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July 23  • 

Implications for cultural groups as judge dismisses Insane Clown Posse lawsuit against FBI

Major implications for cultural groups as judge dismisses Insane Clown Posse lawsuit against FBI for classifying "Juggalos" as a gang.

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July 16  • 

5 major league lawsuits that blindsided teams

From frivolous offenses to serious injury claims, fans have sued for millions for damages incurred while cheering on their favorite teams.

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July 9  • 

Supreme Court rejects Google’s wiretapping appeal, curbs tech industry power 

The Supreme Court sides with lower court, holding that Google illegally wiretapped users' home networks and misused data.

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July 8  • 

New York City reaches historic settlement in ‘Central Park jogger’ case

Shoddy police work and mayoral pressure to “clean up” the city ended up adding more victims to the already unspeakable crime.

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July 2  • 

Obama to Boehner: ‘So sue me’

John Boehner plans to sue President Obama over his use of executive orders. But has Obama really signed more orders than other presidents?

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July 1  • 

Step right up: Circus and fair safety in the spotlight

Performers put themselves at risk with each death-defying stunt, while carnival-goers face dangers from unsafe rides and unsanitary food.

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June 30  • 

Why the odious ‘no-fly’ list is now a constitutional no-go

Amir, and tens of thousands of others on the no-fly list, will be watching to see that the government complies with this decision.

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June 24  • 

The next social media trend: prenuptial agreements

Social-media-savvy couples are turning to "social media prenups" to set expectations for what partners can and can't post online.

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June 16  • 

For Fathers’ Rights, Laws Lag Behind Society and Science

Paternal rights laws trail behind science and social changes. A look at headlining custody cases and what they mean for fathers' rights.

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June 3  • 

Do Suicidal Students Have a Right to Stay in School?

A Princeton student's lawsuit may set precedent for university policies on suicide - the second leading cause of death among students.

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