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April 3  • 

College Athletes Score Right to Unionize

Football players on scholarship at Northwestern University now have the right to form a union and bargain collectively.

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March 4  • 

Is the Fed Really Profiting from Student Loan Debt?

Should the feds be making money off them while students are struggling to repay their debt in this tough economy?

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February 20  • 

Growing Demand for Gender Neutral Public Bathrooms, Dorms, and Forums

Many organizations are recognizing the LGBT community by providing gender-neutral options and facilities.

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February 6  • 

Should College Athletes Be Able To Unionize?

Football players at Northwestern University have called the NCAA a "dictatorship" and are working to start a union.

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November 20  • 

7 Outrageous Consequences for Students Committing Minor Offenses

Getting suspended or kicked out of school for crude or violent behavior is a given, but what about for lesser offenses?

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November 20  • 

High School Segregates Students at Lunch Based on Grades Sparking Controversy

A Tennessee high school is facing pushback for its policy of separating students at lunchtime based on their grades.

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November 7  • 

Teachers Allowed to Carry Guns at Colorado School

Colorado school administrators are hoping that by having trained, armed adults at school, students will be safer in a shooting or crisis.

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October 13  • 

Lisa Bloom: Facebook and Maryland Partner Against Cyberbullying [Video]

Lisa Bloom discusses a new partnership between Facebook and the State of Maryland's schools fighting cyberbullying.

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August 15  • 

More Schools Randomly Testing Students for Alcohol and Drugs

The past few years has seen more students being tested for substance abuse as more schools across the country implement new drug testing policies.

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June 25  • 

Why Your Student Loan Interested Rate Could Double in July

Interest rates for new Stafford loans will rise to 6.8% from 3.4% on July 1st unless Congress acts.

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