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April 1  • 

Getting Married Again? Avoid these 5 Financial Mistakes

Family law attorney and legal analyst Jennifer A. Brandt offers the following five financial mistakes couples should avoid when marrying for...

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March 28  • 

Money Laundering 101

It’s estimated that hundreds of billions of dollars are laundered every year, mostly through financial institutions.

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March 18  • 

6 Myths about Your Credit Report

Here we debunk the Top 6 Myths About Your Credit Report to make the system work for you.

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March 4  • 

Is the Fed Really Profiting from Student Loan Debt?

Should the feds be making money off them while students are struggling to repay their debt in this tough economy?

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February 12  • 

14 Financial Gifts to Give Your Valentine

Your typical Valentine’s Day conjures up images of flowers, candy and a candlelight dinner. Money—probably doesn’t come to mind.

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February 5  • 

A Beginners Guide to Bitcoin

Still aren’t sure exactly what Bitcoin is? Here’s your beginner’s guide to the phenomenon.

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December 30  • 

5 Ways to Qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness

If you’re looking to reduce or eliminate your student debt, see if any of the following programs are right for you.

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December 11  • 

Tighter Mortgage Rules Take Effect in 2014

Starting January 10, banks will be required by law to ensure that borrowers can truly afford the home loans they’ll be issued.

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December 5  • 

How Target Knows You’re Pregnant Before Anyone Else

Through meticulous data collection and no shortage of fancy algorithms, retailers can figure out your shopping habits and what forms them.

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December 1  • 

9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Cyber Monday

With a little planning ahead, Cyber Monday can be safe and fun. Do it right, and you'll be done with all your holiday shopping by Tuesday.

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