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August 21  • 

Lisa Bloom answers your top questions on the Michael Brown case

Avvo legal analyst Lisa Bloom answers your top questions on the Michael Brown shooting, as the grand jury trial enters its second day.

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August 13  • 

The shooting of Michael Brown: Why it’s time to move beyond condolences

Lisa Bloom: With all due respect, Mr. President, we need more than calm reflection and quiet conversation. We need outrage. We need change.

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August 3  • 

Crash compensation: Who helps victims’ families in the wake of MH17 disaster?

Airplanes are still the safest method of transportation, but with three large-scale disasters in recent months, it doesn’t feel like it.

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July 18  • 

Renisha McBride: Unarmed, black, shot in ‘self-defense’ by a frightened white shooter. Again.

Trayvon Martin, Renisha McBride, Darius Simmons: Do we want to continue to pretend that these cases have nothing in common with one another?

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July 16  • 

8 biggest political scandals since 2006

A look at the top political scandals in recent U.S. history, including former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's recent corruption case.

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July 15  • 

Free agency 101: All you need to know about the NBA silly season

A guide to NBA free agency and salary cap rules, plus how LeBron James ended the NBA's silly season with his Friday announcement.

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July 9  • 

Ethics on Facebook’s mind in wake of user emotion tests

Regulators are investigating the legality and ethics of psychological tests Facebook performed on unknowing users in 2012.

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July 8  • 

New York City reaches historic settlement in ‘Central Park jogger’ case

Shoddy police work and mayoral pressure to “clean up” the city ended up adding more victims to the already unspeakable crime.

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June 30  • 

Why the odious ‘no-fly’ list is now a constitutional no-go

Amir, and tens of thousands of others on the no-fly list, will be watching to see that the government complies with this decision.

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June 23  • 

Till Tuesday do us part: One-day divorces gain national attention

California's controversial one-day divorce allows amicable couples to quickly move on with their lives, and lightens judges' dockets.

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