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February 28  • 

How to Manage a Landlord/Tenant Lawsuit

Although they’re on opposite sides of a lease, landlords and tenants have a lot in common when it comes to lawsuits – including the mistakes they...

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February 6  • 

Should College Athletes Be Able To Unionize?

Football players at Northwestern University have called the NCAA a "dictatorship" and are working to start a union.

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January 14  • 

“Operation Failed Resolution” Names 4 Weight Loss Product Scams

The FTC recently took action in “Operation Failed Resolution” against four companies for making unsubstantiated claims in advertising.

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December 17  • 

Rich Teen Walks Away From DWI Case with “Affluenza” Defense

A 16-year-old boy in Texas just got off on a very strange new defense called, Affluenza; here’s what happened.

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December 12  • 

4 Ways to Avoid a Lawsuit While Spreading Holiday Cheer

Here are a few tips for avoiding stepping on your neighbors' toes while you celebrate the season.

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September 24  • 

Google Street View in Hot Water

Google was recently charged with violating the Wiretap Act after collecting data from unencrypted Wi-Fi routers in several countries.

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September 4  • 

Can Third-Party Texters Be Held Liable for Accidents?

New Jersey has recently set a precedent for the future liability of third-party texters sending messages to people they know are driving.

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August 29  • 

Are Restaurants That Lack Gluten-Free Options Open to Lawsuits?

As the number of people suffering food allergies rises, restaurants and schools are open to lawsuits from patrons experiencing allergic reactions.

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August 28  • 

7 Popular Songs That Ripped Off Legends

Certain copyright laws can crush musicians who aren't careful. Read on to discover some well-known songs that ended up in court.

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August 20  • 

NYC’s Stop-and-Frisk Decision: Zimmerman Trial, the Sequel?

The recent court decision to shut down that city’s stop-and-frisk practices in Floyd v. City of New York, offers vindication to some after the...

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