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September 9  • 

Suiting up: A fresh season of concussion lawsuits and allegations of league negligence

The status of NCAA and NFL wrongful death and concussion lawsuits. Plus, how to keep your child athlete safe in the pee wees.

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August 19  • 

Ask Avvo: Should I get involved with my employee’s mental health issue?

Avvo attorneys answer your legal questions.

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August 12  • 

Ask Avvo: Will my daughter’s school tell me if students skip immunization?

Avvo attorneys answer your legal questions.

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July 8  • 

Why the Hobby Lobby decision is a stunning setback for women’s rights

The Supreme Court's decision is a radical departure from prior law and has monumental implications for over half of America's workforce.

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June 30  • 

Supreme Court issues several surprise rulings at term’s end

The Court's term comes to an end with much-anticipated decisions on birth control coverage, warantless cell phone searches and more.

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June 23  • 

US Supreme Court soon to decide on pivotal, divisive issues

The eleventh hour: birth control, cell phone searches and the last few issues facing the Supreme Court this 2013-2014 term.

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June 13  • 

Tanning Beds Join Cigarettes, with New Federal Warning Labels

Intent on curbing melanoma rates, the FDA is requiring tanning bed manufacturers to warn consumers about the risks of indoor tanning beds.

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June 6  • 

High on the Job, with a Doctor’s Note?

At odds over marijuana legalization: employers who want drug-free workplaces and workers who say it's unfair to punish legal, off-duty use.

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May 29  • 

Smokers Need Not Apply: Smart Business or Discrimination?

More companies are firing or refusing to hire smokers. Aside from asking if it's smart or ethical, is it legal?

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May 28  • 

VA Scandal: Treatment Delays, Wait-Time Cover-ups, Falsified Records

The Justice Department is expected to investigate the VA on charges of record tampering, destruction of documents, and neglect of veterans.

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