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7 outrageously wealthy preachers

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Whether you think it’s right or wrong for a man or woman of the cloth to live lavishly, it’s always fun to check out the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

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Bootstrapped: Show me the money


“I needed some basic direction on how to finance my small business, so I decided to try Avvo Advisor for the second time.”

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Collateral consequences: Two words that give the rich, and only the rich, a pass for their crimes


5 banks are guilty of a stunning array of crimes. Unlike average Americans, they’ll face no punishments for their crimes, beyond a fine.

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Ask Avvo: Should I file a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit?


Avvo attorneys answer your legal questions. This week: If you’re hurt on the job, which is better for you — workers’ compensation or a personal injury lawsuit?

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Bootstrapped: Viva Las Vegas


Small business owner Kristi G needs quick legal advice about buying a patent. $39 Avvo Advisor has her on the phone with a lawyer in 2 mins.

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Bootstrapped: Meet Kristi G


Kristi Gorinas is a mother of five and founder of the Kristi G Company. Follow along as she chronicles her small business journey with Avvo.

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Bootstrapped: Small business chronicles


Meet Kristi Gorinas, mother of five from Lawrenceville, GA who is the founder and CEO of the Kristi G Company.

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Marijuana: A 420 state of the union


Though the origin of the tradition is hazy at best, the celebration of April 20, or 420, has become a fixture of American culture.

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7 essential tax tips for the sharing economy


It’s the most wonderful time of the year … wait, scratch that, it’s tax day. 

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5 ways your kids can save you (tax) money


5 child-related tax breaks you should be taking advantage of. Hey, they owe you!

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