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Are daily fantasy sports in danger of being illegal?

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With 56.8 million people playing in the United States and Canada, fantasy sports have steadily grown into a big business for everyone from ESPN to entrepreneurs creating small businesses around “expert advice.” Everything was humming along quite nicely until this year, when two companies went big on “daily” fantasy games.

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The financial pitfalls of unmarried couples


The trend of shacking up instead of, or at least before, marriage is likely one reason divorce rates are falling. When these couples break up there are no lawyers and no divorce. Sounds easier and less expensive, right? In fact, the lack of a clear legal process can make it very challenging for an unmarried couple to untangle the financial threads they have woven together.

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Can you be fired for revealing your pay?

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Fewer things are of greater concern than one’s paycheck, especially during these times of stagnant wages. So if being paid adequately is important, why be squeamish about talking with co-workers about it? Maybe because you’re afraid you might lose your job if you did?

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Debtor’s prisons: An attack on the poor

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Most of us have committed a petty legal infraction like walking a dog without a leash, making an illegal left turn, etc. You don’t go to jail for these offenses. You’re just hit with an annoying ticket and fine. But in many states you go to jail if you can’t pay those fees—the new, unconstitutional debtor’s prisons, the latest assault on the American poor.

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Can you go to jail for being in debt?


Once upon a time, if you couldn’t pay a debt, you would find yourself passing the days in a debtors’ prison—or even auctioned off to a life of indentured servitude. A lot of men and women of renown found themselves serving time in jail for failing to pay debt, including several heroes of the American Revolution. This was one of the factors leading to the abolition of debtors’ prisons in the United States by the 1830s. But in recent years, there has been a resurgence in jail sentences involving everything from unpaid traffic tickets to child support and credit card debt. Should you be worried?

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Uber and the future of employment


On Tuesday, ride-sharing behemoth Uber filed an appeal against the certification of a class-action lawsuit that represents a direct shot across the bow at the company’s business model. The final outcome could have far-reaching impact on employment law in the United States.

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Sick people at work: A national epidemic

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Everyone gets sick now and again. But not everybody gets to be sick without having to come into work, potentially making themselves sicker and spreading contagion to unsuspecting co-workers.

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7 outrageously wealthy preachers

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Whether you think it’s right or wrong for a man or woman of the cloth to live lavishly, it’s always fun to check out the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

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Bootstrapped: Show me the money


“I needed some basic direction on how to finance my small business, so I decided to try Avvo Advisor for the second time.”

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Collateral consequences: Two words that give the rich, and only the rich, a pass for their crimes


5 banks are guilty of a stunning array of crimes. Unlike average Americans, they’ll face no punishments for their crimes, beyond a fine.

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