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Strangulation in domestic violence needs harsher penalties


Experts believe strangulation is directly related to power and control. The perpetrator wants to send the victim the message that he has the power to kill. In many instances, the perpetrator is also testing himself to see if he is capable.

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High school sports injuries: Who is liable?

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It’s one of the rare times a huge crowd of rowdy people goes absolutely, completely silent: a high school football player is down on the field. Fear and concern wash over everyone in attendance, regardless of rooting interests. Unfortunately, it seems to be happening more and more. Who’s at fault? Or is anyone?

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Brain injuries haunt the NFL


American football is not only popular because of aggression and violence: the game involves speed, precision, and an intricate chess match between opposing coaches. But let’s face it: big hits draw big cheers. Unfortunately, those crowd-pleasing collisions are taking a toll on the brain health of the players—who are fighting back with something as American as football: a lawsuit.

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Is “pee wee” football child abuse?

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Children are more vulnerable than any other age group to concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. Yet we put our kids in sub-par equipment and in the care of coaches who don’t know how to keep young athletes safe from harm. When a pee wee football player suffers a head injury, who is to blame? The coach who didn’t teach proper technique? The league that didn’t train the coaches? The protective equipment that failed to protect? Or the parents who put their child in harm’s way?

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Detergent pods: Convenient, but dangerous


With bright colors and appealing packaging, detergent pods cause many children to mistake them for toys or candy.

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Reading, writing and … litigating? The implications of injuries at school

Reading, writing and … litigating? The implications of injuries at school

Our children spend close to 40 hours per week at school; inevitably, accidents occur. Who is liable, and what are a child’s rights?

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Crash compensation: Who helps victims’ families in the wake of MH17 disaster?

Crash compensation: Who helps victims’ families in the wake of MH17 disaster?

Airplanes are still the safest method of transportation, but with three large-scale disasters in recent months, it doesn’t feel like it.

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Step right up: Circus and fair safety in the spotlight


Performers put themselves at risk with each death-defying stunt, while carnival-goers face dangers from unsafe rides and unsanitary food.

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How to Respond and Report Animal Abuse

Responding to animal abuse

If you make a report of alleged animal abuse, the responding agency is required to investigate. Learn how to spot animal abuse and stop it before it’s too late.

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Can Third-Party Texters Be Held Liable for Accidents?

smart phone in hand  while driving

New Jersey has recently set a precedent for the future liability of third-party texters sending messages to people they know are driving.

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