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August 28  • 

Throwback Thursday: Whistleblower laws, from Deep Throat to Snowden

This August marks the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon's resignation. A look at the changes to whistleblower laws since Deep Throat's day.

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August 26  • 

Cellphone ‘kill switches’ now required by law in California

California is now the second U.S. state to require cellphone 'kill switches,' allowing users to remotely shut down a phone’s functionality.

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August 20  • 

5 things to know before picking a vacation spot on Airbnb

The pitfalls of renting out your home are well-documented. What about risks to vacationers? Use this checklist to ensure a stress-free stay.

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August 8  • 

Earth, wind & fire: Preparing your home insurance policy for the unexpected

In the wake of natural disasters, standard home insurance coverage often falls short. Prepare your policy for the next storm now.

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August 7  • 

3 potential legal pitfalls for Kickstarter ‘creators’

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs, provided they protect themselves against potential legal pitfalls.

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August 6  • 

Estate planning in the digital age: Bringing arcane laws into the tech era

Americans have an average of $55,000 in digital assets, yet it's still a new concept to include them in a comprehensive estate plan.

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August 5  • 

Laws and tax implications of short-term rentals and the new ‘sharing economy’

Thinking of adding your home to Airbnb's short-term rentals? It's not as simple as creating a listing and leaving a key under the mat.

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August 3  • 

Crash compensation: Who helps victims’ families in the wake of MH17 disaster?

Airplanes are still the safest method of transportation, but with three large-scale disasters in recent months, it doesn’t feel like it.

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August 1  • 

5 keys to kick butt on Kickstarter and jump-start your small business

Smart entrepreneurs can leverage Kickstarter for their new businesses. Learn the basics and follow these 5 rules for start-up success.

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August 1  • 

How to beat the cable guys this moving season

Cable companies are the most-hated corporations in America. How to score a win against TV giants this moving season.

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