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January 22  • 

6 weight loss crazes that ended in lawsuits

Top 6 weight-loss trends that ended in false advertising or consumer harm rulings. Sensa, Bowflex, Ab Belts, Shape Ups footwear and more.

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January 14  • 

Elder abuse: A growing problem

44 percent of nursing home residents have been mistreated. 6 common types of elder abuse and 5 steps to take if you suspect abuse.

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January 6  • 

New Year’s Resolution: Exercise your rights against unfair gym contracts

Health clubs and gyms often gouge patrons with fees, lock-in clauses, and unfair contract terms -- be mindful of these hidden provisions.

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December 22  • 

Use it or lose it: End of year employee benefits guide

When it comes to the end of the year, many U.S. workers lose accrued benefits because they failed to use them by the Jan. 1 deadline.

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November 18  • 

‘Right-to-try’ laws: Explaining the latest legislative trend in patients’ rights

Several states have passed laws giving terminally ill patients greater freedom in obtaining experimental drugs when other treatments fail.

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November 3  • 

The race to develop an Ebola vaccine: Understanding FDA and Pharma roles

A look at the status of experimental Ebola drugs, plus an overview of the FDA's role during an outbreak.

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October 29  • 

Federal law needed to stem fear-driven Ebola quarantines

The federal government should step in with preemptive, nation-wide quarantine rules that are driven by science and evidence -- not fear.

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October 29  • 

Brittany Maynard’s ‘death with dignity’ legal in only 5 states

The news that a young woman named Brittany Maynard has chosen to die on Nov. 1 has reignited national debate on assisted suicide.

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October 28  • 

Does quarantined nurse Kaci Hickox have a legal case?

Quarantined nurse Kaci Hickox has hired a civil rights attorney and plans to sue. Does she have a case? Twitter's legal voices respond.

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September 9  • 

Suiting up: A fresh season of concussion lawsuits and allegations of league negligence

The status of NCAA and NFL wrongful death and concussion lawsuits. Plus, how to keep your child athlete safe in the pee wees.

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