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Half of American men not strongly opposed to being in an open relationship, Avvo study finds

Men V Womenn

Renowned relationship expert and sexologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz weighs in on state of affairs for men and women.

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Dog days of summer: How to avoid a hot car tragedy


Thousands of dogs and pets die each year when left alone in hot cars. Follow these tips to keep your pets safe this summer. Infographic.

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Wedding vendor contracts 101 and what to do if there’s a problem


If you’re shelling out big bucks for a vendor and aren’t sure whether the contract is fair, have a lawyer look it over for red flags.

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Ask Avvo: How do I get an F-1 student visa to study in the US?


Avvo attorneys answer your legal questions. This week: Florida immigration attorney Peter Loughlin explains the F-1 student visa.

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How to divorce a missing spouse


Divorce lawyer Jennifer Brandt on how to divorce a missing spouse, including due diligence, publication, even divorce service via Facebook.

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Ask Avvo: Who keeps the family home in a divorce?


Avvo attorneys answer your legal questions. This week, a divorce lawyer explains how divorce courts decide who keeps the family home.

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Anatomy of a divorce [Infographic]


You’re more likely to get divorced if your commute is longer than 45 mins, you live in a red state, or your wedding cost more than $20,000.

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5 ways your kids can save you (tax) money


5 child-related tax breaks you should be taking advantage of. Hey, they owe you!

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Equal Pay Day reflections around the Web


An #EqualPayDay roundup of the top tweets and articles that got us thinking about gender dynamics in our personal and professional lives.

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Traveling with kids: 5 tips for divorced co-parents


Family law and divorce lawyer Jennifer Brandt provides her top 5 tips for divorced parents planning vacation, travel with their kids.

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