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8 Horrible Crimes Stopped by Legal Gun Owners


Guns are always a divisive topic. Some stand by their rights to bear arms, and they say that private firearms stop millions of crimes each year. Those opposed to gun ownership believe that the more guns that are out in the public, the more shootings and deaths will take place.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it is interesting to note the high number of incidents where legal gun owners were able to use their weapons to stop some horrible crimes. Here are just 8 such stories for you to consider.

1. Marine opens fire in apartment parking lot

An Oklahoma City marine who was on leave suddenly began opening fire in the parking lot of his apartment complex late last year. Witnesses said he originally tried to go into the apartment complex’s main office, but after employees locked him out, he started to fire his gun in the parking lot. As he was firing, another citizen with a concealed handgun came around the corner and ordered him to drop his weapon. It worked and no one was hurt.

2. Restaurant owner shoots, kills armed robbers

Just a few short days ago, 2 suspects walked into a restaurant to order food. When the employee opened the register, one of the men pulled a handgun and threatened the employees. The suspect then reached over the counter and grabbed the money. He then turned and pointed the gun toward the owner of the restaurant who was sitting at a table in the middle of the restaurant. The owner pulled out his own gun, shot the criminal in the chest, and killed him.

3. Man killed in attempted robbery

In November 2009, career criminal Kevin Duane Dudley walked into an Alabama business with a sawed-off shotgun to commit armed robbery. Thankfully, some shoppers were able to distract Dudley long off for the owner of the store to retrieve his gun and defend himself. The owner ended up shooting and killing the criminal. Dudley had been tied to several other robberies in the area as well as a recent murder.

4. Two armed robbers get shot during home invasion

When two masked men with guns broke into his home and pointed their weapons at one of the residents, Cody Buckler immediately took action. He retrieved his gun from upstairs and began shooting at the criminals. The crooks fled the scene, leaving a trail of blood behind them. The criminals were eventually apprehended.

5. Mass shooting stopped by armed volunteer security guard

In December 2007, Matthew Murray pledged he wanted to kill as many Christians as he could. The 24-year-old went to New Life Church in Colorado Springs and opened fire, killing 4 people in the process. Thankfully, an armed security guard was able to get his her weapon and shoot Murray several times, stopping him from killing any others. However, in the end, it was Murray’s own self-inflicted gunshot that ended up killing him.

6. School shooter stopped by armed college students

In 2002, a shooting at Appalachian School of Law left 3 people dead. However, the shooter was stopped before he could kill any more people. Thankfully, 2 students were able to run to their cars, get their guns, and use their weapons to halt the rampage.

7. Grandma stops intruder

When 69-year-old Ethel Jones heard her doors rattling at 3 a.m., she grabbed her gun from underneath the pillow next to her. She ended up finding an intruder inside her bedroom, forcing her to shoot the teen in the abdomen. The teenager survived and faced charges of second-degree burglary.

8. Pizza Hut delivery driver says his gun saved his life

An unnamed Pizza Hut delivery driver started carrying a legal concealed handgun to work after being robbed twice in the last 2 years. Just last week, he was robbed by 2 armed men inside the restaurant. The men pistol whipped him and as they started to lift the driver’s shirt exposing his gun, the worker pulled out his weapon and opened fire. He said he had no other choice but to act and save his life.

Do you think private firearms stop more crimes than they cause?


  1. 1

    8 crimes stopped, not 800000? just 8, and seemed half the time the crime was only stopped after several people where already dead, killed by a gun, don’t confuse this issue any more, guns stop some crime, they cause a lot of crime, and there is no section to ask how many crimes have escalated to a shoot off because everybody had guns, you can skew stats anyway you want, but this is clearly a split issue. One shoe bomber and we all take our shoes off at the airport, 62 mass killings in the last 20 years and not one law. And the last 26 hurt a lot, so tell us how we can stop this happening again, because sadly the clock is ticking.

    • 2

      Like these are the only 8 crimes EVER stopped by a gun?!?! Seriously, take your medication and calm down. In the last 20 years there have been hundreds, if not thousands of new laws enacted to “stop gun violence” The problem is that all of these laws focus only on taking legal guns away from law abiding gun owners. NEWSFLASH: Criminals don’t follow gun laws. They also tend to gloss over things like murder is already illegal and has been forever. I know it would be really nice to wave your magic wand and throw out some unicorn farts and pixie dust and all guns would just turn into daisies but that ain’t going to happen. Taking guns away from law abiding gun owners will never stop the violence, it will only create more victims. Gun free zones work until someone with a gun comes in and slaughters the innocents that thought they were somehow protected. No gun law has EVER prevented a mass killing and no gun free zone has EVER saved lives.

    • 3

      So your logic is to disarm as many people as possible to be guaranteed victims during mass shootings?


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  3. 5

    More legislation will not prevent mass/serial murder, we should focus on why people commit mass murder, instead of how they choose to do it. There are countries with widespread gun ownership with low crime rates, and there are countries where gun laws are extremely strict but crime is still out of control. So it would stand to reason that it is not access to guns that drives people to do horrible things, therefore banning/restricting them will not stop horrible things from happening. On the flip-side, gun owners have stopped situations like this from going bad to worse. By the time cops arrived at Newton it was over, so the argument that we don’t need guns because cops have guns is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is that some people are calling for an outright ban on firearms.
    1) That would require a Constitutional amendment that will never pass, ever.
    2) There is absolutely no way to enforce such a ban that doesn’t end very, very badly for everyone involved. Period.

  4. 6

    Gun laws that deny law-biding citizens the right to defend themselves are just as evil as those who commit crimes and those who support gun control ,,,,,,,,,criminalS prefer unarmed VICTIMS,,,,,,dictators prefer unarmed CITIZENS.

  5. 8

    I’ll give mine up if you can prove to me every one else has. Soo good luck. If it’s me or you it’s going to be you.


  6. 9

    Ethel Jones stopped an intruder that may have just wanted some money or property and wouldn’t have kiled her. There is absolutely no proof she was definitely going to die if she did not shoot, same with most of them.

    • 10

      Would you bet your life on that assumption that they never meant to do you no harm?

      If a stranger is standing uninvited in my bedroom at 3am I think it’s safe to assume they are there to do you harm.

  7. 11

    You want proof guns stop crimes? Click here:

  8. 13

    Michael, good luck on removing all of the guns in the U.S. That concept is unrealistic and dangerous for law abiding citizens. Most of the ones left with guns would be the people who would own one illegally anyway so how does that help “the situation” or are you just playing a numbers game?

    I see you claim to know “The fact of the matter” but you don’t cite any references to back it up. The swiss have the 3rd highest gun ownership rates in the world (and might be 2nd because of the wide range of estimates in Yemen) but have a lower crime rate than the UK:

    I think one of these links stated that Switzerland has about one violent crime per 250,000 citizens (I’m sure somebody will correct me if I’m wrong) and another one says that the UK has over 2000 per 100,000?

    Using the argument “what need would a law-abiding citizen have to carry a firearm” doesn’t really apply unless we somehow magically relieve the world of guns. Even then murderers would still exist. The strong bodies would still try to rule the world and then we’d have to start buying swords again. Removing guns from “the situation” will not relieve the world of murderers, thieves and rapists nor will it protect us from them. Do you really believe that killers will not kill without legal firearms?

    Also, just because 2 people in the UK have never seen a gun doesn’t mean the gun-ban was effective, nor does that make those 2 experts on gun control.

    Regardless, we can all speculate what cause and effect guns or no-guns will have on the world but that’s all we can do. Speculate! Both sides can throw out all the numbers they want and still make it appear their side is the most righteous but in the end, nobody really knows how it would honestly pan out. Numbers will always be different depending on the people doing the math. Chicago shows zero% rapes in several different polls:

    You know that can’t be right.

  9. 14

    Terry, I know it sounds like an amazing coincidence but I had the exact same thing happen to me. My friends from the planet Gark have been helping me and I would suggest you talk to them, too.

  10. 15

    My wife Joan Wagar and her lover Eric Carlson organized a very large murder conspiracy at East Port Walmart and also at Clackamas Walmart!
    My wife started poisoning me after she started their affair and they recruited employees to help them hide their affair from me and from Eric Carlson’s wife.
    I discovered their nick names walmart employees gave them before I discovered their affair, they were nick named Doubleclick and Mrs Dash, my wife admitted to those nick name4s to my daughters and I overheard the conversation.
    I did not know what they stood for but I was ill at the time so I suspected an affair and also the possibility I was being poisoned.
    I found out about a month later what Eric Carlson’s nick name stood for, I saw him at East Port Walmart, he is almost a twin to me, and no one wanted me to KNOW IT!
    Not long after this I found evidence of my wife emailing Doubleclick and their admitting to their affair, their also admitting to having it out for Eric Carlson’s wife!
    I tried to warn Eric Carlson’s wife over the phone, I asked if we could meet in person because I wanted her to see the resemblance because I didn’t think she would believe me over the phone, I wanted her to read their email and wanted her to see my appearance, but she never showed up!
    The next day my wife poisoned the hell out of me and a relative of Eric Carlson’s covered it up at the hospital, he is in law enforcement and he kept labeling me as a bad guy to my doctor until the doctor got the hint to shut up about me being poisoned, I overheard the conversation out in the hallway!
    Ever since I have been kept isolated by my family from others and they pretended nothing’s wrong the entire time trying to cover it up!
    I was a plasma donor when they were poisoning me, and Eric Carlson’s relatives in law enforcement arranged so that I cannot get help at a hospital!
    Both Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar transferred to Clackamas Walmart and they recruited employees there to press false charges against me for what Eric Carlson does, while they hide Eric Carlson’s employment by calling him by alias’s!
    Clackamas Walmart employees take photos of Eric Carlson following children around in the store while dressed as me and they were printing out flier’s with my picture on it.
    The whole time I’m stuck at home, crippled from being poisoned, my wife pretending to love me, and she is one of the employees that printed out the flier’s!
    They gave me a reputation all over Portland Oregon this way, while hiding a body doubles employment!
    Doubleclick and Mrs Dash had it all planned out, with help from their Bro’s in law enforcement!

    • 16

      Terry Wagar, I just read your post and was curious about your present situation. The story sounds terrible! I hope you are ok.

  11. 18

    Not all of these stories had proof of guns being the preventer of crime. But they all indicated 100% that the crime was being perpetrated by guns. Jimbo Ellis…that is a false equivalency….look it up. By the way i’m liberal, and i own guns….but if you’re strange and unrelated comparisons are any indication, you’re opinions are not very relavant, because
    i’m also smarter than you people.

    • 19

      While Jimbo may be a bit far to the right, and very cut and dry with his opinions, insulting everyone’s intelligence in an argument that has nothing to do with smarts sheds alot of light on your own IQ and does nothing for your side of the argument.

  12. 20

    There seems to be some assumption that because a person is liberal in their ways of working with the world they don’t carry a gun, well you come over and try to break into this liberals home and you will find I am a well practiced shot (marksman actually) and have had occasion to apply that skill so I don’t balk. Watch what you assume about people.

  13. 21

    hey libs, more children 10 and under die in bicycle accidents than get killed by handguns. Make all bicycles illegal. SUE EVERY BICYCLE MANUFACTURER, THEY ARE KILLING OUR CHILDREN. libs are a total hitlerian joke.

  14. 22

    hey libs, more children 5 and under die by drowning in 5 gallon buckets than get killed by handguns. Make all 5 gallon buckets illegal. SUE HOME DEPOT.

  15. 23

    libs think we can get rid of guns. Would it be similar to the way the government has eradicated illegal drugs?

    Hitler took the guns away from the Jews before… well… you know how that ended. go lib Nazi’s go!

  16. 25

    I think private firearms do save more lives than they cost. If someone wants to kill you and they do not have a gun, they will find another weapon to use. If a victim does not have a gun, they probably won’t be able to find some other weapon with which to defend themselves once they are already in a life-threatening situation. If private firearms were illegal, criminals would find ways to get them; normal citizens who obey the law would not. It seems to me that this would just throw off the ratio of gun owners (criminals vs. law-abiding citizens) in favor of criminals.

  17. 26

    Almost every one of those examples involved and ARMED robbery or a shootout. If guns are illegal then it would be very hard for a criminal to get a gun and would not put anyone in that sort of situation. I live in Ireland, not even the police have guns here, this makes it almost impossible to get a gun as a result of this i have never even heard of an armed robbery taking place

    • 27

      Theo, you said “this makes it almost impossible to get a gun”

      Do you have any idea how easy it is to fabricate a gun? If every gun in the world disappeared tomorrow morning, by tomorrow evening, I would have a gun if I had a need. All gun control laws do is keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. Which, by the way, the people of Ireland, England, and Australia are not. They are subjects, servants of the Crown.

      An armed person is a Citizen.
      An unarmed person is a subject.

      Look at England and Australia. They instituted extremely restrictive gun laws. Now the politicians are scratching their heads trying to figure out why, after all the money spent, and all their new laws, did the crime rates go through the roof.

      • 28

        Turk, I agree. Those of you who have not lived around guns, or experienced what it is like to worry about your own safety because a weapon is the single difference between you and someone wanting to harm you’s chances of survival… I appreciate your opinions, but you really don’t know. Most of you from over the pond have this mental imagery that we are all cowboys, engaging in “shootouts”. I have alot of friends from over the pond that know me well and still think I’m just a cowgirl with a peice of hay hanging out of my mouth. Do your research. I’m sorry, but I live near downtown Charlotte which is an incredibly gang infested area and I’ve never seen a shootout. Armed robberies? Sure. But they could rob you with a fork. So I’d like to keep my ability to protect myself if I need to.

        I mostly agree with Turk’s comment on citizens and subjects. When citizens have the same rights as the lawmakers, we have a say in what they can and can’t do to us. But when they have all of the firepower, no pun intended… we are (once again) sheep lead to slaughter. Thanks Turk, wonderfully put!

        P.S. what do your weapon-less police do when there’s a violent situation? they probably wait til it’s over THEN get involved. the victim is truly the people who cannot defend themselves.

    • 29

      Really? Because I pay close attention to BBC and I hear very frequent stories of chavs intimidating and robbing people with butcher knives. While this more or less occurs frequently in England, to your credit I am less educated on Ireland… I think having to worry about someone coming at you with a butcher knife is far worse than having a firearm at your disposal in case a life or death situation occurs. You can no more defend yourself from a blade than you can from a bullet. Unless you’re blessed with arms of steel. I just know that if someone chased me with a butcher knife, and I had no way to defend myself there’s only one way that scenario could end, and it would be with an 80% chance of me dying. And I’m really not cool with that… for licensed and registered firearm owners, concealed carry greatly increases our odds of survival. Simply being able to have a counter act when someone pulls a weapon, or threatens to take your life… does alot for your chances of survival. Simply rolling over on your back and allowing someone to rob you and end your life (if they are smart enough to think through the importance of a live witness) is not tolerable in my opinion.

  18. 30

    FNAright, i live in se new mexico and there are some real scum bags out here. in the last 5 years i have personaly stopped the now 87 year old lady next door from being broken into twice, the new people next door once, killed a out of controll pit bull that allmost maulled my 4 year old daughter in our own fenced yard, and stopped two low lifes from breaking into my truck . how did i do this, i am disabbled, how you ask ? i am a leagal firearms owner. that right too bare arms is really not a right its a priv. thats why felons shouldnt have them, and buy the way all the a.holes i stopped were vilant felons.

    • 31

      You are badly misinformed. Read the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Also read the Federalist papers. The Right to own and bare arms is definitely a right. It is a natural right, not a privilege, along with several more that are enumerated. There are many other natural rights that are not enumerated in the Bill of Rights. That right can not be taken away. BUT, under modern laws, the right is denied to felons, those that are mentally unstable, and those accused of violent acts. Also denied is the right to vote(in many states), the right to hold public office, and to serve on a jury.

      • 32

        True. But Jason, I think the point is that violent felons will get ahold of weapons that they use to harm and intimidate law abiding citizens like yourself and your neighbors, whether we outlaw firearms or not. I salute you for what you did for your neighbors and family. We need more people like this in the world who care about others as much as they care about themselves. Turk is right in saying that it is truly a natural right… but it probably should be a privledge in a perfect world. But sadly, this world isn’t perfect and the whackjobs will always have ways of getting around whatever we allow or disallow legally… so we might as well keep our single best ally when it comes to defending ourselves. You’re a good man, and you’ve got the right idea. But certainly, I would do a little research =)

  19. 33

    Until the people who don’t think we need our guns, are victimized they will keep arguing their passive points. Sorry James!! But think about how many legally obtained guns wouldn’t be in the hands of criminals if they just robbed his his or her house when they were home, no tax dollars spent on court or prison just good old fashion JUSTICE!!! YES WE NEED GUNS!!!!!

  20. 34


  21. 35

    2 years ago i had a hoe invasion in my house from four people 3 had ak-47s the other had a 9mm if itwasnt for my quick acting i would of never made it to my 15 shot 9mm glock model 19 i ended uo killing all of them and my 3 year old was home my wife was home my 5 year old was home and my 5 year old freiand was staying the night theses people did not were masks so you no what that just for the fact of them not wearing mask you no what that means (they wouldnt of left wittness) and come to find out the did it to 2 other hoses killing 8 people if it wasnt for my quick acting i wouldent be writeing this SO YES WE NEED GUNS…………………………….

    • 36

      Thank you! For those of us who do not live in safe parts of town, or live in gang-infested areas… we want the ability to protect ourselves. Otherwise we are sheep led to slaughter. I believe that in robberies, simply co-operating is not enough. There are numerous stories, like this one where the perpetrator does not want to leave witnesses. Some people are animals. Great post, Gottie73.

  22. 37

    Go to youtube and type in a few search terms about preventing crimes with guns. What you see just scratches the surface. The NRA magazines and several other gun magazines post numerous articles every month that detail multiple instances of self defense use. They exist in great numbers but are usually covered up or not covered at all by the major media because no deaths or injuries result. It is not as interesting a story if someone draws a handgun and the thug simply runs away. I know a few people including my Dad and friends who have stopped attacks that were about to start by pulling a weapon.

  23. 38

    The plural of anecdote is not data. Compile some stats on violent crimes stopped by the use of civilian-held guns vs the number of gun-related crimes in states wihtout adequate waiting periods, background checks, knowledge/proficiency testing, etc. That would be a basis for an article.

  24. 39

    No, I don’t think that private firearms stop more crimes than they cause. You’ve listed 8 instances and I’m sure that there 10 to 100 times more, but there are 10,000 murders a year in the USA and the vast majority are caused by guns that were mostly obtained legally and then sold illegally. Even being generous and saying that the numbers are 8000 killed and 800 saved, there still isn’t an argument. Until you can offer a way to prevent legally bought guns from being sold illegally, you haven’t proved anything. To be clear, I understand that most legally sold guns are not involved in murders, but murder is such a serious crime, you have to consider all means to prevent it. In these 8 cases, did you research how the criminal obtained his gun?

    • 40

      james its not the guns that kill people it the killers that kill people……………………………


      • 41

        But if u get rid of guns then people won’t get shot, its scientifically proven that its mentally easier to shoot someone then stab someone.

    • 42

      no matter if we get rid of guns or not criminals will still get them and still commit crimes and we wont be able to stop it!

      • 43

        I have never even seen a gun, nor even heard of an armed robbery or shootout. I live in Ireland

        • 44

          Theo, while that’s nice for you many of us have. I experienced my first armed robbery at the age of 19 with my wife present. Saw my first person shot at 25 and I myself was shot at the age of 46. I live a quiet life in America however I have almost always lived in cities. Ironically the only place I’ve lived where people walked around openly wearing sidearms legally was in small towns in the Rocky Mtns.

          • 45

            I suspect rather strongly that the point Theo is trying to make here is that guns are illegal in Ireland, and as such he has never once seen one. You yourself further this point; you live in America, and to date have had three encounters with illegal guns. I lived in both London and Dublin, and, outside my time in the Royal Irish Regiment, have never once encountered a situation where I’ve seen a gun used- they simply aren’t in circulation in the civilian population- when you don’t have criminals running around armed, what need have you for a gun yourself?

            To make the point even more evident, consider this; of the 8 examples you posted, in 7 of them the criminals themselves were armed. Guns protecting from guns. If guns were not available at all to the general public, what need would a law-abiding citizen have to carry a firearm, if no one else carried one either.

            What you have in fact cited here is not series of stories about people being protected by guns, but a collection of otherwise already unfortunate situations descending into life-threatening duels because both sides were able to access weapons so easily.

            The fact of the matter is that whatever your opinion, when you remove all guns from the situation, you, by extension, remove all need for them as well.

          • 46

            Yeah Mike, thats why when we make drugs illegal it’s impossible for anyone to get their hands on that right? Lets make more laws for law-abiding citizens not being able to get guns, but let the underground trade go on being side tracked a bit

          • 47

            Mike, could you please review your second paragraph? It makes no sense to me. You stated, “of the 8 examples you posted, in 7 of them the criminals themselves were armed. Guns protecting from guns” The fact is in our American society, guns are rampantly available. That is a reality for us, and a non-reality for you. While you may like it that no one has guns in London and Dublin, what about the multitude of stabbings and felonious assaults with other weapons which are not guns? How does an unarmed citizen properly defend himself, particularly if aged and with diminishing physical powers?

            I’m frequently confronted on the streets of Seattle by lunatics, drunkards, drug addicts and felons recently released from prison, and those of a particular race whose violent inclinations are a matter of public statistical fact. I’ve had a man goose my wife and try to get me (6’4″) to fight him (some 34 years ago when I was far more formidable and a wrestler). There are lunatics walking around who are driven to violence by their drug habits. People are getting shot all the time by gangstahs. Our last 8 policemen were murdered by blacks and one black wannbe who was high on crack, the blacks’ drug of choice.

            I’d love to stay home and out of circulation amongst them, but I have to earn a living and when seconds count, the police are minutes away. I thank God I can have the relative peace of mind that the .357, the .38 and the .45 that I carry daily will provide sufficient firepower to take control even over a gang attack, which has been threatened against me on a couple of occasions while walking the streets to and from business.

            Reality for us is different from reality for you. We can hope for a more idyllic and idealistic reality such as you allege you live in, but we’ve got a different set of problems (including greater frequency of wildlife like bears, cougars, and rabid coyotes and raccoons) which I wager you don’t have to worry about.

    • 48

      James, you are very misinformed about the number of crimes prevented each year.

      A quote:
      Crimes stopped by guns… according to Dr. Gary Kleck, criminologist at Florida State University in Tallahassee and author of “Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America,” a book used by many in the gun debate, 800,000-2,500,000 crimes are stopped by guns each year. The numbers are from different studies.

      Most guns that are used in crime, are stolen. Then purchased on the black market.

      • 49

        Kleck’s numbers are not believable. About one a year for every 100 adults in the U.S? I guess the people I know are just quiet. They must be out there stoping crimes with their guns and then not even mentioning it at work.

    • 50

      Just to add to the ingredient list, here’s a link to the Charlotte Observer showing local attorneys’ general not pressing charges against retail employees defending themselves against armed robbers. Three such recent incidents point out the clear lack of public malice a licensed concealed carrier has and the clear benefit of defending against armed felons such carrier possesses.

  25. 51


    There are a few sources that verify this. Here’s one from the Denver Post

  26. 52

    On #5, you said, “Matthew Murray pledged he wanted to kill as many Christians as he could” but the article indicates that he had been a member of the New Life Church and was angry because they said he was unstable. Do you have some other source that indicates he was not a Christian?

  27. 53

    Just a note on #5. It was Jeanne Assam that shot Matthew Murray, so the pronoun should be changed the her.

    “Thankfully, an armed security guard was able to get HER weapon and shoot Murray several times, stopping him from killing any others.”

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