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7 essential tax tips for the sharing economy


It’s the most wonderful time of the year … wait, scratch that, it’s tax day. 

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5 ways your kids can save you (tax) money


5 child-related tax breaks you should be taking advantage of. Hey, they owe you!

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Equal Pay Day reflections around the Web


An #EqualPayDay roundup of the top tweets and articles that got us thinking about gender dynamics in our personal and professional lives.

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Ask Avvo: How much does a lawyer cost?


Avvo attorneys answers your legal questions. This week: Avvo’s guide to attorney fees and costs.

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10 steps to buying a small business

Buying a small business

Before you take the plunge into buying a small business, follow these 10 steps to make sure your dream business is not a nightmare.

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The rise of medical tourism and why it’s bad news for patients


There are noticeably higher complication rates, even death, in those who’ve chosen to go under the knife across US borders. The wrong decision could save you money, but end up costing you your life.

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How to take control of everyday legal needs with Avvo legal analyst Lisa Bloom


Avvo legal analyst Lisa Bloom shares her tips on taking control of the legal issues in your life, and getting the advice and help you need.

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Trends and considerations in gray divorce


Although the overall divorce rate has declined over the last 20 years, the gray divorce rate has doubled. People over 50 who have been married more than once are 2.5 times more likely to divorce.

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8 ways to save on your cellphone bill


4 ways to cut your cellphone bill in 2015, plus 4 common billing traps to avoid.

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Ask Avvo: How do I file my taxes during a divorce?

Ask Avvo: How do I file my taxes during a divorce

Avvo attorneys answer your legal questions. This week: Divorce lawyer Jennifer Brandt on tips for filing taxes during or after a divorce.

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