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March 26  • 

How to Respond and Report Animal Abuse

If you make a report of alleged animal abuse, the responding agency is required to investigate. Learn how to spot animal abuse and stop it before...

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September 4  • 

Can Third-Party Texters Be Held Liable for Accidents?

New Jersey has recently set a precedent for the future liability of third-party texters sending messages to people they know are driving.

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January 8  • 

Why Your Icy Driveway Makes You Liable

If someone slips on your icy public sidewalk, it’s your responsibility and you can be held liable. But, what about your private driveway, stairs...

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November 20  • 

NFL May Pay Billions in Concussion Lawsuit

Logically, it seems irrefutable that NFL football is a sport that is dangerous for its players. However, the NFL has repeatedly denied that serious,...

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October 30  • 

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

Halloween is supposed to be scary -- but it can turn into a real-life nightmare if someone gets hurt. Use common sense to avoid obvious safety...

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October 10  • 

Why Does Hazing Persist?

What is the psychology behind hazing, and why does it persist despite the dangers? And why hasn't it been universally outlawed?

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July 18  • 

Is Your Pet a Liability?

Pets are like family for most of us, and we love them unconditionally. It may have not occurred to you that Buddy or Tiger could ever be a liability.

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June 7  • 

Take Control of Your Workplace Injury

You might be tempted to just ignore workplace injuries or deal with them on your own, but you do have rights and may be entitled to compensation....

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May 30  • 

You’re in a Fender Bender, Now What?

Remember to stay calm. You might feel like jumping out of your car and yelling a few obscenities, but you’ll need to make sure you aren’t hurt...

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January 25  • 

The Deadly Costs of Extreme Sports

It may seem like sports are becoming ridiculously extreme, given the recent addition of things like freestyle skiing and snowboarding to the Olympic...

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