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Can the free market decide the price of human eggs?

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Donations of human eggs carries a $10,000 cap, as a means of discouraging young women—who might otherwise be enticed by big money—from donating eggs without fully understanding the ramifications of their actions. But a lawsuit challenging that limit might create a genetic gold rush, with far-reaching implications for both buyers and sellers.

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Is “fathers’ rights” just another term for misogyny?

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One strain of the fathers’ rights movement seeks greater custody rights for divorced dads and increased maternal child-support responsibilities when the divorced mom is employed. But there is an angrier, more strident side to the fathers’ rights movement espoused by men’s rights activists (MRAs), rooted in reactionary dialog about gender roles and the declining power of men in general.

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Why is paid paternity leave considered a luxury?

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A 2014 International Labor Organization parental leave report shows that 70 countries have national paternity leave entitlement laws (most of which provide paid leave), while the United States leaves it up to private enterprise, with no federal law mandating leave for new fathers. In hopes of bringing us in line with the rest of the developed world, more and more men are suing their employers, demanding paid time off to take care of their families.

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Introducing a new love to children of divorce

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One of the most difficult issues a divorced couple confronts in a custody matter is introducing a new significant other to the children. The party in the new relationship wants to move forward with his or her life and include the children as part of it. Meanwhile, the other party may feel threatened by this new person and be overprotective.

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That outfit is, like, totally unconstitutional

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Dress codes have long prompted debates among not just the students who are forced to abide by them, but by the adults who are asked to justify them. Proponents praise the simplicity of solid, straightforward color schemes and claim that uniforms reduce student-led ridicule over brands and style— placing high- and low-income populations on equal footing in the classroom. On the other hand, many oppose the imposition of a dress code on the grounds that it stifles creativity, limits student expression, and infringes on students’ First Amendment rights.

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Is your kid in a day care “fight club”?

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When you send your kids to day care, you do so assuming they will be cared for and protected. What you don’t expect is that they will participate in a little league “fight club” for the amusement of their teachers. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened at Lightbridge Academy in New Jersey this August. Two employees at the day care involved at least 12 children (between ages four and six) in playground battles, encouraging the kids to hit, push, and slap each other as the adults in charge sat back and watched.

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Sofia Vergara’s embattled embryos


Couples who create embryos through infertility treatments do so with great hope, fully expecting to use the embryos to create a family. But what happens when the couple breaks up? Turns out that when a relationship ends, life—particularly of the embryonic variety—can get pretty complicated.

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Bootstrapping: Trying to Be Present


I was on the plane ride home making my to-do list; groceries, cleaning, work, projects around the house, kids and their activities and appointments. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed thinking of the house in particular and the condition it could be in after being gone, so I decided to take a break and flip through a magazine when I stumbled upon an article about being “present.” It sounds seems simple enough, but I realized that I am rarely present in the moment.

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Bootstrapped: Summer and the small business owner


The NakedLaw series “Bootstrapped” explores the challenges small business owners face as they blog about their experiences starting and running a small business. The series will cover a variety of topics: challenges and successes, tips and advice, trends and insights, and more, as these small business owners share their journeys. This segment is a short interview with Kristi Gorinas, founder and CEO of the Kristi G Company, about the challenges of handling her business in the summer. We met Kristi during an entrepreneurial segment on The Meredith Vieira Show.

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Top 7 places to get a quickie divorce

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In a rush to get divorced? Then don’t file for divorce in Maryland or South Carolina, which both require a year of residency plus a year of separation before you can even start the process. Instead, look for places with short or non-existent residency requirements and waiting periods. Assuming you’re after an uncontested divorce, the process could take just a few short weeks.

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