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October 1  • 

The rise (and fall?) of for-profit colleges

New government regulations aim to curb the high student debt and loan default rates associated with for-profit colleges like ITT Tech.

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September 15  • 

Trends buck tradition: Over half of college students now ‘nontraditional’

Think of college students as 18- to 22-year-old coeds? Think again. "Nontraditional" college students are now the norm.

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June 10  • 

Millennials Aren’t Buying: Why They Can’t or Won’t Buy Homes

A look at the social and financial reasons why millions of young adults are missing from today's real estate market.

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June 5  • 

What Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage Means for Residents

Seattle's City Council voted to raise the minimum wage to $15-per-hour, the highest in the nation. What it means for workers and businesses.

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September 27  • 

Is Fantasy Football Legal?

Millions of Americans play and join in on fantasy football leagues each year, yet few know of the laws that actually govern it.

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March 26  • 

How to Avoid Student Loan Default

When it comes to your finances and credit, one of the last things you want to do is default on your student loans, but many are unaware of the...

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January 8  • 

5 Avoidable Causes of Bankruptcy

After declining for the last two years, personal bankruptcies are expected to increase in 2013 -- by at least 8 percent -- thanks to increases in...

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December 7  • 

What Does the Fiscal Cliff Mean for You?

You've probably heard about this "fiscal cliff" America is supposed to go off soon. While this newly-coined term is all over the news, you may still...

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October 23  • 

Five Stories of Celebrity Foreclosure

We all know being rich and famous doesn't always guarantee financial stability. Here are five instances of celebrities foreclosure.

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July 16  • 

Why You MUST Read the Fine Print

No one likes to read pages of fine print, but sometimes skipping over it can lead to a financial disaster. Here's what to look for when getting...

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