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Ridiculous lawsuits

October 30  • 

Throwback Thursday: Real laws governing the ghoulish

In the spirit of Halloween, we've rounded up some crazy laws governing superstitions, the supernatural, even sports in graveyards.

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October 26  • 

Tricks, treats and torts: 4 scary-real Halloween lawsuits

From tombstone taunting to flammable flocks, if you want a real fright this Halloween, take a look at some of these scary-real lawsuits.

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July 16  • 

Why You MUST Read the Fine Print

No one likes to read pages of fine print, but sometimes skipping over it can lead to a financial disaster. Here's what to look for when getting...

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June 26  • 

Even The Blade Has to File a Tax Return

Martha Stewart isn't the only celebrity known to try to evade the IRS. More recently, Lauren Hill has been on the hot seat for skipping out on taxes...

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October 15  • 

4 Utterly Ridiculous Patent Law Cases

“Patent troll” has become a common term in the business world, where patent infringement lawsuits are becoming an everyday occurrence. They can...

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September 24  • 

Top 5 Legal Mythbusters

Frivolous lawsuits occur sometimes—people are greedy jerks and will take advantage of the system if they can—but in reality, they are few and far...

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April 16  • 

The 7 Most Absurd Lawsuits of All Time

A ridiculous lawsuit is like a train wreck. You don’t want to see it, but you just can’t help but stare. Below are 7 of the most famous, absurd,...

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