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Washington Redskins: Choose a new name, now

Washington Redskins: Choose a new name, now

When I was in high school, our mascot was the Indians. Native Americans and their supporters, including me, found it offensive to name a team after a racial group, especially a name they did not choose for themselves and detested. We could not sit quietly by as the red-skinned, hook-nosed, headdress-wearing mascot jumped around on the field whooping out war cries. What a gross oversimplification of a proud, diverse people.

As a Jew, I can only liken this to how appalled I’d be if some sports team used my people as a mascot, perhaps dressing someone up in a black coat, with dark curls, another hook nose, adorning the outfit with our precious stars of David as the ridiculous figure pranced around the field clutching a menorah, demeaning our rich, complex culture.

We lost the battle to change our team name in the 1970s, and it’s been fought off and on at my alma mater ever since. Today, John Burroughs High School in Burbank, California still fields the Indians at its games. Go big red. Ugh.

But for the NFL’s Washington Redskins, a setback came this week. At last recognizing that using a racial slur for a football mascot is unacceptable, the US Patent and Trademark Office has canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration, noting the team name as “disparaging to Native Americans.” The ruling applies to six different trademarks for the Redskins, all of which contain the word “Redskin.” While some Native Americans are not offended, the judge found that approximately 30 percent consider it an ethnic slur. A term that so many find insulting is not worthy of trademark protection, the judge said.

Some Native Americans consider the “R” word their “N” word. And those who live in the minority group know far better than the rest of us which terms are used to demean them. Those observations deserve our respect.

One of the more aggravating responses I had to my recent book SUSPICION NATION, in which I revealed a great deal of recent research about how vast and deep racism remains in America, was from white folks who had not reviewed this research – not read my book, nor any others on the subject – telling me flat out that they didn’t think racism was a problem anymore. They don’t experience it, so it doesn’t exist. And therefore nothing needs to be done.

Redskins team owner Daniel Snyder embodies this see-no-evil, arrogant approach. In a letter to fans, Snyder noted he respects “the opinions of those who are offended by the team name,” but “cannot ignore our 81-year history.” He said that he would never change the name, “NEVER … you can use all caps.”

History? That’s his justification? History certainly favors racism. For thousands of years, people all over the world have disparaged other racial groups, often as a prelude to enslavement and mass slaughter. Only in the last hundred years – really, the last 50 or so – has the idea of equality begun to catch on. Our own genocide of Native Americans has still not been properly addressed in any meaningful way. Many are entirely unaware of our long history of shameful treatment of millions of indigenous people.

It is because we cannot ignore that history, Mr. Snyder, that the very least we can do – truly, the very least – is to respect the dignity of minority groups in choosing our language.

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  1. 1
    Andrew randhawa

    You can see all the racism at the casinos. It says Indian reservation but people interpret that in their own way

  2. 2
    Idris Abdul-Latif

    I cannot believe America is still filled with insensitive racists and bigots, who apparently are on this discussion board. To all white Americans writing negatively on this page, how would you and your race, like to trade places and histories with either, the native Americans or African Americans, then see how you would feel, and where your mindset would be on such topics like these. One idiot on this page had the nerve to bring up Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, and martin luther king and how they felt about whites back in the midst of the ever-violent civil rights movement. Whites WERE acting like the devil in those days. Pre-civil rights movement and during. THE KKK, KILLING BLACKS, HANGING AND LYNCHING BLACKS OPPRESSION AND PERSECUTION BEYOND BELIEF FOR CENTURIES IN AMERICA. Whites in “those time periods” would feel the same about any race the belittled them, persecuted and oppressed them to such an evil, devilish maniacal, diabolical way. Don’t eve get me started on the mass slaughter/genocide that took place at the hands of early european settlers of the native americans,in which hundreds of millions of were slaughtered, making it the largest and fastest mass genocide in the history of the planet. And yet, Native Americans should forget that! Would you, white folks forget that if it happened to your race? White Americans like you folks, don’t seem to get it! You have no sensitivity whatsoever, and hold true to double standard after double standard. freedom of speech only applies to you! YOU SAY BLACKS AND NATIVES SHOULD FORGET THEIR TROUBLE HISTORIES AND MOVE ON, BUT WOULD YOU? WHEN 9/11 ROLLS AROUND IT’S…WE WILL NEVER FORGET! African americans and native americans built this country, and get NO CREDIT FOR IT! The whites shoved natives on reservations and built casinos destroying the native race in the process! They put all kinds of drugs, and alcohol in african american communites across the country, and wonder why the african american race to this day has so many problems. At the same time, there are a lot of white folks that are very sensitive and sympathetic to blacks, and the natives on matters like these, but on this discussion board.

  3. 3

    I just wana say to all those who wrote huge essays on here…u just wastred idk how many precious moments out of your exhasorbated small minded lives……the name is offensive to ALOT of people…snyder was is and always will be a first class moron…..lets all just ignore 81 years of racial slurs…no fucking way buddy…we should never accept the denegration of any people EVER……what should happen here is they change the name to WARRIORS…and consequently snyder become a hero and makes lots more billions of blood money dollars…but as I said …first class moron lol smh

  4. 4

    These comments make me laugh. So many people are just blind to the fact that Redskins as a name for a race of people is subjugative nature. Seminole, Viking, Celtic, those are all self-derived names for groups of people. I say, vote with your wallet, and the players should do the same.

  5. 5

    I have a good idea. How about naming the RED SKINS. Formally know as RED SKINS. Prince did it and it stuck. This is just another feather in the hat of the pussicaction of America. If a few bitch the mass suffer. Go liberals and demicrates, going the right way to crush a great nation.

  6. 6

    To the author of this article:

    Don’t throw yourself into the “minority pool” and cater to this new-age political correctness. Shall we edit the constitution if it offends somebody? Had this name been created recently, bark all you want. This is heritage, with a history that goes back 50 years. I guess we should take Muhammid Ali, Malcolm X, and others out of our text books? Have you done your research? I for one find it EXTREMELY offensive at the disgusting racial slurs by these civil rights leaders, and to then have it crammed down our childrens throats? Muhamid Ali said “the white man is the devil, all white people are evil”. If I go on to quote the mean racist verbage of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Louis Ferricon which is idolized today, the term “Redskins” will look like a “Sunday School” term meaning “peace and love for all”.

    The Indians have thousands of free acres, free education, houses and everything. They should be thankful for what they have. My heritage was brutally beatin under communism, murdered, and enslaved. Do you see me running around making a big deal about it? Once again, if the name “Redskins” was created yesterday, bark all that you want. We as Patriots are sick of everyone trying to strip and water-down this culture. There is not much of it left, especially with an administration who has soiled the constitution. Now that Obama has mockednthe constitution, it’s becoming an “anything goes” modern day era.

    Hey, think I should go to Israel and complain about the lack of Christianity? I mean, I am HIGHLY offended that the Jewish nation will not recognize the son of God uh? Won’t do any good? The term Redskins ai t that bad is it?

  7. 7

    No offense, but the Jews were not thought of, at least in North American history, as mighty fearless warriors. That’s why they’re commonly seen as team mascots, to intimidate the opposing team. I can not speak for Native Americans, but I will say I have never heard anyone use redskin in a derogatory manner. Not to say I haven’t heard other hurtful names. And from what I under stand the man who named his team Redskins was only honering the Native American. His intentions were meant to be positive.
    I also read recently there was a school in the west made up of 100% Navajo students and thier team mascot is the Redskins. So this school should change too?

  8. 8

    I am so tired of hearing this crap. Yes, “Redskin” was used by the settelers when they arrived many years ago. The name was given due to their dark skin color which European settlers were unfamiliar with. To compare the “R” word to the “N” is absolutey crazy. Most Native Americans don’t find offense to names like Braves, Indians, Seminoles, and Redskins. They are a part of our history. Since we are being so sensitive, how about these so called offensive names; Vikings, Celtics, Blue Devils, the list goes on. IT IS ABOUT MONEY. I KNOW IT, YOU KNOW IT, AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT. THEY WILL ALWAYS BE KNOWN AS THE REDSKINS TO ME, HAIL TO THE REDSKINS…

  9. 9

    I think the should change it to the Washington Small Pox

  10. 10

    Also as Far as “Cracker” whatever name. Cracker isn’t really demeaning it started from slave’s calling that to their “Master” or whoever was in charge of them cracking the whip. How is is OK for people to dress up on St. Patrick’s day. And Cinco De Mao. Is celebrating the Mexicans killing of the Americans. And I still see Big Red gum at the store where the out cry on that. (Oh not as big as a platform) I’m sure if they (Native Americans) were offered 5-10% of the Redskins profits a year it would be OK then. I’ve being in many. “Authentic” Indian store’s (what the signs say 100% Indian made) but about 70-80% of thing’s say made in China on them

  11. 11

    How about the D.C. Lobbyist.

  12. 12

    Idiot that wrote this article didn’t know that the first coach that coached in Washington was an Indian and he named them Redskins! Maybe they should call themselves the “lying Obama’s ” or “Muslim Extremists” or better yet “Idiotic Democrats”‘! The Washingon Idiotic Democrats! I’m partial to that one!

  13. 13

    I have Native American blood in me & find no reason to change Washington’s football team from Redskins. I played in a High School that had Indians as a school mascot and was proud of it. Find something worthy of fixing like getting jobs back here in the USA.

  14. 14

    Minnesota Vikings… time for a change
    New England Patriots… New York Yankees. All “white” if you will… where is the outrage

  15. 15

    It’s time for the The Washington Redskins to get rid of that demeaning, embarrassing word in their team name and just call themselves The Redskins.

  16. 16

    To the person that wrote this article. You are more consurnd about the name of the Washington Redskins well if that offends you then the whole state of Oklahoma should also offend you? Do you even know what the meaning of Oklahoma is ??? We’ll let me help you out it means red people. So why dont you write Oklahoma congressman and tell them to change the name of the state to. Be fore your put crap out on the internet about anything you might want to do some homework first

  17. 17

    I think they should rename the team the “Washington Fighting Christians”.

  18. 18

    In the midst of all the scandals plaguing this presidency, the bodies of our national government have far more SERIOUS crises and issues to address!! Get back to the business that you were ‘elected’ to do!! Mr Reid and the rest of you sorry lot of ” politicians “.. a term I use lightly. Most Americans see through the frivolity of your antics as a manipulated sideshow in an attempt to draw attention away from your miserable policy failures and fiascos. Leave the matters of private concerns to those entities and organizations who are responsible for any financial consequences that may arise out of this controversy. A ‘controversy’ that has only been a matter of discussion since this current president has made it ‘his priority’ to divide and conquer this country from within! It is disgusting that officials in our government think they are highly overpaid to waste taxpayer dollars in order to debate matters of PRIVATE concern. Stop the nonsense and stop ruining this country. 6 different & distinct hard drives coincidentally crash, at the same time, but there “isn’t a smidgen of corruption” in the IRS ?!

  19. 19

    It seems that the majority always bows down t o the minority. 30 percent offended.. 70 not offended. Seems to me that some white folks are telling them they should be offended. Whats next? Irish people going to complain about Notre Dame and their stereotype of a mascot? When is all this sensitive stuff gonna end? The Washington Redskins have been that for over 80 years and should have the right to stay that way. If you dont like it you do not have to support them or watch their games and spend your money on them. You do have a choice.

  20. 20

    As an Italian American I would be honored if they would change their name to The Washington “Whops”. Maybe their logo would be a stout guy wearing an apron with a large nose, wearing a white apron while spinning some pizza dough?
    I heard the other day that their is a dolphin at the Miami Seaquarium that has been trained to communicate quite well and that is now on an announced hunger strike until the Miami Dolphins change their name as well.
    Really folks…..get a life.

  21. 21

    If the majority doesn’t want the name to be changed then it’s not time to change it point blank. On another note if the redskins are forced to change their name i think its only fair that cracker jacks change their name because that could be considered offensive to white people. The point is that someone is always offended by some term so grow up and deal with the name the Washington Redskins.

  22. 22

    My apologies for the misspellings, its late and this stuff is beyond annoying now. People let society dictate what they do instead of learning for themselves.

  23. 23

    So in your very first paragraph you state tour offended by using indians, a name that wasnt created or given to themselves….ok REDSKIBS WAS CREATED AND GIVEN, AND USED BY THEMSELVES. Jump off the political correctness that this is, ans research for yourself. Stop letting lies, and twisted truth run your bus. Oneida indian foundarion (hmm using idian word??), is a paid campaign propaganda group looking for the payday more so then the name change. If All the native Americans (god dont tell me as i write this thats this is wrong to say now also) i know, laugh and say this is embarrassing them about this whole name change B.S., then im siding with them. Not the redskins, not you…but THEM!!!!

  24. 24

    Let the season ticket holders decide if they should change there name. After all they are the true supporters of the team.

  25. 25

    it’s a good thing this is America, you don’t have the right to not be offended. Stop being a bunch of cry babies and just deal with it. They have been name that for years and years nobody ever said anything about it until we get the biggest piece of crap President in office that does nothing but stir the pot and divide the American citizenship. Now all of a sudden everything is offensive. Stop being a bunch of pussies.

  26. 26

    For centuries we have been called Indians and up until 10-15 years ago we were told to call ourselves Native Americans. Now you can offend a tribal member by saying either. But it seems the majority are fine with plain ‘ol “Indian”. I am full blood Indian mind you, a mutt of 3 tribes and I try to do research on both sides for and against a name change. It is difficult to find one on the for side that doesn’t use the argument other than it is history and tradition so it must be in the right. I read comment after comment of the usual “get over it” and talks of changing the Oklahoma name. But how come if it’s 911 we will never forget but get over it for us. And by the way Oklahoma is Choctaw for land of the red man/people and in no way meant to be derogatory. Where as redskin is the exact opposite. For you natives out there that wanna say that we made up the word c’mon you know better. Why is it in English? I’ve never heard a non Indian say “redskin” funny. Am I for or against a name change is debatable with my own family. On a quick note fighting Irish is a name of the school there is pride in that but unless you are a fighting leprechaun then by all means fight to change the MASCOT!!! On a quicker note if you haven’t been in school in the last 20 or even 10 years then you need to go get educated some more before you make yourself sound even more foolish about our (as a nation) history. Because believe you me a lot has been changed and updated.

  27. 27

    Gay games coming to Cleveland. Group wants businesses to take class to relate to gays and lesbians to receive special window decal. But they don’t want to be treated differently. Have witnessed reverse racism with my eyes numerous times. Soon Whites will be the repressed minority. They don’t breed as fast.

  28. 28

    This trash bag journalist is nothing but a bleeding heart liberal going along with her daddy Obama! DISGUSTING!

  29. 29

    So by this logic, you need to change the Florida Seminoles, the entire state of Oklahoma for meaning “red people” and the four hundred something other companies with a Native American mascot. Why are you just attacking the redskins? If it truly offends you then you should be attacking everyone else who has a similar name. Dan Snyder went to the Native American reservations and asked them personally if it offended them, and they said no. So really only the people that can barely claim to being Native American are the ones who act like it’s a huge racial slur. As bad as it sounds to say, most Native Americans on reservations are so poor they really don’t care about football because they have not TVs to watch it on.

  30. 30
    Zachary Gonzales

    That’s ridiculous. Most native Americans I’ve heard from and from what I heard on the radio are proud that sports teams are named after them in honor of their people. It is not making fun of them at akl, so grow up.

  31. 31

    Another thing has come to mind. There is this thing called “Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.”
    It seems that both houses of congress are guilty of the waste and abuse clauses. The name of a football team has nothing to do with the running the country. There are many more important things to worry and work about than this crap. Let them take care of our veterans, homeless, and unemployed along with illegal immigrants invading our country. And how about spending us tax dollars on Americans instead of sending billions to foreign countries that don’t give a damn about us except for our money. We help them in times of crisis, but did any other country help us after Katrina or the disaster at Sandy Hook and the other areas affected by the storm? Not only no, but HELL NO.
    The are two sayings about politicians. One is that they are the best people money can buy. The other is from Pete Seeger when he said that our leaders are the finest of men and we elect them again and again! And it used to be that our elected officials used to ‘run’ our country; now they ‘ruin’ it!!

  32. 32

    Don’t change the name of the team, just change the logo to Mr. Potatohead using a redskin potato. But the again, it might upset those that raise Yukon Golds or Russet types. And God forbid if purple potatoes are used as it may irritate the Purple People Eaters!

  33. 33

    unbelievable, the IRS targeting scandal, Iraq in shambles,swapping a deserter for top Taliban leaders,Obamacare, absolute failure of our government to abide by the law,the NSA spying on US citizens. Too much to list. And you and Harry Reid and the rest of the liberal elite want to argue the Redskins is derogatory instead of tribute to a warrior class. It is just a diversion to keep the uninformed from seeing tje chaos that is our current leadership, the authpr of thos article seeks solidarity and recognition for pandering to the liberal elitist. Her ‘ opinion’, is niether meeded nor asked for.

  34. 34

    Well, it’s a good thing the Irish have no issues with the Notre Dame mascot!

  35. 35

    The native Americans also don’t attend redskins games, we sit outside the stadium protesting against the name, this is for the smart guy who made the remark about natives attending games n what not

  36. 36

    All u guys are idiots, the reason redskins are demeaning to native Americans is because it’s what u white people called us back when u first saw us, because u said our faces were red in color, it’s the same as when u people called us savages yet u were the ones trying to eradicate us out of our land over gold. That’s why Custer was slaughtered, cause the government sent him there to kill all native Americans because they found out there was gold in the black hills, but they don’t tell u that in the history books, they glorify it. The reason we don’t complain bout the chiefs and braves, is cause those names glorify us as a people, cause a chief is the leader of the tribe and a brave is what we called the warriors of the tribe. Another thing that’s gonna probably be next is the Cleveland Indians cause that’s another name that was given to us by Christopher Columbus cause he thought he was in the west Indies when he arrived here and for some reason everyone from overseas stuck with it, that’s why we prefer to go by the name native American, cause we were here first. Another thing we hate is how you people call this your country, when it was ours first until u came over and started killing us off to increase your land, which if it wasn’t for the native Americans, u guys wouldn’t have lasted your first winter here, we fed you cause your food ran so low that u were eating boiled leather belts n showed you how to use animal fur as covering n blankets. How were we repaid for it, by being slaughtered, you guys r decendants of terrorists, cause you treated the Africans the same way, u were nice enough to round them up, shackle them together n drag them thousands of miles from their homes on ships, making them use the bathroom on themselves n if they happened to die cause of the conditions they were in, you’d throw their bodies overboard, then u treat them like they stole something from u. So learn ur true history, not the fictional stuff they teach you in school before u start passing judgment about someone’s beliefs n learn to respect them, cause I could write a book about the true history of how America was founded and expanded but I’d probably get arrested for it, cause the whites disrespected all the different races, not just the native Americans n Africans, they also did it to the Mexicans that lived in the west n southwest.

  37. 37

    I just want to point out the stupidity of including the Vikings, Packers, and Yankees in this list of “controversial” team names. Do you really think all those people in the Midwest who are of Scandinavian descent are offended by the Vikings name? Hell no. Matter of fact, that makes up the majority of their fanbase. They’re proud of their team’s strong mascot. As for changing the name Packers, good luck, it will never happen. Green Bay fans are the most passionate in the NFL and will never allow their team to change the name, especially since Packer is in no way a gay slur, what a joke. And in what world is Yankees offensive? Yankees refers to Americans, and they just happen to be playing the national pastime. Seriously, whoever posted these as offensive should be slapped. Also, the woman who wrote this article is a liberal moron of epic proportion.

  38. 38

    Well white people, lets thank our grandfathers for the use of slavery and racial slurs, that has affected the preception of their white decidents. A few decades of equality for Americans cant erase centuries of fear and bad thoughts about white people. The Washington SkinHeads dont sound attractive, so Get rid of Redskins if it offends some. It may even help sell more tickets, who knows..

  39. 39

    It is time to take our country back from the liberals ruining this great country! That starts with all of us getting real people in positions of authority instead of lifelong politicians.

  40. 40

    I can’t even…..just…..all you ignorant people that are debating this need to wake up! Do you not realize that this just another way that our government is pulling the wool over your eyes to cover up their mistakes? There are far more important things to worry about than what a f**king football team uses as their mascot! But since we’re sadly on this subject, how come the Chiefs aren’t catching the same heat? Or the Chicago Blackhawks? Or New York Yankees? Or the biggest one here, th Cleveland Indians? If anything is insulting it is that big red smiling face they use! Or what about the Vikings? Do you know what the vikings were infamous for? Rape, robbery, slavery, murder…and what about the Packers? If you wanna get real technical that could offend gay people. Wake up people! Does it not bother anyone else that all this just so happened coincidentally right after the story about Obama negotiating with terrorists surfaced? I hope Snyder does change the name. To something EXTREMELY offensive just as a big “screw you” to the government. I vote we change the name to the Washington Communists and slap a big cartoon-y picture of Obama on the helmet as a logo.

  41. 41

    Unfortunately such sensitivity has only encouraged people to seek empowerment through victimization which has all sorts of unfortunate consequences. Do we really want to further amplify the desire of people to track each sixteenth of their ethnic heritage, inflate their horror at potential slurs both real and imagined, rather than focus on being truly productive? I sincerely doubt that despite the fact that at least %30 of whites are aware that “Cracker” is often a derogatory term, such a criteria of protection would be equally enforced should some rap king trademark his “Cracker” clothing line even if it were only meant ironically. I think the free market should be enough of a corrective factor. If enough people truly found the Redskins trademark offensive then they would stop endorsing/supporting the team and the financial consequences would effect these PC changes that some people desire. Enough would be defined by an amount to cause an adverse economic effect. True this opens the door for all sorts of “Confederate” pride brands that many might find offensive. But I am not upset by people taking pride in their heritage even when it historically dances along the lines of ugly history. The racism we should WANT to discourage is merely stupidity that only needs a bright light to eventually have its ugly shadow melt in the enlightenment. The racism our society (and liberal firebrands like our lovely Lisa) often attack seems far too ethno-political oriented rather than intellectually and philosophically consistent and non–hypocritical. The important thing isn’t to try to rectify what almost certainly is an almost impossible to rectify social injustice. The important thing is to lead by example and create a society where such social injustices happen less often for all citizens. Do we ever see much media attention focused on the often extreme racial discrimination shown by various minorities towards other minorities (and the majority)? No we see it “excused” because their previous victimization seems to have given them a free pass from being held to the same standard we are trying to get all to live by. That sort of hypocrisy will only ensure that adoption of a truly racist free outlook on life will be further delayed I fear.

  42. 42

    Get over it! I guess all Norwegians, Swedes, Danes and Finns should be upset over Minnesota’s team name, the Vikings. And the Irish, with the leprechaun leaning on his cane exemplifying the drunken Irish who like to fight as the mascot for the Celtics and Notre Dame University.
    Please people! Get over it!

  43. 43

    You are right – racism is alive and well- the problem is that you and many minorities think that only white people are racist. I have had so many racial things said to me in my life that it makes me sick to even read what you wrote.
    I can tell you the way to end racism- everyone needs to look in the mirror

  44. 44

    Get a life you moron. What a water of writting

  45. 45

    I’m fuming over the Minnesota Vikings. As a Norwegian-American I am deeply offended. I also don’t believe we have had a Norwegian-American president yet. From now on I will blame anything unfavorable in my life as the result of deep hatred towards me and my fellow Norwegian-Americans.

  46. 46

    What ever! With all the issues in the world this is a discussion. Some people say the R is the N word, really? I have never heard that.. Which people? The ones sitting in a room looking for something to complain about more than likely?

  47. 47

    Omg. You are a moron. Has nothing to do with your race, gender yada yada yada. Do you hear me or millions of swedes bit chin bout the name vikings. No. Obviously “redskins” is different because its a pejorative. Indians is not. Redskins is done and good riddens. But you should hope the day arises that they come up with a mascot of the fighting sabras. That is something to be feared and respected. And a lot of racial overtones that any moron wouldn’t care about

  48. 48

    You obviously didn’t do your research with the redskins name. And I’m a Jew as well, and if they had the jersey Jews, I’d be a fan! Your just fighting to fight for a cause, congrats! Next you should ask Minnesota to stop calling themselves Vikings because that is pretty offensive to Scandinavians and such. We’ve turned into a society who’s offended by everything, so pathetic.

  49. 49

    What a crock! Making something out of nothing. I hope Dan Snyder doesnt cave in and change the name. For 81 years theyve had the name. I have zero empathy for your crusade to get rid of the name. No one cared about it until writers made a big deal about Nothing! Get over it. No harm done.

  50. 50

    Wow this article is a complete joke. Get a life. This country is over sensitive to everything. The “R” word lmao are u kidding me! It’s just a word get a grip people. This teams name has nothing to do with racism. They are not demeaning anyone. Snyder is spot on. You are a LOSER.

  51. 51

    Now days I swear to god ( how many people are offended by just saying god) every body gets offended over everything. I swear we are the united states of overly sensitive pussys!!! I thought this was a free country guess I was wrong. Can’t even name your own establishment what you want that you bought maintained paid taxes for. Hell we allow the very few loud mouths with money dictate our policies even if the majority disagrees. A girl can get suspended from school for saying our lords prayer but if Muslim prays its accepted because of fear of lawsuit. This country is going to hell fast! If you don’t like it change the f—–g channel a——s quit turning nothing into something because of drama Queen per Madonna bus.

  52. 52

    DC douchebags ftw

  53. 53

    Does it seem to you that this has something to do with politics again? It seems Harry Reid is trying to save his seat. Politics are bad for you when you attack sports fans. Let’s use good judgement here and stop this attack now. Votes, yes I see very clearly now.

  54. 54

    What a load of nonsense. If you force the redskins to change I want the damn fighting Irish gone too. Thats a sterotypical image of a short, drunk guys, who fight all the time. As an Irishman I find it offensive that our people be portrayed in this way

  55. 55

    Do up not see the problem you pose with this. Have you ever looked at the number of schools, teams etc with these kinds of names. If you make the Redskins change their name you must also make everyone else do so as well. Think of costs involved ! Many millions of dollars and time. Think about what your asking for something as small as this. For almost a hundred years they have been called that, why now the change, Tell me !!!!!

  56. 56

    So racism doesn’t affect us “white people” eh? Because we are a majority, people such as yourself believe that being called ‘cracker’ or ‘honkey’ as a kid in Flint doesn’t qualify? Using the ‘N’ word would instantly qualify me as a racist, but when used against me, derogatory terms are any less demeaning? As an Irish-American, should I protest the University of Notre Dame for using the “Fighting Irish” as their mascot? I believe America as a whole has blurred the sensitivity lines to beyond ridiculous. Next, the Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, and Chicago Blackhawks will be on the chopping block. Did anyone stop to think that these mascots are used to symbolize bravery, toughness, and perseverence , and actually honor Native Americans as a people? Shall we change their names to the Washington Fairies, or the Cleveland Teddy Bears so as to not offend? By this line of thinking, those named Ted may have issue…

  57. 57

    The only reason it’s racism is because white people such as your self bring it up and make a big deal about it. How about red skin potatoes? Or saltine crackers? Niger beans? Florida sentinel. Mississippi rebels.Where do you stop? This political correctness and liberal point of views is killing this country. Do us the Americans a favor and stop your crap. Oh wait did the word American offend anybody?

  58. 58

    What an irrelevant article.

    No. They are the Redskins. Period.

  59. 59

    The Washington Redskins. Neither the Government nor private individuals have any business telling a private business what it should call itself. If people feel THAT strongly about the name, ticket sales and TV revenues will fall, leading to a name change.

  60. 60

    You are very wrong about the “sensitivity” of all these ethnic groups. Every word someone says seems to offend someone or group. No sports team has ever been called the “N” word as far as I know and the native American names are used because they are fierce warriors.

  61. 61

    Thank you Lisa. It always warms my heart – probably because it gives me hope – when a white person is able to empathize with people of color and acknowledges the challenges we continue to face. Great piece!

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