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Should you be able to smoke in your own home?


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration is planning to give $9,000 to each of four health advocacy groups willing to work with landlords and developers on banning smoking within their buildings. Is this idea a step in the right direction for public health? Or another instance of bureaucrats telling adults what they can and cannot do?

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10 STD laws you should know about


Can you go to jail for giving someone an STD, even if you didn’t know you had it?

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Top 5 things the Social Security Administration wants to know about your disability


How Disability Determination Services will determine if you meet the definition of “disabled” and qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

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The rise of medical tourism and why it’s bad news for patients


There are noticeably higher complication rates, even death, in those who’ve chosen to go under the knife across US borders. The wrong decision could save you money, but end up costing you your life.

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‘Botched’ doctor on the ethics of extreme plastic surgery

Human Barbie via GQ

Dr. Paul Nassif of E! Entertainment Network’s “Botched” talks to Real Self and Avvo about the ethics of extreme plastic surgery.

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From abortion to ‘Obamacare,’ how the new Congress is attacking Obama

U.S. President Obama meets with a bipartisan group of congressional leaders - DC

In their first month, legislators have begun tackling legislation, and Obama, on key issues that will affect Americans.

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6 weight loss crazes that ended in lawsuits

Fad Diets

Top 6 weight-loss trends that ended in false advertising or consumer harm rulings. Sensa, Bowflex, Ab Belts, Shape Ups footwear and more.

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Elder abuse: A growing problem

Elder Abuse is a Growing Problem

44 percent of nursing home residents have been mistreated. 6 common types of elder abuse and 5 steps to take if you suspect abuse.

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New Year’s Resolution: Exercise your rights against unfair gym contracts

Gym Contracts

Health clubs and gyms often gouge patrons with fees, lock-in clauses, and unfair contract terms — be mindful of these hidden provisions.

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Use it or lose it: End of year employee benefits guide

Use it or lose it: End of year employee benefits guide

When it comes to the end of the year, many U.S. workers lose accrued benefits because they failed to use them by the Jan. 1 deadline.

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