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Is It Legal to Flip Off a Cop?


While flipping off a cop probably isn’t the best idea ever, many have questioned whether or not it’s legal to do so. Can a cop issue you a ticket or even throw you in jail for shooting the bird? Or would this be considered an abuse of power and a violation of your First Amendment rights?

Let’s find out.

Your First Amendment rights

Is flipping off a cop covered in the First Amendment? Here’s what the First Amendment says:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

In other words, the First Amendment gives you the right to free speech and expression without interference or constraint by the government. Freedom of speech, one could say, is the cornerstone of our country. It’s what makes us democratic.

With that in mind, one could make the argument that flipping off a cop is considered speech. It’s an expression, and therefore, maybe cops shouldn’t be able to ticket or arrest someone for doing it.

In fact, Ira P. Robbins, a law professor from American University told The Oregonian “The U.S. Supreme Court has consistently held that speech may not be prohibited simply because some may find it offensive. Virtually every time someone is arrested for this, assuming there’s no other criminal behavior … the case is either dismissed before trial or the person is convicted at trial and wins on appeal.”

There is one important thing to note in this statement, and that is, “assuming there’s no other criminal behavior.” Cops may try to justify ticketing you after flipping them off if they can find other charges (e.g. disorderly conduct, public intoxication, illegal lane changes, etc.) to write you up for.

Ticketed citizens get the last laugh

This is just what happened to Robert Ekas, an Oregon man, in 2007. Twice during the year, Ekas flipped off cops just because he felt he had the right to do so. Both times, he was pulled over. The first time, he was ticketed for an illegal lane change and improper display of license plates. The second time, he was pulled over and harassed, but he was never cited for anything. Ekas sued to uphold his freedom of speech rights. He was even featured on The Colbert Report.

In 2006, David Hackbart flipped of a police officer in Pittsburgh, PA. Hackbart was given a citation for disorderly conduct, and was slapped with a fine of $119.75. He appealed the ruling, and the charges were eventually dropped. However, Hackbart was far from done. The ACLU filed a lawsuit on his behalf for violating his First Amendment rights. The city of Pittsburgh ended up paying out $50,000 ($10,000 to Hackbart and $40,000 for the ACLU and lawyers’ fees).

Consider another case. In September 2009, Scott Schaper, a Kansas man, was ticketed for disorderly conduct after he shot the finger at a police officer who had just ticketed him for running a stop sign. Schaper filed a civil rights complaint, and the city of Olathe agreed to pay him $4,000 as well as an additional $1,000 to the ACLU. They also agreed to train their cops about freedom of speech to ensure citizen’s rights aren’t violated again in the future.

Legal … Not smart

It’s not illegal to give the finger to a police officer. It’s your right to do so. However, flipping off a cop probably isn’t the smartest thing you can do. It’s sure to get their attention, and you can pretty much bet they’ll try to find something to ticket you for or to make your day unpleasant. Remember, disorderly conduct is a fuzzy area that often gives cops the right to make a judgment call, so unless you feel like dealing with the hassle of fighting charges to get them dropped, it’s probably best just to reel that finger in. That is, of course, unless you’re like Robert Ekas (the Oregon man mentioned earlier) who feels it’s his duty as an American to flip off every cop he sees to uphold our free speech rights.

Have you ever flipped off a cop? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. 1

    no i have never flipped off a cop nor wil i ever do so.

  2. 2

    I was driving home from meeting a client in Nanuet , NY when an SUV began honking at me because apoarntly I wasnt driving fast enough. As he sped past me on right I gave him the finger through my open rooftop window and a few seconds later was pulled over. The cop, who raged at me , ironically, for ‘ road rage ‘ told me i was ‘ disredpecting the public and threatened me with a ticket . He let me go with a ‘ warning’ after i produced all my docs and ran my plates. The crazy thing was i felt intimidated twice, first by the driver and then the cop. Really makes me hate cops. They are generally , uneducated bullies with no desire to help anyone unless they they can look heroic and tough.

  3. 3

    I was arrested in August of 2014 in the city of Huntington, West Virginia for flipping off a county police officer. I was cited with disorderly conduct and held in jail without any phone calls, and an indefinite bail. I argued with everyone along the way about my rights: the magistrate, the officer, the jail police, and any figure of authority I could bitch to. My father went and had a talk with the local magistrate to get me out jail (Seems strange to me that it is all that it took.) My disorderly conduct charge ended in dismissal, but I fully intend to take as much legal action as possible against the Cabell County Sheriff department. I feel they have an antiquated and outright wrong interpretations of the freedom of speech if they felt it appropriate to put me through all that grief for a simple gesture – a simple, short, statement – that proved its own point.

    • 4

      To add to my comment, I was just walking back from the store, I wasn’t doing anything disorderly, nor was I breaking the law. I had two witnesses. I simply made the gesture to an officer waiting at a red light as I walked through the cross walk.

  4. 5

    I’m sorry…. but how are they heroes for harassing the everyday tax paying American for doing nothing but flipping the bird? I will feel sorry for the police when self driving cars come into play and the only revenue they get is from actual police work. not just bullsh*t traffic stops.

  5. 6

    So try this one one for size….
    I was pulling into a parking spot in front of a Bdubs to pick my friends I was DD’ing up from the door. I pulled into the space beside a black charger with deep black tinted windows. As I was pulling in, he was pulling out and he laid on his horn.
    I put my hand up in a “what the hell was that for?” kind of manner, just as I always do when people do stupid things. And mind you-it’s raining, I have black gloves on, it’s night time, AND his windows were super tinted.

    He proceeds to get out of the car, storms over to my window and tells me “You better watch who you’re flipping off.” I told him I didn’t flip him off and asked him what exactly his problem was. He repeated, “You better watch who you flip off.”

    I told him he must feel like a real hard ass yelling at me in front of all these people. Another reminder, he had on no uniform, no badge. He was wearing a sweater vest and not driving a police car.

    He then came back and threatened me with a ticket. Twice. I asked him what he was going to ticket me for and he just kept asking if I wanted him to write me a ticket. Telling me one last time I better watch who I flip off, he just got back in his car and drove away.

    Now, I’m not even sure if this guy was a cop, and he may have just been some punk kid trying to impress the friend he had in the front seat of that Charger, but I’ve honestly never been so disrespected by a cop before. It sounds petty in text, but the situation was inappropriate all together. If it was a cop, I would like for whomever he reports to to know his inappropriate flashing of ticket writing and disrespect to an innocent civilian (because I can promise you my momma raised be better than to flip off a stranger). Maybe I’m over exaggerating, but the situation was rather ignorant.

    • 7

      Hi PS, That does sound really frustrating. I would suggest asking a question of the attorneys in our free Q&A forum. Attorneys do not provide advice through our blog, but they do in the forum, usually within a day or so. All questions are open to answers for seven days. You can post your questions here when you’re ready: Avvo also offers a wealth of legal information in our Knowledge Base here: I hope this is helpful! — Danielle

  6. 8

    I live in indiana too and these police think they can do what they want pulled me over for waving the fine fickled finger of fate well officer booth of angola pd must be a pussy he had 3 sheriff and one other city pd 5 patrols for one finger,then he gives me a written warring for provocation a law of which expired last year and was nt even what happened. The aclu needs to investigate the town of angola,im not the first that this has happened to,indiana thinks its above the law

  7. 9

    I flipped off a cop a few weeks ago and was pulled over. I was issued a citation for my “gesture”. no other criminal offense was put on my citation. anyone know if i’ll be fined or for how much?

    • 10

      Hi there, I’d suggest asking your question in our free Q&A forum. Attorneys do not provide advice through our blog, but they do in the forum, usually within the first day or two of posting. All questions are open to answers for seven days. You can post your questions here when you’re ready: Avvo also offers a wealth of legal information in our Knowledge Base here: I hope this is helpful! — Danielle

  8. 11

    Do you think our Founding Fathers originally made the Bill of Rights so that we could abuse others with our words and actions? I think they believe we would be more mature than that. Maybe they thought we would know how to respect ourselves and others. Instead of biting your thumb at someone… just bite your tongue.

    • 12

      I also doubt our forefathers ever envisioned a time in which thousands of useless laws would be created for nothing other than to steal money from innocent hard-working citizens.

    • 14

      Haha yeah Justin. Just bite our tounges!!!! That’s why we are in this mess to begin with

    • 15

      Why yes they did. The Founder’s were very found of something called te free exchange of ideas and they had no qualms about hurting another’s feelings when that person advocated bad and unreasonable ideas. The Bill of Rights does not protect your feelings and does not shield your ideas from even the most profane of abuses. They most certainly would not have advocated the use of government force by a LEO because that LEO’s ego was bruised by a gesture. Freedom of speech is absolute with only one limiting factor, the harm principle. Even the tired old analogy “fire in a crowded theater” was a wrong in its limitation on speech. U.S. v. Schenck was also overturned and Justice Holmes eventually regretted his decision in that case. I won’t go into the details that the theater was the US, the fire was the draft, and those shouting fire were socialists distributing flyers but if you’ve ever used that phrase in an argument to limit speech I suggest you read the actual history of the case. Most people haven’t. Before my tangent runs any longer, free speech is only limited when it incites direct physical harm to another individual and yes the Founder’s knew that free speech could and would be used to “abuse” others. That’s life, they did it themselves. Jefferson despised Patrick Henry(the 18th century version of an evangelical fundamentalist) and made it well known in his words. Of course he did it much more eloquently then most can today. Your feelings are not protected and neither are police officers egos.

    • 16

      And why can’t I do the opposite. If I feel the police in my town are abusing there power, why can’t I express my feelings

  9. 17

    Next time you have someone break into your house, or if you are annoyed with your neighbors for playing loud music, or someone kills a loved one– remember that you don’t respect the police or what they do. In the long run, we live in a wonderful country, if you don’t like it- LEAVE or VOTE. Thank you.

    • 18

      Better to take matters into your own hands and avoid the possibility of them trying to charge and make money off you over something stupid, or even worse, shoot you or your family pet for no reason. Happens all the time. Do not call!

    • 20

      you can’t vote on better response times.

  10. 21
  11. 22

    What losers. Why make yourself look bad by drawing attention. I do whatever I can in public to Avoid drawing attention around the law. The government already takes enough of my $ as it is, why should I have to give up more over something stupid that could have been prevented in the first place

    • 23

      you shouldn’t and won’t give up more because of your rights. and I believe you are the loser for giving up your rights!

    • 24

      rights and common courtesy are two different things. and cops should know this. if your having a bad day and want to blow off some steam a cop should recognize this and not handcuff you and take you to jail.

  12. 25

    supposed to read four cops. My bad. Would not reccomend it though.

  13. 26

    I flipped off for cope at a local fair last weekend. One I got about six inches from his face. None of them did or said anything.

  14. 27

    You say cops put their lives on the line? I would flip off a soldier and they would laugh at me FUCK THE POLICE

  15. 28

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  17. 30
    Peaceable fucker

    Just throw em the peace sgin and give em a wink! More insulting because they can’t do nothing about it and they know exactally what you mean! Out smart the fox!

  18. 31

    I think that is one of the most vital information for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But want to observation on some general issues, The web site taste is great, the articles is truly great : D. Excellent process, cheers

  19. 32

    I flipped off a cop; at a concert back in july. i got arrested for disordley conduct and i believe breach of peace. one of the charges was for moshing at the concert. fuckin bullshit.

  20. 33

    i flipped off a cop and was tazed and pepper sprayed and left alone in my car. i later sued and got $13000 and the cop got 1 yr in prison for assault and lost his badge. =] ass hole cops. i live in las vegas, nv. the reason i flipped him off was because he didnt ask for my liscence and reg and made me get out. he then sat in my seat and went through my personal belongings. the officer then made up some BS about my speeding when i was going 3 miles over the speed limit but he put 23 in the report -.-

  21. 37

    I made a point for exactly one year to flip off every cop i came into contact with. I did but only got pulled over once. The cop knew he had nothing on me but made me get out of the car w/ lic.&reg. anyway, we had some words and i talked some serious shyt to him while smiling the whole time. He took my license and reg. and threw it into one of the traffic lanes and got back in his car. I went into traffic, picked up my stuff, faced him and flipped him both birds before getting back in my car. I then tried to follow him to get his plate # as he was not in uniform and he drove extremely erratically to try to lose me, due to traffic he eventually did. I live in Indiana.

  22. 38

    In his book, Kissinger said: “Military men are nothing but dumb. filthy animals to be used as we see best.”
    Cops have that precise mentality, they will never see service if they have an IQ over 130.
    “Yours is not to question why, Yours is just to do or Die.” has been the credo of military men since the beginning.
    Police have become the military deployed against us, the American people.
    This is a war, and you are in it -like it or not. Most of the police that are left in this country are pure traitorous, treasonous, sub human, steroid ridden, power-junky, collection agents for the corporation state.
    You are nothing but “Human Collateral” to be milked and abused at their whim. They are justified in using lethal force in courts around the country almost daily. Over 500 deaths by tazer in this country this year alone.
    This is only the ones they have had to admit, not counting use of firearms or “Suicides.”
    We have more people incarcerated than China….not per capita….total numbers!
    Anyone see a problem here????
    History shows that once the police mentality is turned against it’s people, tyranny is directly on it’s heals.
    Are you ready?

  23. 39

    This is a no brainer….Is it legal to flip off a cop? Well, how about sticking your tongue out at one, or what about giving one a dirty look? Most cops are in the profession to protect and serve right?… Wrong! Most have a large ego and a small brain. To answer the question, yes it is leagal to do so. The cops can and will arrest anyone for anything, or make up something to arrest you.

  24. 40

    I agree with Tony, Larry is an idiot. Sounds like a brainwashing has taken place. All cops are internally weak, even when they were children, who hide behind their pop-guns like little boys between their “mommies'” knees. They’re basically legalized thugs who do whatever they want.

  25. 41

    Larry, your concept of respect is downright disgusting. You don’t deserve respect with such a bad attitude like that.

    You are a bully that controls through fear and persecution, you will never have true respect acting this way. You are much like a dictator, rather than a leader of free people.

  26. 42

    I don’t care about cops.


    My friend and I we’re harassed by a cop.



  27. 43

    *&#% the police *&#% the police

  28. 44

    ok ted and larry here are the reasons why people would want to flip off a cop… for example search joe arpaio of maricopa sheriffs office.. he is a prime example of a dirty cop. he is being investigated because he has been taking tax payers money and using it for personal gain especially his sheriffs. he has threatend multiple people with extortion and his sheriffs are not afraid to do the same. they have been caught planting evidence, harrassing innocent civillians in which they have sworn to protect and they ‘confiscate’ contraband ie. drugs and paraphenalia and oops it disappears from the evidence room.. i mean come on perfect example of why these guys deserve the finger

  29. 45

    I’ll I know is people hate cops when you don’t need them, but you go running to them as soon as something bad happens. This is the ridiculous topic I’ve ever heard of, how would you like if someone came to your job and tried to sue you? grow up people.

    • 46

      People sue everyone every day. The police ticket you just to get money. If it wasn’t then why are the ticket amounts so high? I don’t run to the police when something bad happens because I know I can get the job done better. They take my money, I take theirs.. it’s kinda like the circle of life in a fucked up way. BTW fuck you.

      • 47

        hell yea fuck the police!! Maybe if they stuck to protecting us i wouldn’t have a problem but it’s the fact they fuck us over cuz protecting doesnt make enough money. they are power hungry ego driven pigs. fuck em

    • 48

      Exactly. Who would these people call if someone broke into their house? Hmmm…a cop, probably. Dumbasses.

  30. 51

    I’m just wondering…why would you want to flip off a cop?
    one of my colleagues just told me, after reading this article, that he was going to go do it to a cop and hope he can sue as well. How childish and immature can you be? What makes you want to flip off someone who goes to work everyday, putting their life on the line every time they go out to work, and you want to harrass them, and try to give them a bad day? You are just asking for trouble.
    If someone were to give you the finger, wouldn’t you consider it a provocation do something about it? I know I would, and if I were a cop, I would find stuff, even make up shit to put in a report so I could force a little bit of respect down your throat. The same way all of you would! Don’t deny it, so being that is the way all of you are…why would you think that a cop wouldnt be the same way. Afterall, a cop is human too.
    Now, I am NOT a cop, but one of my best friends is a sherriff, and I see both sides, but in this situation, I don’t see your side in saying that just because something is not written in the books as being illegal, means that it is an “OK” thing to do and you should do it. thats just immaturity and personally, I feel that anyone who stoops to that level, should be harassed by the cops. That’s my opinion, and if you don’t like it, then go here for my response to you…

    • 52

      —“If someone were to give you the finger, wouldn’t you consider it a provocation do something about it? I know I would, and if I were a cop, I would find stuff, even make up shit to put in a report so I could force a little bit of respect down your throat. The same way all of you would! Don’t deny it, so being that is the way all of you are…why would you think that a cop wouldnt be the same way.”…..that’s the whole problem…them abusing their power and title “cop” i.e. to get away with making things up….can def. tell your friends with a cop…you don’t force respect, you earn it! or lose it!

    • 54

      You’re most likely a cop who is mad due to seeing these comments. If this is the case, then I give you a fat middle finger. Cops are unreasonably rude, always.

      • 55

        HAHA, that’s totally not true. Maybe you’re just a dick. I’ve been pulled over a few times, and most of the time I was driving like a jerk. Ha. One was a Tribal cop, and they are always assholes for some reason. And he was one, for sure. But all the other ones have at least been polite to me, if not really chill.

    • 56

      Larry….. OOOOOOOOHHHH LAAAAAARRRRYYY… YOU’RE KILLLING ME LARRRRY!!!! These pigs are not putting their lives on the line for us every day as you would have us believe. They are extorting us. They should be flipped off routinely. The ones who harass people for flipping them off aren’t fit for the job. The fact is that it is a harmless gesture and nobody is hurt from it. It may hurt the cops ego that he can’t do anything about it but that is part of the test. A police officer has the same chances of dying as a normal person. That is a fact. He could die in the line of duty.. I could die from being robbed and shot. These are all risks of being human on earth. I’m flipping you off right now.

    • 57

      Cops are the harassers.

  31. 58

    Thanks for the post! I’ve felt like doing it before, so it’s good to know that it’s legal.

  32. 59

    It all depends on which state you’re in, as well. New Jersey, a state which has led the nation in corruption for years (oh, say it ain’t so!) is run by “lefty and Knuckles”. Tony Soprano is alive and well in New Jersey! Example: Radar detectors are LEGAL in New Jersey; however, you can’t have it on your dash, as it obstructs part of the windshield. (Note: even if it only obstructs your view of the vehicle’s hood, i.e., no part of the road is obstructed, it’s still illegal, because in New Jersey…it’s the ‘letter’ of the law, rather than the ‘intent’ of the law).
    If you flip off a cop in New Jersey, while it is your first amendment right to do so, there’s probably a law in New Jersey prohibiting unlawful extension of a single extremity, and you’ll get 3 ‘warning shots’ through the back of your head. Ooops, did I say that?
    Since New Jersey has seceded (effectively) from the Union, it is my guess that they’ve spent most of the road tax money on devising ways to circumvent existing Federal Laws which were designed to protect citizens from this kind of arrogant abuse. They sure as hell didn’t spend any of it to fix their roads!
    One last thing, someone posted a comment on a like blog saying, “We legally photograph cops in public locations from public locations.” While this may be true and may even be legal in most states, in the little dictatorship country just outside of the borders of the United States, known as New Jersey, it is not only illegal (confirmed) to photograph or video tape a cop while on duty, is punishable by a mandatory twenty (20) year prison term. You can even go to jail for trying to record the conversation, should you be stopped. It’s labeled as “Wire Tapping”.
    Just think…had the cop in Philadelphia who was caught (on camera) stealing the money out of the bar’s safe been a New Jersey cop, emptying a safe in New Jersey, the owner of the camera would have been looking forward to a nice long 20 year prison term for catching him in the act, because he was both in uniform and ‘on duty’! Interesting law, huh? Makes me wonder why any state , notwithstanding any ulterior motives, would have a law prohibiting photographic evidence that could otherwise lead to the conviction of a bad cop?
    There are lots of great cops out there, brave individuals who put their life on the line everyday, but like in any other career field, there is slime; those that do not deserve to wear a badge. It is to those, that I forever extend my fickle finger of fate. This week’s finger goes to officer Dimitrios Katsoulis , of the North Brunswick, NJ Police Department, for the ability to combine both apathy and New Jersey police arrogance like a pro!
    Need additional evidence? In New Jersey, if you’re pulled over and ticketed for speeding, the ticket may be 2 points or 4 points. If you talk to the prosecutor (you must pre-arrange this), if this is your first offense, GUARANTEED he’ll knock down the 4 points to a 2 point offense, and will knock down the 2 point offense to a “no points” offense. If you’re a habitual speeder, I can’t tell you what the options would become. There’s a $250.00 “Surcharge” added to whatever the fine is for the lesser conviction you plea down to. In the 1930’s, they used to call it “paying someone off”…or better yet, “Greasing palms”. Today, they call it a “Surcharge”. GMAFB! It’s legalized extortion, nothing less, but like the New Jersey State Motto says..”AY!!! Youze don’t LIKE IT ? ……….MOVE!”

  33. 60

    It should be legal is all I’m saying:)

  34. 61

    Fantastic resource thanks a bunch! I am a lawyer myself and I look forward to reading more from your blog.

  35. 62

    I did once as a young man. In my case, it was uncalled for, inappropriate, and juvenile. I was shortly stopped, verbally schooled up, and allowed to go on my way!
    First I salute The Noble GOD Fearing Servants who are true to their calling, dedicated to the people they serve & Protect, both men & women officers, who have the Heart, Mind, & Spirit to handle the job, and maintain their Compassion even for those who insult,and degrade them when ever they can, I mean they love their enemy!
    My condolences, sympathy, & prayers to the families who have lost their loved ones while in the the act of serving and protecting as they hired on to. GOD BLESS THEM EACH & EVERY ONE!
    And I must also admit, This is a very good question,What do I think as to my rights being stood up for? I know FOR SURE, the majority of cops in my area don’t give a rats tail about my rights. I can document this, if need be! I see far too much ego, power trip attitude; U Will, opposed to will U! I have seen more lie than to be totally honest, treat people as if we should look up to them, when they have not been devoted to truth, justice, not to mention the fact they are cops because they don’t want a work job. Take a look, see for yourselves, a few too many donuts for a large percentage!
    If you have ever seen a cop parked with his lights off in order to bust a speeder, I ask you to enter a comment. If only yes behind this posting!
    The cop that does such should be arrested for this, and I am as confused on this matter as much as if flipping the bird at a cop, but I am not confused which one should be illegal. The job can be a dirty job, we can agree. But if you can’t do the job, you ought not take it, plain fact!
    The fellow flipping the bird, he has the right to express himself, even if he is a hot head and off base. There should not be a law against such, unless there is reason to prove he is distracting an officer in the act of serving and protecting; say like hollering, honking to cause distraction! My long winded answer is we have no such law, but I am not accountable, as I don’t know it as a fact, so you little bird shooters, U On U ON!
    Too many folk in jail, on probation now from entrapment, for non violent offences, painted up as crime in order to reap income,and give a false perspective of the need for more cops, and funding from us to boot! When cops start beating 15 year old girls, disabled persons in our service, its time for new laws and stiff one strike your out, to the chair you go accountability!
    Support Nick as Texas Governor. I am for the people. It don’t matter if they like me or not, I stand for the people, all of them – any color, broke or not!
    Out with Rick, In with Nick! Together we will FORCE A CHANGE!

    • 63

      Thank you, Nick. Many of them are heroes that don’t get enough credit now days. They often do a lot of the same work as soldiers and fire fighters, but also have to withhold the law and save people from themselves as well as everything else. People hate that. But it has to be done. Without them, it would be complete chaos here.

  36. 64

    This article in The New York Times caught my eye and made my blood boil: “Minorities Frisked More but Arrested at Same Rate” ( ).

    While walking in the neighborhood of my hometown of Sebring , Florida in January, I was stopped and frisked by a cop. I was minding my own business. I was not engaged in any suspicious behavior. I was not trespassing on anyone’s property nor was I being a “peeping Tom.”

    Nevertheless, a policeman, for no reason at all, stopped me. He had me put my hands on the hood of his police car, with lights blinking and flashing.

    He then frisked me. Of course, he found nothing. I don’t do drugs nor do I possess any weapons. (I have never committed a crime in my life.)

    When he was through, he gave me no reason at all for this pat-down.

    I took his name and badge number and, the next day, I contacted every lawyer I could (including emailing the ACLU.)

    No lawyer, of course, was interested, even though this officer has prior complaints lodged against him.

    You see, the police officer is black.

    I’m white.

    I have no civil rights in today’s America .

    And, if you’re white, neither do you.

  37. 65

    I flip cops off hoping to get a reaction so I can sue and embarrass them. My daughter was improperly cited for this a few years ago while in high school, and when the charge was dismissed we embarrassed the cop so badly in court that he was red faced. What a great feeling to see a thug cop humbled.

    Now, the local cops KNOW that if they see me flip them off, they better ignore it because they know I WILL sue the next one in FEDERAL court and ruin them. Cops who do not get immunity, which happens when the law is settled and cop should know better, have to pay themselves, rather than the taxpayers thru insurance.

    THAT gets a cops attention like nothing else: Losing their home and job and savings is the ONLY way to reign in law breaking cops who think they are above the rest of us and deserve worshipping. I do NOT kowtow to some donut munching flatfoot; they know I never tolerate crap from them.

    The last time I was stopped at one of the local ‘ sobrriety checkpoints’ meaning a roadblock, I gave my papers, all in order, and when the cop gave them back he said ” Where are you headed today”?

    I said” It is none of your f—ing business where I am going..if you want to know act like a detective and follow me”. The cop was so stunned all he could do was swallow and mumble something about ‘ respect’ and call over his Sgt. As soon as the Sgt. saw who I was, he said” you are free to leave’ and told the cop that I was not to be messed with unless you had the goods’ or words to that effect.

    Cops are so stupid and so ego driven that they can be counted on to lose their cool and abuse rights…I always have audio and video running while driving and can catch a dumb cop in abuses every day if I wanted the bother. Now I save it for occasions when I am really sick of police abuses and ready for a confrontation. I win, always. I know the system and how to use it to file pro se suits cheaply that will rock a cops world.

    Try standing up to a thug cop now and then and see that they CAN be dealt with legally and profitably if you know how. Screw these wannabe Gestapo agents.

    • 66

      Probably the best idea i have ever heard. Suing and embarrissing police officer because all they’re out to do is harass and take our money through fines so why shouldnt the same thing be done to them. Everyone pays taxes to the state which funds the police so basically we are paying to get harrassed and charged even more money. The only thing i worry about doing this is most cops would surely lie and make up a story in order to charge you. I guess you would have to bug yourself with an audio recording device to catch these damn bastards. Its a shame we live in a country whose laws are enforced by these loser pigs.

      • 67

        They lie, lie, lie make up so much and who will a judge believe? Not the one being charged but the cop. Love ya Richie Rich, put an online class or DVD together to teach the public how to do it, so the rest of the country can get in on it. Civil rights for dummies? Ok, we know we’re not the dummies but we’ll play along………just a thought. We need more people to learn their rights and teach those who should know it a lesson.

    • 68

      You are a fine upstanding citizen.

    • 69

      Hey man I could use your help I got a faulty DUI just because the officer didn’t like my attitude and the blood tests came back as 0.00 percent. They arrested me and impounded my car. Cost me $1000.00. Check out my youtube video I’ve been thinking of ways to humble them ever since.

    • 70

      Way to teach your daughter manners and class. Not all cops are bad people. In fact, these men and women save lives every single day, and get in the line of fire to save citizens (that’s right, EVEN the assholes like you and your daughter! Shocking, isn’t it?) all the time. Just because you’ve been caught red-handed while being irresponsible at the wheel, it doesn’t mean these guys are “thug cops”. They’re saving lives from idiots like you who could kill people from drunk driving. Yes, there are jerks out there just like any other profession. But they see things and deal with things at their job that would make even big, tough red necks like you have nightmares each night. You need help, man.

      • 71

        then how bout they stick to saving lives like there supposed to and not going out of there way to fuck peoples lives over to make the extra buck. I was arrested for over 20 grams of marijuana, which by the way should not fucking be illegal. but besides the point. it happened when the kid who was driving(drunk as fuck) got pulled over for doing 60 in a 35. after the cops found my weed and realized they’d be getting a nice bonus they decided to overlook the extra paperwork that a dui entails and just arrest me. btw they also found alcohol in the car, we were all underage, and yet i only get arrested. driver does not get a dui test and is allowed to drive home past curfew and shitfaced. also the cops walked away with ten grams. what fuckers

      • 72

        Haha mir you ignorant fool. They rarely save lives and most of them intimidate and harass civilians for no lawful reason. Suck my two hairy tennis balls you idiot.

      • 73

        And I’m speaking from experience. Are you?

    • 74

      In regards to Richie Rich: Absolutely wonderful! A true visionary…

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