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Consumer protection

July 31  • 

Your house held hostage: 5 steps to stop squatters

News of short-term lodgers becoming long-term squatters has hosts concerned. Know the law before inviting potential trouble into your home.

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July 29  • 

Recreational marijuana laws: CO vs. WA

Washington and Colorado are leading the nation in legalizing recreational marijuana. Here, a look at each state's' take on the new laws.

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July 28  • 

No ifs, ands or butts: Juries can’t stand tobacco giants

Florida jury slaps cigarette company R.J. Reynolds with $23.6 billion decision, saying company knew risks and failed to warn consumers.

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July 25  • 

Everything you need to know about Washington’s Initiative 502

Washington’s Initiative 502 took effect July 8 - it’s high time we review the nuts and bolts of the state's new marijuana legislation.

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July 9  • 

Ethics on Facebook’s mind in wake of user emotion tests

Regulators are investigating the legality and ethics of psychological tests Facebook performed on unknowing users in 2012.

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July 1  • 

Step right up: Circus and fair safety in the spotlight

Performers put themselves at risk with each death-defying stunt, while carnival-goers face dangers from unsafe rides and unsanitary food.

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June 30  • 

A consumer’s guide to Uber: on-demand service comes with risk

An overview of where and how Uber operates, drawbacks, consumer opinions, and what you need to know about this popular service.

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June 13  • 

Tanning Beds Join Cigarettes, with New Federal Warning Labels

Intent on curbing melanoma rates, the FDA is requiring tanning bed manufacturers to warn consumers about the risks of indoor tanning beds.

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June 2  • 

Extreme Plastic Surgery: Who Decides What’s Ethical?

Plastic surgery is more popular than ever, with 1.8 million procedures done last year alone. Who decides what's ethical with extreme surgery?

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May 29  • 

Where Do E-Cigarettes Stand Against Normal Smoking Laws?

The FDA has proposed new restrictions on e-cigs, which would give them authority to approve new tobacco products and regulate existing ones.

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