those who can’t pay preachers would have to get a job, just as God said for them to do, we all need to stop paying Pastors, this will let a true God open way to be a return to all called preachers- just as God had said- for the New Covenant time- Jer.3:15-17.-Romans 10:14-16.

  22. 38

    Jesus once said “Birds have nests and foxes have holes but Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head”. The master did not have even a single family home and yet His followers have multi-million dollars homes. What’s wrong with this picture?

  23. 39

    i’m outraged that preachers of these churches are getting away with it they don’t have to pay the irs taxes they get away with it living in mansions having cars valued at $350,000.00 or more and private jets ? it’s morally wrong jehovah’s witnesses don’t pass a collection plate or basket like churches joyce meyer is another example of scamming people on her tv program telling viewers i’ll send you a free gift send me $25.00 or more she had a toilet in her bathroom with a $23,000.00 marble top she will be standing before god and his son jesus for fleecing the catholic church has an annual budget of over $170,000,000,000.00/year the preists can write off their expenses such as rent and other things

  24. 40

    Billy Graham ……
    Net Worth:$25 Million

    • 41

      Billy Graham was one of the greatest evangelists of the last century.

      During his ministry his board of directors and he decided to make sure because some folk were worried about where the offerings went, so Billy would receive a small salary independent of the offerings.

      Billy’s ministry was squeaky clean.

    • 42

      Richard Dawkins
      Atheist “rational leader”
      Net Worth 135 million.

    • 43

      Billy Graham…$25 million. Says it all for Every one These people are all the same.

  25. 44

    God doesn’t need money, and one thing he provided us all with is common sense. Some of us know how to use it and others do not. There are many things that doesn’t make sense in the bible as it contradicts itself too much. The FACT that it was written by men and not God himself is enough reason for me to want to study the truth. This is my right as an individual and human being. Those who strongly oppose will try to make anyone who practices that right as a devil worshippet.

    • 45

      Fact…All books are written by men. So I guess everything you have ever read is not truth?

    • 46

      Yes, and we are all called to be good stewards. If members of these churches do not like that their pastor is living extravagantly beyond what is Biblical, they can and should take their tithe elsewhere. The problem here is that people don’t engage with their local churches. They sit at home in front of their TVs and write out checks and mail them to Benny Hinn. I have no respect for the man, but his “congregants’ certainly reflect his personal Biblical convictions. Their $20 check would be better invested in kingdom work if they just dropped it off at their local foodbank. As Christians, we all have an obligation as members of the body of Christ to do God’s work and hold each other accountable. Pastors that game the system make money because of this problem; but, they are not themselves the problem. The problem is too little Christ in too many “Christians”.

  26. 47

    The people that are giving all have been mislead, No were in the Bible does it talk about “Tithing” being a requirement to get to heaven.
    Randy Poole
    9 January at 12:29 · Edited ·
    Are You Robbing God ?
    Malachi 3 is a popular passage that pastors and churches use to defend the practice of the 10% tithe. But when we study the passage in context, a completely different picture emerges We looked at the historical context of Malachi 3, where we saw that the priest Eliashib was stealing the tithes from the temple storehouse. Let us now look at Malachi 3 in the context of the book itself When studying a book of the Bible, one of the primary things to look for is who the book is addressed to. That is, who is written to? Who is the audience? Who did the author have in mind when he wrote?With Malachi, this question is easily answered, for Malachi refers to them directly several times. In several places, Malachi reveals that he is addressing the priests of Israel (1:6; 2:1), and the sons of Levi (3:3).And what is it these priests are doing? They sneer at the commands of God, saying such things are “weariness” (1:13). They bring contemptible offerings to God, animals that are stolen, sick, and lame (1:13). They exploit wage earners, widows, and orphans (3:5). And they are robbing God of the tithes and offerings that belong to Him (3:8-10).So it appears that the section on tithing in Malachi 3:8-10 is not so much addressed to the people of Israel, who apparently were doing a good job of bringing their tithes and offerings to the storehouse, but to the wicked and wayward priests, and specifically Eliashib, who were removing the tithes and offerings from the storehouse for their own personal gain. Maybe they were selling them or hoarding them for themselves.That these verses are speaking specifically to the priests is clear from the little phrase at the end of Malachi 3:9. God says that they are not only robbing God, but are robbing the entire nation as well.Malachi 3:8-10This statement does not make much sense if the people are failing to bring the tithes and offerings into the storehouse. But if they are bringing them in (as Nehemiah indicates that they were), and the priest was stealing them for himself and his friends, then it is easy to see how they were stealing from God and from the nation as well.So then, in taking Nehemiah 13 and Malachi 3 together, it appears that the people of Israel had brought tithes and offerings into storehouse, but Eliashib had stolen and squandered them. At Nehemiah’s request, the people of Israel bought their tithes and offerings into the storehouse again, so that the temple workers could return to work.In this case, the rebuke of Malachi is not at all directed toward the people who were failing to tithe, but upon a priest and his friends who were not using the tithe properly, but were selling it or hoarding it all for themselves. They were not giving the full portion that was due to those who worked and ministered in the temple.It is these priests who were robbing from God and from the nations

    This puts the message of Malachi 3 in a different light, does it not? The rebuke is directed at the spiritual leaders for their misuse and mishandling of the tithe which had been brought by the people. The rebuke was not directed at the priests; not at the people.Now, if the people had failed to bring the tithe, could the rebuke have been directed at them? I suppose it could have behowever, in such a situation, would God have said that the people were robbing Him? Probably not.The language of the rebuke might have still contained elements of blessing for obedience, and cursing for disobedience, as these were consequences stated within the law (Deut 28), but it is doubtful that God would have accused the people of robbing Him in the same way that He was accusing the priests.Malachi 3:8-10 is a rebuke of disobedient priests for stealing the tithes and offerings of the people. If there is a proper application of this text today, it would be better to direct it to the religious leaders in our churches, rather than to the people in the pews. And the message to the priests and pastors would be to ask them how they are spending the tithes and offerings of the people, and whether these offerings are being used for their intended purpose: to take care of the pastor’s needs (if he is really equivalent to a Levitical priest), and to feed the hungry in the community and look after orphans and widows in need (Deut 26:12) So does the passage have any real application for people today who do not tithe, or who give less than the traditional 10% (which is really only 3%, as we saw in a previous post)? Not really.And even if it was directed at the people, rather than the priests, the blessing for obedience and cursing for disobedience were consequences for the people of Israel living under the Mosaic Law. Followers of Jesus are not under the Law of Moses. We are under the Law of Christ, the Law of Freedom and Liberty (Gal 6:2; Jas 2:12). As such, everything we own belongs to God, and He does want us to use what we have and what we earn to help advance His Kingdom through generous giving and by loving and serving others. This is what Jesus and the rest of the New Testament Scriptures teach about giving. Give as you can per the New testament. Never forget it is your responsibility to take care of your own family Gods word will never contradict itself 1Tim 5:8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel. >

  27. 48

    The real Truth is not wealth or poverty it is Unity , Balance, Harmoy .

  28. 49

    These thieving televangelists wouldn’t be rich, had it not been for naive, ignorant, or just plain stupid people. Anyone with half a brain could research these so-called men of God, and find out how evil they are. For the government to allow them to profit (and not tax them) is absurd also. Those of us that have common sense, an education, and/or a non-belief in religion, can see right through these “people”

  29. 50

    “When you think of the mega-wealthy who rake in millions each year and live ridiculously lavish lifestyles, you probably don’t think about preachers.”

    That’s the FIRST people I think about.

  30. 51

    These Preachers have wrote books, made CDs, DVD, sell gifts etc. Down through the years the Bible was the only book we needed. Now there are books on prayer, books for faith, etc. All you need is to talk to God and pray and read your Word. So why in the world would you spend all your money on all this stuff when it’s so simple just do what Jesus did. All they had was the Torah. We have the whole word of God. Tithes was for the Jewish people to take care of the Priests the Levites. I’m not rich and don’t want to be. God meets my needs. I love helping people and I don’t have a big income. I love to help missionaries, and children but I wont give to these big ministries you don’t know where the money is going.

    children who have nothing, I love God and want His will in my life. But I don’t givee

  31. 52

    “Judge not, that you be not judged.
    Matthew 7:1

    Please fill your life with good thoughts. I am just a simple man who has not the answers but the Book Of Instructions. It would be much better to find a church you are happy with. One that preaches the WORD. If you see someone hurting comfort them. If you see someone in need help them if you can. Love thy neighbor not like them…. Read and broaden your mind with His wisdom! All is not for us to know. If you think these preachers and so forth are doing wrong then pray for them. Stand up with Gods Word and find a way.. a path.. there is only One Way. God Loves us all and He alone will Judge. I thank the Lord for the things he has given me His wisdom, His Path, His Authority, His Power, His Grace, His Power and most Important Jesus who made all things possible.
    Give your money to those in need or find a Church that preaches the true Word that is in need and give it to them. Believe it or not there a lot of Churches that are in need of money just to keep the lights on.. Believe in Him with all your Heart…… Peace, Joy, Love, ect. these are good things we all need.

    One Mans Prayer

    Heavenly Father,
    I Bow Down before You today humbled in Your presence,
    that has been wrapped around me all these years.
    I ask You as one of Your soldiers in Your Army,
    knowing You have equipped me for battle
    to show me Your enemies and equip me with Your
    Wisdom,Authority,Path and Power
    To Do Your Will!
    In Jesus Name
    (“so be it”)

    Please Pray This Daily.

  32. 54

    Do not lay yourselfs up trasures on earth…word of God…

  33. 55

    According to Eddie Long, Jesus wasn’t broke. What a greedy preacher. Matt. 8:19-20: “Then a certain scribe came and said to Him, “Teacher, I will follow You wherever You go.” And Jesus said to him, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.”
    Jesus himself he had no place to lay his head

  34. 56

    I am surprised that those senators of congress who are seeking to gather financial information from these evangelicals continues to be such an issue. They themselves are just as guilty of taking from the poor and living a lavish lifestyle. I wonder what nonessential, unnecessary things we would find that they own at the expense of the taxpayer. They are just as guilty. Oftentimes those who steal from others don’t like to be beat at their own game. Thus when those thieves in congress discovered that these televangelist are making more money doing exactly what they do (STEALING), they become agitated. People still have not learned to stop throwing rocks when they themselves live in glass houses! Just my thoughts!

  35. 57

    An interesting discussion is definitely worth comment.
    I think that you ought to publish more on this subject, it might not be a taboo subject but usually people do not talk about
    these issues. To the next! Cheers!!

  36. 58

    I get really annoyed when people ignore real criminals who also own private jets. The ones that manipulate the stock market to cause housing collapses, fund and weaponize terrorist groups so they can invade countries to take over the wealth there, fly the drugs into the country on military aircraft and yet spend their energy bothering people who may not be perfect but at least do some good in the world.

    Get your priorities straight.

  37. 59

    False prophets are a dime a dozen.

  38. 60

    I disagree with Government sticking their nose in to these Non Profits. Unless there is a visible crime taking place. We do not need more Government Regulation with laws against our Religious Freedoms. Period.!
    Yes I,m sure some of them are guilty of misusing Non Profit donations and it does need to stop. But Congress passing Laws against this is not the answer. The answer to having this elitist mentality and wrongful spending to stop needs to come from the citizen by having this wrong doing exposed to the citizens in the public media. Not more laws that will make it harder for good Christian organizations to operate and promote the truth of GOD’S Word. When good Christians learn of the deceptive lifestyles of those who fleece the flock , it is their duty to make it known. That way the True Church of Christ will not partake of them. We don’t need Government Intrusion to sort out the Bad Apples and bring misery to the whole tree.

  39. 61
    Fidencio Rodriguez Jr

    Thank you for the post it is so sad to read these things.

  40. 62

    This whole money issue has been, well an issue for a while now. It has been proven that tithing is not a New Testament requirement, the curse in Malachi is an OT curse, as Deuteronomy says, if you break any OT law you break all the law and come under a curse.
    Jesus died for curses etc, so that creates a huge oxymoron. Paul states in Corinthians, So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful, there is no hidden message there about tithing. Tithing was a strict OT law! Again Malachi is in the OT, there are loads of Laws where God rebukes the people for breaking, howcome none of those laws are being shoved down people throats? Just the money? What about the year of jubilee? Every 50 years everyones debts shall be written off, fat chance of that happening in western churches or societeies!
    Anyway the biggest issue about the prosperity gospel, is how come Paul never benefited from the prosperity gospel? Paul wrote the epistles, the blue prints on how to run a New Testament church, he never preached about a prosperity gospel? Or was it hidden from him? CLassisc Pentecostal answer!!
    Never in the history of the church has there been a prosperity gospel, only in the early 1900s did it start.
    I agree with a sister up top about we shouldn’t be bickering about money we should be saving souls, i agree totally, however it is worrying about the type of chritianity being preached in the world today.
    NIgeria has huge problem now with wealthy pastors!
    Also the Pentecostal movement is riddled with cult type characteristics, for i.e. the worship of the leader. The leader can do no wrong, even if he does messup he is forgiven. That is very David Koresh like, Smith etc, they could do no wrong either.
    The pentecostal churches are geat at damage control. It is pretty clear in the gospels, again ignored, that when a leader has a moral failing he/she can no longer hold office, leadership, that doesn’t mean they can no longer go to church, church is hwere they need to be to recieve healing, but leading days are over.
    Again what frightens me about pentecostal churches is we/everyone talks more about the leader than they do about Jesus, critics and the congregation alike.

  41. 63
    Prophetess Dr. Ritzonyah

    What led me to this website is a few days ago someone shared a DVD of the service that rhey were so excited about. I sat, watched and listened to the program for as long ad I was able. What the Holy Ghost was saying to me is, if I be lifted up, I’ll draw all unto me. The speaker did not lift up Yeshua Jesus Christ Messiah, but the man’s sermon was completely focused on his wealth and comdemming the congregation by accusing them of not giving all that they should be giving. The man made mention of a well known prosperity peacher whom is multi millionaie that reach out to him, whos name is not important, but what is important is the message that eas given. The message was not about Salvationn through our Lord and Savior Yeshua Jesus Christ our Messiah. The advice the well known preacher inquired of the man he said was how to increase prosperity. He went on to dictate the pacific amounts to the congregation to put in his hands. I recall reading in the Lambs Book Of Life known as The Bible, not to worry about what we should eat or wear because the Lord our Yah God knows what we are in need of, and supplies all our need according to His riches and glory in Christ Yeshua Jesus Messiah our Lord and Savior.There have been crucial times in my life when I have come to terms with whether I was going to trust Yah God to do what the Word of Yah God said or will I trust money, rather than trust the One that controls all and Ruler over all Whose Word can not return void , but will do what it says will do. We can not serve two masters, our Yah God is able. I read that Yeshua asked the desciple to bring the fish the little boy had to Him in order to increase and multiply to meet the need of the people that had gathered. I often will hear the Spirit of the Lord say, whose report will you believe. I set before you life and death, chose right. There is a way that seem right to a man, but the end thereof is death, but the gift of Yah God is everlasting light, what does it profit to gain the whole world and lose your soul. Seek first the Kingdom of Yah God and Righteousness and all things will be added unto you. You shall have what you ask in my name says the Lord. I will not withold from you no good thing. I chose to hold on to the promise of Yah God and given and cast my cares upon, the One who is able to keep us from falling. Shalom

  42. 64

    These are the last days before the return of Christ, I pray all would repent and follow Jesus as their Lord and Savour, the devil is good having believers fight and fuss over money issues, as everyday people are dying and going to hell because the message of Salvation is not being heard anymore, just about if you don’t tithe you are cursed with a curse, when living for Jesus should be first!!!!!!!

  43. 65

    How are any of these TV Evangelists emulating Jesus? Jesus didn’t teach us to care about these things. Just the opposite. Instead of a 20 Million Dollar Home – why not really minister to people and focus on their needs. Instead they are led to believe their lives will be better if they give
    what little they have.
    I am sickened by what has happened to the leadership among Christians.
    It is all spoken about in Revelation.
    TRUE RICHES are what we receive from knowing Jesus and there is absolutely no comparison
    whatsoever between their hypocritical lives and truly knowing and receiving the blessings that
    money can’t buy.

  44. 66

    says in Gods Word that we cannot serve 2 masters, you cannot love God and money (mammon) sadly we sowed into these “ministeries” hinn,copeland,myers,hickey and more till God showed us the truth and we stopped.Also look at the ones who are in leadership at all hillsong “church’s” brain Houston too. Then there is duplantis,savelle,swaggart,the list is a very long one. Jesus Himself was not rich,he walked everywhere apart from once near the end of His ministry here on earth.Wake up people stop throwing your pearls before swine

  45. 67

    if you dont like it then dont give to them. Simple as that. Give to your local church and you can see the wonderful things the lord does with the money. If you dont trust your church then there is a real issue and you should find another.

  46. 68

    Eddie long said Jesup was not poor, he was born on the poor side of Jerusalem, not be desired, as a patch on the ground, that’s a root that comes out to grow but doesnt, and people looked down at him, Jesus was not rich.he had a treasurer that was a thief, Judah iscariot, the traitor. Jesup said; the son of man has no were to lay his head never road in a horse in those days which would be costly to own a horse in those days as today, he came into the city of Jerusalem on a donkey only once, where do these preachers come with this false information? Jesup was’nt dirt poor, but not fully of money like some claim, the Lord said I will provide you’re very need, give you what you need. If you have the knowledge on how to make money honestly then may God bless you out to help the needy, not off the church, even if it’s property owned, that’s why churches will be taxed, why not take away what these preachers have made once they’ve been provin wrong by court like Jim baker, leave the real churches alone, but this will be an opportunity to tax all churches, you see some one has to make money even you’re dirty polititions, it’s hard to preach the gospel now with this riff raff kind of preacher and teacher, Eddie long with a sequel scandel? Benny hint a vessel used for healing? I know he’s not, actors do it. Kenneth Copeland and his plane of millions who said one time; if God says I AM, then I AM too, bull you are not only He IS I AM, the only thing you are is creation, man that’s all. From the dust you were taken to dust you shall return.

  47. 69

    I pose this question to all who have made their final decision that all these listed ministers are greedy and so appalling, do you know the whole story, because there is always two sides to all stories! Make sure before you throw those stones, that you know why you are really throwing them. We are to hold all, and I mean all accountable. No one is excused…..

  48. 70

    It is really amazing that people give millions of dollars to people like mike Murdock and Joyce Meyer. However I think the government should stay out of it. Religion is a big business for people to lazy to get a real job. It should be taxed like everything else. It’s not my business if a tv preacher lives in a 20 million dollar home from donations of gullible people.

  49. 71
    george ivan pennington

    don’t give turn your tv off, give to charity that is rated a 100 percent that goes to help people, where ceo’s make nothing or very little. God gave you a brain use it,or lose it. a friend would be will to pray for you for half that you give tv snake oil salesman.

  50. 72

    Plano, going way back in comments, you quoted Jesus, I.e. “The poor will always be among us.” Yes, in this life, because he knew of people’s greed. We teach our children to be fair, share fairly, etc., but we don’t do it. It is especially sad when preachers let money dominate their lives. They are held to a higher standard than any Bill Gates or Wall Street crooks, so it is especially egregious!

  51. 73

    I agree these organizations should be held accountable and follow the law. I find it distasteful that they are extravagant, perhaps greedy, worse, mislead millions of people looking to them for spiritual guidance. (Follow no man, go to the Word!) I also find it lawful that a few say “get a supeona”. The government is really just trying to find a way to get as much of that money as they can. The IRS is pretty currupt on it’s own, we know what upstanding citizens many congressmen, senetors, even presidents are. When there’s money involved there are plenty of people diverting it for their own purposes… corruption abounds throughout the system. I am not as much shocked by these extravagant preachers as I am dissappointed in their greed. Why do we keep funding them? Shame on them.

  52. 74

    They may be using scripture to teach but they are JUST what Jesus said they were $2000 years ago. Jesus said “You cannot choose two masters. Who is their master????

    Who is their master?? God “I am” is a profit of luxury for these people. What Gospel are they preaching???

    Jesus said… Only the truth will set you free.. I think on Judgement day .. well that’s a very sad thought!!!


    All Christians should be preaching repentance and DOING IT!!!!

  53. 75

    This is very old news, but should be revitalized, for it is still going on. As a servant of Christ, I find the above mentioned “preachers” and others of the same ilk appalling. God’s purpose in creating man was to share His love in relationship with man. It was not for man to build money machines using man’s methods and ideals. People who live off the backs of others in this way are self-centered, of the devil and are not doing the will of God. It is their own will they are pursuing. Those who enable them in any way are also following the wide, evil and easy way of evil. They are not listening to the Holy Spirit. They have not learned to listen for themselves the spirit of God within that wants to connect with their spirit. They do not hear the voice of the One True Shepherd: Jesus Christ. There is only one Shepherd. If you are not leading a Christ-centered life, you are missing the mark of the high calling in God.

    The Bible states that man cannot have two masters: it is either God or mammon (the things of this world). The very errant prosperity message – which all the above have in common (note: their prosperity comes from charging other men for their errant messages in one way or the other and those who respond are naive and lack God’s wisdom to see the error of supporting such ungodliness) was not preached by Christ: indeed, the blessing of God is not material goods (for God is concerned with our spiritual being, not our earthy being. If the spiritual being is well cared for by listening & responding to the Holy Spirit, the other will follow), but is the gift of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. It is NOT money.

    Those who continue to mimic “preachers” who continually spout about the Old Testament tithe and other giving fail to register what Christ did at His advent. Christ fulfilled all the laws and prophecy when he walked the earth. That is to say, all the laws and prophecy of the Israel of old were fulfilled in Christ. He is God’s blessing to us. He came to set the captive free from the bondage put upon by men upon other men. So now we have a religious system built by men (the above people are part of this religious system) that today puts all unwary men in chains that Jesus came to set free! Open your eyes, people! You can not buy and sell spirituality. As God freely gives to each, let each freely give to others.There is NO tithe today. The tithe of the Old Testament related to foods and other things needed by the priests at that time: the priests spend 24/7 praying for the people Israel. They had no lands or animals to give them food, clothing etc. So the other tribes gave a percentage of their YEARLY INCREASE to support the priests working on their behalf. When Christ came, he taught us that all men were priests when and as they submitted their lives to God. Christ gave his whole being (100%) on the cross for all men. There is no more 10% and even if their was, it would not be money, but goods and services to others, as in the Old Testament. ALL resources that a child of God had is to go for his basic needs and anything above that goes for others as he can give. Study the New Testament church and the way of the Disciples of Christ: the church (each of us is the church or temple of God & Christ) increased in what? NOT money – but in souls. Unbelievers in their immediate community saw how those early Christians loved one another and took care of one another and unbelievers around them and were converted or brought into the fold as they recognized God at work in His people.

    If we are truly Christ’s and children of God, we seek God in spirit and in truth always (New Testament). We seek from God knowledge, understanding, wisdom and truth and as it is given to us, we freely give to others. Christ taught that we have no need to be taught of any man (remember Moses of old, and Paul, who was taught by Father in the desert for 3 years. I have also been in a “spiritual” desert, being taught by Father for a time now). A true child of God knows that we are in the world, not of the world. We are not here to accumulate worldly wealth or gather the praise of man. We are here to do God’s will – to submit totally to God that He may use us as tools to fulfill the purpose to which He created us: A relationship based on (Agape) love. Often this is done in quiet, known only to Father God. It is not done to spotlight ourselves, but to give glory to God.

    From before the foundation of the world, Christ was. All this God created for His Son and to His Son all things will return. Christ oversaw it all. All things are being returned in, through and to Christ.

  54. 76

    They live like kings and Queens and they know that no one can touch them because they are under no law that they should respect the law. But I wonder about the people who give them so much money that they can build their mansions and buy expensive cars and fly their Jets wow. Do they follow Jesus or devil you figure that out

  55. 77

    My understanding of the tax laws that regulate Non-Profits is that the tax codes enable these businesses to be exempt from taxes. I’m just curious if any of the above named ministries tithe back their 10% of the gross proceeds that they bring in each month?

  56. 78

    These preachers who live lavishing lifestyles is not in harmony with what the bible teaches. First Jesus himself was poor because he grew up as a carpenter, hardly the life of luxery. Also we read at Matthew 8:20 where Jesus himself said that foxes have dens and birds have nest but the Son of God has nowhere to lay his head. So Jesus was poor thought his ministry. Jesus also tells us at Matthew 19:24 that it will be difficult for a rich man to get into the kingdom of God. Jusus told his followers to ” keep your eye simple in Matthew chapter 5, promoting a simple lifestyle, not a life of luxery. Finally 1 John 2:15-17 tells us that riches do NOT originate with God. These religious leaders are getting rich, not because God is blessing them, but through the exploitation of individuals who think they can buy salvation.

  57. 79

    Why isn’t James MacDonald on this list? Harvest Bible Chapel should be under investigation soon!

  58. 80

    The things they are doing is a abomination…using poor people for their own greed..If they are so holy than thou .then why are their members so depribed of.food.. clothes.. houses to live in.. cars…jobs..etc.. this they are doing is the work of SATAN..our GOD is nowhere in that CHURCH..and I advise the true people in their who come to serve the LORD please have the love of God in your heart and the love you got for our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST..to please.leave.. because the wrath of GOD is comimg.down on them…

  59. 81

    I have no trouble giving to a ministry that uses my funds to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world. However, I DO have a problem sending funds to ministries that would use my funds to have their preacher/ teacher live lavish lifestyles. Ministries that use people’s funds outside of spreading the gospel should be investigated!

  60. 82

    Listen people, don’t get so upset about this. The Bible says there are many who will come in His name and will be ministers of Satan, the angel of light. Most preachers are brought down by Satan in three ways. It is called the 3 G’s..(1) Glory,(They want to be looked up to. They want to be praised.) (2) Guys or Girls (they become like sex addicts or perverts) and lastly Gold. They have no empathy for the poor. They will turn you down so quick when you ask for help. (“You haven’t tithe enough” …WHAT?) Many are blind to who they are. Also, I find many people worship their pastors more than God. These people are blind. My pastor was going with his secretary. His wife sat on the right front row and his mistress on the left front row. Everybody eventually left when he left his wife & kids & moved in with his mistress. Guess what? I heard from members who knew his wife personally that he became a dead beat dad. He had set up a room where you could cash your payroll checks…therefore he could get his 10% right a way. They also wanted to do your income tax..(smile) so greedy. One Sunday after paying my tithes & offerings he asked for money for the missionaries..ok. Then he asked for money for his radio telecast…by the time we got back to our seats he said…”Okay, now all you ladies take out your check books & write a check for $10.00.” I sat down. Who does he think he is? They are just as bold as they can be. But God says He has a special place for these preachers. So, I don’t worry, I just keep my purse closed.

  61. 83

    When we begin to judge others, we are playing with fire. God says in His Word not to mess with HIS ANOINTED ONES. His Word is TRUE, and when Men and Women of God walk in His Will, they are rewarded, when they don’t, they suffer consequences. God is WELL AWARE of their HEARTS and INTENT and WAYS. STOP trying to be GOD, and LET GOD BE GOD! FEAR GOD, FOR YOU WILL STAND BEFORE HIM ONE DAY IN JUDGMENT YOURSELF! God forgive you and bless you with Knowledge of His Word, and Salvation in Christ Jesus, AMEN (So Be It)!!! :)

  62. 84

    When those that took the place of Christ and made a business out of His people and extracted money from the innocent believer to do so, was when the man made temple became apostate.
    God did not tell men to rob, still and destroy from the body of Christ to build their earthly kingdoms. Man got involved with government many years ago for power, recognition and career and when Gods business of saving souls became mans business of idolatry, Satan became the one running the business, not God taking care of His people. God and the world will never mix.
    The government killed Jesus and the government is still trying to kill Him today. If people would read and study the word of God and pray for direction and for their eyes to be opened, they would get out of the man made temple as fast as they could and run back to the One who gave His life for Her, “a people for His kingdom, not a people for the world”. Getting involved with government for the extra $ and not trusting God to meet needs was the ultimate betrayal.

  63. 85

    I suppose we are to be Christ-like. What exactly does it mean to be Christ-like? It is a far cry from Jesus’ request of the rich man, to sell all he had and to follow. That man went away sad because he knew he couldn’t do it – is the meaning I think. However, I live modestly and haven’t sold my “wealth” either. What really bothers me, in addition to these huge “corporate style” salaries – is that they often reserve the top ministry positions for family members. How is any of it different than a private corporation? This influence has ruined the church, mega-church or small church. When a pastor or minister’s net worth is 1M+ and they are paid 1/2 Million or more annually, with book sales, etc…then continue to ask their audience to support their ministry – when much of their audience probably has an income worth 5% theirs – there is a clear disparity. These ministers are acting just like the secular world – the corporate world – and when church leaders talk about “church building” they sound just like the secular corporate world. They constantly request more money to feed their ministry machine – yet they reserve a gigantic amount for themselves. How many people who contribute would every even see those amounts of money in their lifetime? I believe they are preying on the most naive and vulnerable. I watched Paul and Jan Crouch recently on TBN describe how their ministry started, how Jan sent dolls to poor children, etc. It all appeared sincere.

    Romans 12:2

    New King James Version (NKJV)
    2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God

  64. 86
  65. 87

    Funny how nobody is blogging about how upset they are about all the money AC/DC, Or Ozzy Ozbourne ,HAVE MADE .Hundreds of millions of dollars or the mansions of Gene Simmons or AArron Spelling or Stephen Kings.. Funny howq noones judging them or the IRS isnt investigating them,,,Huh! Whos voice is behind these negative accusers

    • 88
      Douglas J. Bender

      None of those claim to be serving God as their primary motive and means of support. Funny how you didn’t notice that.

  66. 89

    If these so called televangelists are doing whatever they are being accused of then why are they being allowed to ?

    Jesus didn’t tell us to exploit innocent believers in the name of god. We have to recognize the fact that most people in need go to church to be comforted and helped but instead of helping how can anyone exploit them ?

    Sad state of affairs in christian ministry. At this rate how many people still will continue to attend church ?

  67. 90

    Good list….I lived out west and have seen Benny’s lit up birthday cake church off the 405 and his house…he is a scam artist. The rest are good choices too…it’s hypocrisy. Money could be used for other things….One of the best preachers who gives over 90% back to the church is Rick Warren. Regular guy…a model Christian, even though he has his faults too….we are all sinners.

  68. 91

    Just by attaching the word nonprofit by any minister is an oxymoron.

  69. 92

    Personally, I don’t think churches should be exempt from taxation. They are businesses that earn profits. Heck, we could use the extra money to pay down the debt. Charity does begin at home, does it not?

  70. 93

    ok i am serving the lord in north delhi plz help me to save the soul for christ through help thanks and praise the lord

  71. 94

    the fake preachers who have learnt the easy way of making money should literally immitate jesus and his disciples and distribute their ill gotten wealth to the poor and do what jesus did and own what jesus owned. these days the name of famous preachers and pastors give me the shivers. at least mafia are honest about what they do.

  72. 95
    Everson Berringer

    This article is old but just in case any easily-brainwashed folks are going to read it anytime soon … Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Gloria and Ken Copeland, Randy and Paula White, and Eddie Long, all did voluntarily agree to the IRS auditing and investigating their accounts, payments, funds receivable, salaries, assets, ministry financial operations, board compensation, etc., etc., because they felt that although they were certain they had done nothing wrong, it was better for everyone, including those who have been and will be touched and blessed by their ministries, to eliminate all traces of alleged scandal, corruption, and the like. The IRS found nothing, and no one was penalized, criminalized, only vindicated. And it was good for the watchdog groups to keep the ministries/church-at-large in check, and it was wise for the minstries to allow such transparency without the IRS having to force anything. Now they are truly above reproach, and all those that continue to criticize are those who believe everyone is a fale prophet/hypocrite/fake christian head for hell, except themselves and those that agree with them and are exactly like them of course. And then the other critics are the wonderful people who are jealous, atheists, members of other religions, people who don’t like particular personalities or denominations or one specific interpretation of the bible in the preacher’s teaching, and those who always are conspiracy theorists that the government is going to kill us all, etc. etc., as if the government and christians relationship is so cozy this age in America that they are in cahoots. hahaha good one. God Bless all those who are willing to take criticism from those who are unworthy to even criticize them anyway b/c they’re all simply full of hate. Keep working to help people. There is no greater purpose in life.

  73. 96

    I used to watch Christian television but very rarely do now and I am very careful about what I do watch. I find the prosperity message of the (mainly) Word of Faith preachers has nothing to do with Biblical prosperity. Many preachers live celebrity lifestyles whilst manipulating congregations into giving so they will receive an increase. The message being preached is mainly false and the damage they do to the body of Christ is immense. True believers need to wake up to the false prophets of the day and as Jude exhorts we must earnestly contend for the faith.

  74. 97


  75. 98

    You be the judge. Jesus told those He sent out not to take a spare cloak to cover with. Nothing will ever come of this as Congress is afraid of it’s own shadow when it comes to taking on these powerful people. How many people could they help with the money they spend on this world’s excesses. Jesus warned of these people. He said: “many will come in my name saying I am the Christ, But go ye not therefore after them. For they are wolves in sheeps clothing”.

  76. 99

    Its really sad when you have these televangelist preying on all these poor souls who are down and out due to personal circumstance. They extract money from them by feeding them a few bible verses to get there message across for them to send more money. Yes, there is something quite wrong when the preacher drives a BMW and lives in mansion and every Sunday on TV he or she is telling you to give more all in the name of God. HOW SWEET IT IS FOR THEM

    Your day will come remember you can’t FedEx those material things ahead of your demise.

  77. 100

    I have been saved almost 37 yrs, and it sickens me to see these greedy ministers beg for money. They tell people to run quickley to the phone when they are doing a pitch for money. Can you just imagine how the unbeliver thinks? They are so heady high minded, I don’t see a shred of humility in these people. Besides having, mansions, planes, expensive cars etc, look at the up keep to maintain all this it goes into the millions. Wake up church, and be smart sheep. I do street evanglizing and I want to work behind the scenes, so people will see Jesus and not me. All christians are to obey the great commision and spread the WORD, because He that winneth souls is a wise man. If we will do that GOD will take care of all your needs and bless, and heal you as we put our faith in the ALMIGHTY. We were put on this earth to know. love and serve the MASTER. I am praying that God will expose these ministers, and bring them down, like He did Jim Baker, but Jim is still fleecing the flock. These ministers can live in nice houses, drive new cars etc. but they all copy one another, as they are not keeping up with the Jones’s but with the Crouch’s and the
    Copeland’s. I don’t know how they sleep at night!!!! LETS KEEP OUR EYES ON JESUS…AMEN

  78. 101

    If your preacher has more money than you and drives better cars and lives in mansions something is WRONG.

    Give that money to the poor like you’re supposed to do and you won’t have to worry about all these investigations you damn con artists.

    Find me a preacher who works like I do and preaches on Sunday for FREE. Then I’ll listen to him.

    • 102

      To Jamison : From the Old Church God of the New Covenant–Thank you!
      The preachers of this church all work for free, always have, always will , no pay will they take, but you must know this takes the devil out of the show, they preach, teach, serve for free. they are what God said He would have, you know called preachers, for the New Covenant church, the church His way, his people, no more humans in the way home to heaven- Jer.3:15-16.-Rom.10:14-16.

  79. 103


  80. 104

    Master Prophet Bishop E. Bernard Jordan needs to be closely looked at, as well. This guy and organization is a total joke.

    • 105

      When I first saw this man I thought Master prophet???? I thought Jesus was the only Master prophet, then I saw him after growing his hair and shave it off SELL his locks on the Word Network!!! saying his hair was anointed!!! not only is this man false in his teachings he is a total con artist manipulating money for personal prophecies etc and Benny Hinn supports this man?????????. Christian networks need to stop airing their programmes ……………..but then they have demonstrated that they are in it for the money too have you ever seen the disclaimers Rory and Wendy Alex put on their programmes????

  81. 106

    Normally I do not learn post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, very nice article.

  82. 107

    I’ve learn a few good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how a lot effort you put to create this sort of excellent informative web site.

  83. 108

    Hey who the hell are you to judge the man & women of God & the bible says your prosperity is in the mouth of ur prophet…


    “Judge not, that you be not judged.
    Matthew 7:1

    • 109

      Hey Plano. Howmuch are you being paid to push this bull?
      Or, what is your educational background?
      Do you believe that sending money to a man will give you favor with God? His entire message is based on greed. Hopefully, his life will turn around and he will put the needs of others before his greed.

    • 110

      You need to read the rest of the scripture, it says
      “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.The point is not: Do not judge. The point is: If you judge, you will be judged by that measure. Therefore, take the log out of your own eye before you speak about the speck in your brother’s eye.
      Jesus did NOT prohibit all judgements
      Luke 17:3 “If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him. In Galatians 2 verses 11-14 Paul who was lesser in position to peter corrected him so the idea that ministers are only accountable to God is not Biblical. Yes we do it with love, respect and humility but if a brother is at fault restore him don’t think because he is my Bishop I cannot that is legalistic.

    • 111

      Where does the Bible say my prosperity is in the mouth of my prophet?

  84. 113

    Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospered.
    111 John 2.

    And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he does shall prosper.
    Psalms 1:3

    This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success. Joshua 1;8

    Stop speaking against them, go and obey God’s Word and see if your own life will not change. Except you are ignorance of the Truth. John 8;32

    • 114
      Douglas J. Bender

      There is nothing wrong with “prospering”. There IS something wrong with wolves “prospering” off the sheep, and using the Gospel to become rich.

  85. 115

    its so sad wen pple do nt understand d word of GOD. as far as i n GOD is concerned in dis matter dey all av a pass mark. when u choose 2 follow d ways of GOD which is always higher dan d ways of men, d pple of d world wud neva understand b/c its above human n logical reasonin which is were man operates. financial prosperity answers 2 obediebnce 2 d word of GOD which includes Tithin, Givin e.t.c n mind u d levites in d old testament ate 4rm d proceeds of d temple. it has nt changed. d pastors n preachers also ought 2 eat 4rm d proceeds of their ministry.

  86. 116

    The important thing as a christian is to hold on to your faith. There are Pastors who will miss heaven.(Matt 7:22)
    Watch and Pray cos we have nothin to lose if we eventually find out theres no God or heaven(like some say). If u do not believe, it’s never too late. [while u r still alive ]

  87. 117

    I’m also spreading the word of God through some networking sites, and I love it when other people serve the Lord as well, but not when they use the money for their luxurious lifestyle.. Jesus was simple although He wasn’t broke so His servants should also live a simple life…

    They will pay for their sins very soon..


  88. 118


  89. 119

    The Children OF GOD should be Richer than people of the world(like businessman,boxers,celebrity, and others), and if those worldly people will not Repent they will surely go to hell and the devil will reign with them forever more to the place of eternal destruction. Amen.

    • 120

      If by richer you mean money…where does it say that in the Bible??? Otherwise a christian has already been blessed with the richness of the Kingdom, which is unspeakably more valuable than anything material.

  90. 121

    It is Ok for a movie star to make millions and live in big houses, but not a person that is in the ministry. They write books, make and sale all kinds of CD, they teach or preach to the nations, they feed the hungry etc… They give hope and faith to children. Most spend a lot of time in reading and prayer and you want to crucify them in the pocket book, the media and any other way possible. The government has already taken prayer out of school. You have taken the ten commandments out of our courthouses.(not where it is written in stone) enough is enough already. Leave them alone!

    • 122

      Movie stars haven’t committed themselves to preaching the gospel so your comparison is not needed. The bigger problem here is that more attention is being given to the personal possessions of these people than to the gospel of Jesus Christ that they are committed to preaching. That’s what we need to pray about. People are dying and going to hell everyday and we have all of the TV time. It needs to be devoted to telling people about the lifesaving blood of Jesus Christ not the lifestyles of rich preachers.

    • 123

      Movie stars are not tax exempt. Televangalists, who are just actors, should have their tax exempt status revoked. Support your local house of worship and support your favorite actor at your local theatre.

      Please write your House and Senators of your state to legislate the end of these Tv preachers 501(c)(3) TAX EXEMPT STATUS. Public schools should teach ethics and the 3RS. If you want your children to be educated in religion put them in a private school and do not ask public schools to violate the Constitution of the United States.

    • 124
      Douglas J. Bender

      Movie stars don’t claim they are serving God by making their movies. They don’t use guilt and false promises of God’s help to generate their money. They aren’t hypocrites in living a lifestyle that is against all the Biblical examples of godly preachers (starting with Jesus and the Apostle Paul).

  91. 125

    People need to wake up and stop believing all their lies and stop giving so much money.

  92. 126

    These persons should be investigated and prosecuted if there is any wrongdoing. Churches of every denomination should also come under scrutiny. If none of the 6 want to turn over their financial papers to authorities, send them to prison.
    Free Lawyers in New York

  93. 127

    It is so intresting that most of these television ministers live in mansions worth several million dollars and drive exorbently priced luxury cars. I was quite shocked to learn that the president of the LDS Church in Salt lake city lives in a very humble apartment off Temple Square. This is a farcry to our so-called evangilical media ministers. They accuse the Mormons of being a cult and they would do well to follow their presidents example. I appreciate that Christian group because of their humility.

  94. 128

    It is so intresting that most of these television ministers live in mansions worth several million dollars and drive exorbently priced luxery cars. I was quite shocked to learn that the president of the LDS Church in Salt lake city lives in a very humble apartment off Temple Square. This is a farcry to our so-called evangilical media ministers. They accuse the Mormons of being a cult and they would do well to follow their presidents example. I appreciate that Christian group because of their humility.

  95. 129

    Why isn’t Paul and Jan Crouch not on that list?? They’re the biggest scam artists in the world!

  96. 133

    To all who believe that church are a scam if you happen to read Matthews 7:15…..The Lord Jesus Christ warned His followers, “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. The warning was important because Jesus later said to them: Matthew 10:16″Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; therefore be shrewd as serpents, and innocent as doves. Jesus warned his followers that this was going to happen. It is all of satan’s plan to discredit the church. But like most Americans we don’t like to read we just listen to be told what to do. I feel sorry for those that feel that all churches are scam and you are right to a degree. Not all churches are like that. There are actually some ministers who actually care about destination of ones soul and not the contents of their pockets. So for you to say that churches are scams then my friend I will continue to pray that before you rest in piece forever that you and whom ever else believes that churches are scam, that God will allow his grace to continue to fall upon you until His return.

  97. 136

    Murdock and Coontz should be investigated, put out of business because of the financial return they promise if you send them seed money. They are at the top of scam artist. If none of the 6 want to turn over their financial papers to authorities, send them to prison.

  98. 138

    Sorry to see folks like the previous post from tina montana fall for the manure that Murdock spews. Come on tina, 5 months of following this thief and you don’t get what he is all about? Murdock is a money grubbing, self serving, egomaniac who asks those in poverty to send him $1000 dollars in order to “break the back of poverty”!?!?!? Yea, that makes sense, a person living in poverty sending a begging a wealthy tv preacher their cash to get out of poverty? Have you noticed yet, tina, that all Murdock ever talks about is MONEY? Sad that there are so many fools out there willing to give up their money to these con artist tv preachers. Also tina, notice Money Bags Murdock doesn’t preach from a bible but he’s always preaching from one of his “so-called books” that are more like a magazine or small pamphlet. The guy is disgusting and belongs in jail for fraud. Wisdom coming from Mike Murdock, now that’s truly a JOKE.

    • 139

      Light came and darkness comprehended it not!!!

      • 140

        I challenge you to do a full, biblical study on the WHOLE bible; not just what preachers feed you. Go on the internet, study the scriptures and get historical information as well as multiple points of view. In other words, critically think. Mostly though, study the actually history of the Jews and the Christians coming on the scene. See what factual evidence (besides the bible) has been left to confirm what the bible has to say. Seek to understad the religion the Romans partook of, what the original Christians believed and study Constantine and how he merged the two back in the 300’s. This is something, that if you are doing it right, should take you a few years if not a little longer. Of course, the church will tell you not to do it and just believe because you need to have faith. This faith thing they always talk about has kept people in the dark, and has not led people to the real truth. Go ahead, I challenge you. See if you are still following Christianity after you do this study…

        • 141

          I have done this Sher, and it has only showed me more that Christianity is the way to REAL LIFE. I have used 4 different versions of the bible, crossed referenced scripture, verse, chapter, and books old/new, it all leads to one thing, we need Jesus in our life in order to live for eternity with Father God. Faith, well that came and grew as I did this, what an amazing time, and wow what came to light, my life will never be the same, Amen.

  99. 142

    Touch not my anoint and do my prophet no harm
    (said the lord)!!!!!!!!

    • 143
      Douglas J. Bender

      The Lord’s “anointed” don’t go around anointing THEMSELVES and living in luxury while their “followers” live in poverty and sent THEM money.

  100. 144

    It seems that most here have already found them guilty. Simply put, the Senator has no “right” to see church records. That is under IRS purview. The ministries in question have all invited the IRS to audit their books and, if they find anything amiss, forward it to Sen. Grassley.

    Nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical has been found in over 3 years of looking. What is not reported is that, in Copeland’s case, he has business interests outside the ministry that are VERY successful. But private funds and church funds are two different things.

    As non-profits, these ministries are under annual IRS review. Ironically, most of these ministries have been more open about the details of the investigation than Sen. Grassley.

    This smacks of nothing more than political grandstanding against easy targets who are regularly ridiculed by the media and provide easy targets.

    Innocent until proven guilty, yes?

    • 145

      We need to change legislation. Ministries can profit (from donations) up to $100,000 – tax free. After that, the tax rate goes up to 50%. If it exceeds $1.000,000 in profit, it goes to 75%.

      All material sales are taxed as regular commerce; just as any other thing is taxed.

  101. 148
    Rev. Albert W. Kovacs - Ligonier PA

    Most of us ministers live simply and receive small incomes. The churches have often been the only voice that raised the awareness of evil in our land, and in others, to elevate the dignity and rights of the individual. It was in the churches that the colonists heard the call for liberty from foreign tyranny, and liberty from slavery by domestic tyranny. It is rightly said: “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” For this reason the churches’ freedom from taxation is most necessary and essential to America, lest their vigilant voice be extinguished by latter day tyranny.

    • 149

      If you’re an American sinner, you probably don’t receive a “small salary.” You probably live better than 95% of the rest of the world, have a warm home and never miss a meal, and you’re just too self-centered to realize how blessed you are. Stop patting yourself on the back for your humility and be thankful God has made you so rich.

  102. 150

    I am not opposed to ministers and churches earning an income that seems to be lavish if they are using the funds wisely and the church is helping to feed persons, and lift persons out of poverty, illness, ignorance, homelessness, and unwise or self-destructive behavior. I am more concerned about wealthy Congressmen, legislators, mayors, governors, and other public servants who use their authority and money to oppress others, perpetuate racism or class bias, obstruct justice or influence the courts to their favor against that which would bring a balance of power or power to the people, and get tax breaks and hefty pensions while their constituents or those who vote for them suffer devastating economic and social injustice. Check out the incomes, homes, lavish living, tax breaks, and voting records of our legislators, nonprofit CEOs, and other wealthy businessmen!!! What about the pharmaceutical industry, medical centers or hospitals, oil industry, etc. Meanwhile, I have watched Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyers and Kenneth Copeland (though have not seen Copeland in years). I think they are sincere, though I don’t know why Joyce Meyers needs so many homes or why Creflo Dollar needed a Rolls Royce to prove God. Then again, we all demonstrate according to how we think, visualize and accept faith in God as a provider. I can’t see investigating TV evangelists and not BIG BUSINESS. Wal Mart makes profits of the backs of its workers. How much does the medical director of the largest hospitals make? Are they charitable or just constantly building empires while turning away those who do not have insurance or an insurance that they accept? Either we belive that church and state should be separate when it comes to their books or we don’t. Are the Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, Apostolic Church, Joel Olsteen (another TV evangelist that I have watched) also being investigated? Who’s next? Is this a witch hunt, a legitimate investigation to protect members, an investigation raised by complaints from those who attend those churches or serve on their board of trustees, an investigation raiosed by some envy from another church or TV evangelist, or is this government’s attempt to squeeze every dollar it can out of the faith-based institution, because the government needs more money to finance war? Who’s investigating the megabucks that the military is spending and that suppliers are raking in? Is it our right to make it illegal to be wealthy or should we be looking at ways to balance the budget, redistribute the wealth, and make it possible to reduce or eliminate massive poverty, incarceration of so many people who are non-White or have low wealth, hunger, unemployment, White supremacy and its effectual oppression of Afrikan, Hispanic, Asian or indigenous people, attempts to make other races look inferior or inconsequential, religious bias, proselytizing, and homelessness? Oh well…we do have so many pressing problems and issues, and we are not a socialist or Communist country. Capiltalism still rules here though it might be better if we reexamined our priorities, spending, and how we respond to social issues.

    • 151

      Have any one pointed out to the fact that most of these men and women of God have written so many Best Seller material that is being sold all over the world in millions annually? How does the average congress man benefit the public?
      These congress men had better check the sincerity of their intentions. You can hunt Christianity and continue with your subtle support of Islam.
      What you will get is more bombing of your cities and more of your non church-ed citizens committing heinous crimes.
      I know that several congressmen would rather support the whole of America to become homosexual than listen to a preacher.

      • 152
        Eddie Long's Boy Toy

        I know that several congressmen would rather support the whole of America to become homosexual than listen to a preacher.

        Roni, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but in the case of Eddie Long and Ted Haggard, these guys are gayer than a male interior designer in the Castro district of San Francisco. And let’s not even get into priests or other preachers still deep in the closet.

        You’re really picking the wrong angle to call these men champions of heterosexuality. In fact, it seems like an obsession with homosexuality is a great signal that someone is probably a self hating gay…speaking of which, why are you bringing up homosexuality?

      • 154

        Don’t bother Roni, Satan has blinded the minds of many and they can’t see with their minds well.

      • 155
        Douglas J. Bender

        Well, that’s probably true. Many of these televangelists have used their popularity to sell books and such, and are probably independently wealthy. But they will then go on television and guilt their listeners and followers to send money to their ministry, while apparently using much of that money for themselves. Even if not, however, what is important is to discern where their hearts are — and that is shown by HOW they spend their money. Is their treasure here on Earth, in Earthly mansions and pleasure? Or is it in Heaven, shown by their willingness to give of themselves on behalf of others?

  103. 156
    Jose A. Rodriguez

    The Bible devotes some 500 verses on prayer, less than 500 verses on faith, but over 2000 verses on money and possessions. There simply scam artist.

  104. 157

    I agree with Richka, All religions are vague nonsense made up by scam artists and followed by mere sheep. There should be NO tax exemptions for any religion. That would go a long way with solving our deficit problems.

    • 158

      You really think that will solve the deficit problems James? that’s a lie. This nation has fallen b/c they have forsaken God. It is written in the dollar, “In God We Trust”, but we don’t trust God anymore. This nation was founded by those who believed so much in God, but it has fallen b/c it’s now in the hands of the devil. Anyone who does not lean on God is heading for doom. Time is near. Christianity is not a religion by the way. It is simply believing in Christ and His teachings.

      • 159

        Couldn’t have said it better.

      • 160

        Amen Tino, what I have read in many of the post here leaves me to believe many have not studied their bible.For it is written, their eyes will be blinded and their ears plugged, when one wants to be pig headed and think they know it all, then they will remain in darkness. When they are in darkness, we will read from others as we have here. Christianity is a RELATIONSHIP with our Lord Jesus Christ, that is not religion, There is a BIG difference people, you can act like a believer or you can be a believer.

  105. 161

    Tithes are “mandatory”? There is not one single place in the Bible where God says tithes are mandatory. I get daily texts, emails and even phone calls from well known ministries that don’t ask for anything. John Macarthur (Gracetoyou.org) will even send you free offers every month. If he has so many millions, and really cared about his “flock” he wouldn’t be asking for your money.

    • 162

      Tithes are not mandatory. But just know that everyone pays tithes but only a few pay to God. You either pay to God or your bad engine, flat tire, bad carburetor, unforseen problems takes the tithes. Let’s wake up. God’s way is the only way. You believe, good for you. You don’t believe, it doesn’t change who God is and doesn’t change the truth. And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!!

      • 163

        I haven’t given a tithe in 15 years and I have experienced a lot of sucess in money. I have not had my car blow out, nor a flot tire; nothing. Actually, my realator helped me out of a home I had lost money on, and probably saved me over $50,000. How can you explain that?

        • 164

          Obviously you’re not a believer because it would be impossible to trust God with your life and not your everything. There are two powers. GOD and satan. If satan is your father he will do all he can to keep you. If God is your father, satan will do all he can to steal from you.God doesn’t force Himself on you, satan does.

    • 165

      I guess someone misplaced the book of Malachi. And before you say that’s old testament, Jesus did not come to do away with the Law, but to fulfill it. So that you understand. Jesus didn’t do away with thou shalt not mixer. He said that if you bear false witness against someone, it would be considered the same as murder because you murdered his reputation.

      • 166
        Can't believe this junk

        Randy you are not understanding this passage about fulfillment. Jesus came to show how to interpret/fulfill/keep the Law correctly. The Pharisees and Sadducees had added all sorts of burdens to the original teachings. Jesus teaching had nothing to do with Malachi. You are taking things drastically out of context.

    • 167

      Try Deuteronomy 14:22 for starters. The grain was the means of exchange at that time. Today it is currency. Then Malachai 3:8.

  106. 168

    Didn’t we always know this? Not only televangilists but ALL religion, period! It’s all a scam and the only reason they have followers is the promise of immortality. They ‘prey’ on the believers and grow riches beyond belief.
    Governments are insane to support them and in the final analysis, it’s only for votes.

    • 169

      I suppose you think we just evolved from nothingness, but yet nonbelievers will curse by a name they say doesn’t exist. Go figure.

  107. 170

    Not all televangelists are after money. There are some good ones. I have been a follower of Dr. Mike Murdock for the past 5 months and every day he sends me messages of wisdom. Thides are mandatory, but I do it in small pay as you go program amount. Yes, he lives in a mansion and has 3 private jets, but is imparting wisdom to me and other followers, His program in on channel 42-1 seattle times, on wednesday. For hal hour he gives keys of wisdom. You will get hooked on it like I have been. mike murdock at wisdom online.com

    • 171
      Linda in Seattle

      You can get more and better wisdom for free. Go to your library, read the classics, read your Bible. You don’t need to pay him for his platitudes.

      • 172

        “How can they hear without a preacher” You can read the Bible, but getting a proper understanding is what really make the difference in our lives. God purposely put people in place, such as Preachers, teachers, etc. to give us the understanding we need. Free shouldn’t be the goal. You pay for everything else you consider of value, but your heart is so hardened that you would rather go to a library and possibly misunderstand what you are reading, rather than support ministry and the leader. Really makes no sense to me. It’s no wonder people are stuck, and struggling with hatred towards the one’s that God Blesses.

        • 173

          Used to listen to these guys quite extensively many years ago. Decided to turn them all off, read the Bible for myself and develop a closer relationship with Christ. It’s been wonderful…I’ll never go back. I’m responding because I just turned on a couple of them and realize that their time has come and gone. Time for a message that moves beyond faith. Read the Bible and you’ll find out what it is.

          • 174

            Thank you: Jesus is alive; He is the only way home, not some elder, some preacher, not some false way, He Jesus will make who-so ever comes to Him more that where they are from , more than what they were, more than what they have done, more than what has been done to them. John 3:1-36.

        • 175

          1 john 2:27/john 14:26/john 16:13

    • 176

      You tithe to your home church which would be 10% of your gross gain in money and gifts coming your way. Thus tithe means 10%. If you really want to be blessed give more. Try getting these people to come visit like your pastor does. You should be a follower of Christ, not a man.

      • 177

        Thank you Randy!! A man who sows sparingly shall reap sparingly. Giving a dollar or witholding gets you nowhere! God loves a cheeful giver, and it is better to give than recieve! Amen!

        • 178

          If you seek God first he will supply your needs, tithing is not attached to need provision. He loves you and will provide for your. Blessings are promised through tithing…But plano, read tithing scriptures very carefully. What most preachers will not tell you is that the tithing teaching they preach to YOU so much is not for the congregation but for the preacher. Read ALL of Malachi not just chapter 3. Study to show yourself approved.

  108. 180

    Praise God they are rich: His wealth belongs to His children.

    • 181

      Thanks for correcting then Dani. They are simply obeying God’s covenant and God is blessing them. All the wealth belongs to God, and if He is a rich God, His children should be rich too if the father can entrust the riches in their hands. Anyone can operate under this covenant and succeed. Those who are against it can study their bibles and begin to walk in the knowledge of God and they will be blessed too.

      • 182

        Brainwashed… like the rest of their dumb followers.

        • 183

          Sher, you’re most like brainwashed and broke! Don’t hate God’s people for doing well. Why is it even your concern? What have you contributed to any church, if you even are a church attender? Sow a dollar, reap a dollar. Who do you follow? Where has it gotten you except broke? I know you are broke, because your comment says that you see giving as sensless, and will always be in need when you withold, especially from God’s annoited.

        • 185

          I agree, there is no accountability of where the money goes, they are making money for themselves and their families and using the religion Tax Exempt status to avoid paying taxes like everyone else. I just read Joyce Meyer is again being investigated for failing to comply to IRS tax exempt requirements. She even has a private Jet, maybe I am in the wrong business?

      • 186

        They belong in jail. Praise God to put them where they belong.

        • 187

          If you’re tired of morons, then stop being one. God has made them wealthy! Put them in jail? For what? If that makes sense then put every other millionaire/billionaire in jail. It’s more likely the worldy rich has lied, cheated and stolen to get rich than those who spread the Gospel. Praise God that He giveth the power to get wealth!

          • 188

            MY my my. Better read that bible again plano. Calling people names AGAIN?
            “Giveth the power to get wealth” that actually made me chuckle.

      • 189

        So, it sounds as if you’re saying that the only true believers will be known by their wealth. I have searched my BIBLE and JESUS CHRIST said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich person to get to Heaven. You can twist and take all the scriptures out of context to justify your greed of money all you want. The end result will be that you have lost your way. A true believer is known by how they gave of themselves and their wealth that God has blessed them with. If these so called ministers were of God, they wouldn’t be hiding anything. Jesus said to Peter give unto God what is God’s and unto Ceaser’s what is Ceaser’s. Everyone is accountable, if they have nothing to hide and have been good stewards with what God has entrusted to them. I’m a believer, but prosperity is more concerning the spiritual first. Then a person will be mature enough to understand they are a vessel for all God’s blessings to flow through. These self proclaimed ministers do not live by the word they should be preaching. Paul said not to make a profit from preaching God’s word. So much for Jesus command to go and preach the GOOD NEWS and take nothing with you.I guess you could say they are PROFITS alright! Just not PROPHETS.

        • 190

          You’ve searched the Bible with little understanding. It didn’t mean that weathly people would not or could not get into Heaven. It meant that anyone, such as the rich young ruler who loved their money more than God, could not get into Heaven. Jesus also said that the poor shall always be among us, but, it didn’t mean that God wants us to be poor.

        • 191

          Sorry Randy, you’ve just been “PLANO’d” He might be one of the Profits.

      • 192

        youre an idiot. His children SHOULD be rich, but about half of them live on less than two dollars a day. congratulations, you give your money to thieves

        • 193

          Who’s fault is that? Is it God’s or any of these pastors? NO! God said bring the tithes and the offerings to His house. The Church, and if you have an issue with it, then take it up with Him. What do you give? Have they stolen from you? When Bill Gates over charged for his products, did you still purchase, but call him a thief? What about all of the other things you’ve bought with excessive mark ups? The Bible says that the men of God should be compensated! You pay your lawyer, who over charges you without a problem, and He lives where he wants and drives what he wants. He may not even acknowledge God, but you have a problem with a Man of God having things. Something is seriously wrong with your thinkning.

          • 194

            “Something is seriously wrong with your thinking”. MY my my. There it is AGAIN! Just because someone doesn’t agree with your thinking, they’re obviously wrong. Starting to see a pattern here.

    • 195

      Wealth supplied by struggling poor people looking for salvation … you mean

    • 196
      Can't believe this junk

      You praise God for filthy rich pastors with million dollar toys while many are homeless and hungry. You tell the poor people to praise God for the rich pastors. You have been deceived!

  109. 197

    These persons should be investigated and prosecuted if there is any wrongdoing. They give the 90% of other pastors, who are honest, hardworking, and very underpaid considering their education, a bad name and draw out over reactive comments such as Mr. Bennethum’s. Most churches and church workers lawfully and properly use the exemptions given them.

    • 198

      The God I represent is a Rich God! These pastors don’t give other struggling pastors a bad name. Maybe those pastors just don’t have the faith to do better. Maybe they have 15 members or a 150 that only put a dollar in the offering. Maybe their work isn’t up to par, or maybe they are doing something in the dark that the Father disagrees with. At any rate, No one who works on behalf of God should be struggling. Doing well doesn’t mean that these pastors have cheated anyone! There is One church, and one pastor shouldn’t envy another, but give glory to God for He giveth the power to get wealth! So take your issues up with God!

      • 199

        So….maybe 15 or 150 members is what that pastor needs and it’s not a matter of a lack of faith. A pastor doesn’t have to have money to be in God’s will. The Bible doesn’t tell us how much money Jesus or the disciples had, obviously God didn’t think we needed to know…or he’d have put it in there. We just know that they had faith in God and that’s all God wants us to know. You make it sound like the goal is to acquire material things, that this acquisition signifies some kind of faith walk…. That’s not biblical..God blesses different people in different ways. Now…I’m not saying that these preachers were blessed from God…they’ve got to work that out for themselves. But…as Christians…We need to seek God first, not the almighty dollar and it’s trappings. Our mandate is to spread the gospel.
        Yes…God is rich, the problem is most people only equate the word “rich” with “money”. We’ve got so much to learn.

      • 200
        Can't believe this junk

        Yes God is a rich God but where in the Bible does it say that He desires His children to be wealthy on earth. There’s plenty to indicate an eternal inheritance of wealth this world is not addressed my friend. I don’t envy any of these preachers and I wouldn’t trade places with them. So many suffering and they are living it up?

        Oh no you didn’t say “no one who works on behalf of God should be struggling.” Just think of Jesus. Think of all those poor disciples, all those poor people whose names are listed in the NT.

        You don’t have to cheat to take advantage of the helpless and hurting. To contrary they are the most vulnerable. Why does Jesus say to the rich ruler “to be perfect give all you have the poor” Apparently your view wants us to follow God but stop short of discomfort.

  110. 201

    Deny the churches tax exemption. Throw these cracker evangelical fundamentalists in jail, where they belong.

    • 202

      amen, brother, they are crooks juist like
      Bernie Madoff They will burn in Hell!

      • 203

        I’m sure the people complaining are not Christians. What are these pastors guilty of? God has blessed them tremendously for their work. The people love them and give freely. They see and continue to contribute to them anyway, because they want to. You don’t complain about Bill Gates, Oprah, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and any of the other people/politians or rap thugs that lead extravagant lives. Why the people who represent God? Read your Bible and learn that great wealth was bestowed on many through God Himself! This is a Kingdom matter and non of you wordly outsiders business. Keep watching as they and many other Spiritual leaders grow in wealth! Glory to God, and just make sure you’re not on the going to Hell list. Amen!

        • 204

          All hail the all knowing plano! Bill Gates and the like PAY THEIR TAXES. Why are these preachers not giving up their financial details to the government freely? How can someone bring in $80 million and only spend 10% of that towards their ministries? Where did the other $72 million go? How can you justify someone like Copeland having several multi-million dollar jets? Have you attended many seminars? Are you one of the preachers that preach “if you don’t give to me, you’ll never be wealthy”? If I’m not mistaken, satan also knows the word of God better than any human ever will. Maybe these preachers rewards are not from God. Who are you to be the judge? I’ve been to several churches that preach “give me all your money and you’ll be rewarded”. I give money when God wants me to, not by pressure tactics, or false hopes. I’m sure you’ll have an answer for this just like EVERY other post on here. Really don’t care. You talk DOWN to every post, and you profess to be a Christian? Now who is the stumbling block BROTHER?

        • 205
          Oluyinka Emmanuel

          I am a christian, Bill Gates, Oprah, Donald Trump etc are working individuals whom God had blessed and they are tax payers. Many christians had been ignorant of the word of God which the so clever preachers are using for their selfless gains. Hell list? remember the world of Christ, rich, needle and camel? you will be shocked at those that will make the list.

        • 206
          Can't believe this junk

          Plano, really? Bill Gates, Oprah and Donald run a business. Churches are NON_PROFIT meaning they run on donations. This means while some are giving their last two cents others are living high on the hog. Where are you getting this false idea that God wants you wealthy? The OT as God was establishing Israel? I hope that’s not your justification or you need to SERIOUSLY read your Bible. Why was Jesus poor? Not only that but why were all of Jesus followers in the NT poor? There’s a trend here and these crooks above don’t follow it. Remember “where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.” What does that mean? Rich people focus on self! NOWHERE will you find NT teachings promoting wealth. Why? God’s kingdom is not of this world. If you don’t believe me then read Jesus’ teachings. Jesus said that there would be trouble in this world. One of the plagues in Revelation is famine so how does your view support wealth and prosperity when God is clearly going to stand the world on its head. Oh btw who are the wolves in sheeps clothing that will deceive many? According to you it must be those that don’t have much money. I guess all they have to trust in is God instead of money. Apparently you would feel pity for them.

        • 207

          These televangelist are all crooks and tax cheats using the name of God to make a buck. Its all a front for every dollar they receive .90 goes into their pocket as administration cost wake up you would be better off going to your local Red cross or homeless shelter and donate to them

  111. 208

    All of these Elmer Gantry types should be investigated. Once they are they will probably get locked up. But it shouldn’t stop there. Churches of every denomination should also come under scrutiny. I would be willing to bet that in the end the tax-free status of organized religion in this country would have to cease and it should!

  112. 211

    Starting with these practitioners of priestcraft would go far in cleaning these mess up. These six function as the door keepers that the Theocrats are using to subvert the Constitutional governance of the US.

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