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How to take control of everyday legal needs with Avvo legal analyst Lisa Bloom


Avvo legal analyst Lisa Bloom shares her tips on taking control of the legal issues in your life, and getting the advice and help you need.

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Trends and considerations in gray divorce


Although the overall divorce rate has declined over the last 20 years, the gray divorce rate has doubled. People over 50 who have been married more than once are 2.5 times more likely to divorce.

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Throwback Thursday: From Kanye to Clooney, 7 famous celebrity prenups


Celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder said, “Today, if you don’t have a prenup … you ought to see a psychiatrist and not a lawyer.”

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‘Botched’ doctor on the ethics of extreme plastic surgery

Human Barbie via GQ

Dr. Paul Nassif of E! Entertainment Network’s “Botched” talks to Real Self and Avvo about the ethics of extreme plastic surgery.

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Ask Avvo: Is there anyway to make a prenup romantic?

Ask Avvo: 4 Tips for Making Your Prenup Romantic

A prenup is a contract that sets forth both parties’ rights in the event of death or divorce. These are issues that couples typically avoid discussing, especially when they’re busy planning a wedding. However, if you approach the process with an open mind, prenups can also be quite romantic.

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How to date a lawyer: 5 tips for some legal ease this Valentine’s Day

How to Date a Lawyer

5 tips for getting along with your lawyer lover this Valentine’s Day and throughout the year.

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5 New Year’s resolutions for anyone contemplating divorce

5 New Years Resolutions for those Contemplating Divorce

Divorce attorney Jennifer Brandt offers her top 5 tips for anyone thinking about separation or filing for divorce in 2015.

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U.S. Supreme Court to decide on gay marriage this term

Same-sex marriage nears its defining moment

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether gay couples can marry in all 50 states, with the decision expected before the term ends in June.

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Elder abuse: A growing problem

Elder Abuse is a Growing Problem

44 percent of nursing home residents have been mistreated. 6 common types of elder abuse and 5 steps to take if you suspect abuse.

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[Infographic] The rise of gray divorce: People over 50 divorcing in record numbers

Rise of Gray Divorce

In the U.S., people over 50 are divorcing at the highest rate in history. What are the trends, effects and issues behind this phenomenon?

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