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Consumer protection

April 11  • 

Subway’s “Footlong” and 9 Products That May Not Measure Up

While pushing the truth is probably expected when it comes to advertising, making false claims is intolerable -- oh, and illegal.

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March 19  • 

DOJ Investigates GM Recall Delays, Criminal Negligence

General Motors (GM) is facing several investigations regarding its role in the recent recall of over 1.6 million defective cars.

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January 15  • 

Counterfeit Products: Bargain, or Pricey Mistake?

Here's some ways you could have been scammed during the holidays -- and how to avoid making the same mistake again.

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January 14  • 

“Operation Failed Resolution” Names 4 Weight Loss Product Scams

The FTC recently took action in “Operation Failed Resolution” against four companies for making unsubstantiated claims in advertising.

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December 1  • 

Malls Track Holiday Shoppers Who Don’t Opt Out

He sees you when you're sleeping! He knows when you're awake! You may be secretly shopping for surprises for your loved ones this season, but some...

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September 11  • 

The Legalities Behind the Wheel of Car-Sharing Programs

Car-sharing programs can save infrequent drivers loads of money, especially when you consider the cost of car maintenance and insurance. People are...

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September 10  • 

Back to School: Protecting Your Child’s Identity

The trend of thieves targeting children’s identities is on the rise. As kids go back to school, parents need to know the signs that child identity...

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August 12  • 

Speeding Ticket Truths Infographic

Check out this infographic for the truth about speeding tickets and you might think twice next time you accelerate.

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August 5  • 

Legal Tips For Babysitters

Keep to the rules, take proper precautions, do it all legitimately, and you'll have loads less to worry about.

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August 4  • 

How to Deal With a Bounced Check

A bounced check is a pain for both the check writer and the check depositor. Here, steps to take care of it, and ways to prevent it from happening...

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