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November 27  • 

Profiling the Most Famous Mustaches in History

In light of "Movember " we've rounded up some of the best manly 'staches in history for your viewing pleasure.

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November 14  • 

Flex Spending Accounts Just Got More Flexible

The Treasury Department announced last week that it is now allowing Flexible Spending Accounts to be, well, a little more flexible: You’ll now be...

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November 7  • 

Has Obamacare Forced Cuts to Full Time Jobs?

Many economists agree that one of the direct effects of the Affordable Care Act will be more part-time jobs and reduced hours for workers.

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October 23  • 

Is Angelina Jolie’s Medical Choice Now Covered Under Affordable Act?

Under new ACA guidelines, many women will have more coverage for preventative care see more options in their healthcare.

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October 1  • 

Obamacare Then vs. Now

Now, the more than 48 million Americans who are currently without health insurance will be eligible for coverage under Obamacare.

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September 6  • 

What It Costs To Be Uninsured Under Obamacare

As of October 1st, Obama-approved coverage can be supplied through your job, Medicare/Medicaid, and or other public and private policies.

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July 23  • 

What Marijuana Use Can Do to Your Life Insurance Premium

Marijuana users are enjoying its newfound legal status in several states, but that doesn’t mean that marijuana use is without complications.

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June 28  • 

Can You Be Forced to Work When Sick?

New Florida law blocks efforts to give low-wage workers the basic benefit that tends to come standard in virtually every other industrialized country...

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February 1  • 

The Painkiller Regulation Dilemma

The amount of opioids being prescribed for chronic pain -- and the attempt to regulate it -- is quickly becoming controversial. The road to limiting...

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November 30  • 

ACA Roadblocks: What’s Still Unknown

Although the Supreme Court has ruled and the election has been decided, many questions remain concerning how -- and if -- the ACA program can be...

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