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April 2  • 

The Supreme Court’s Gift to the Billionaire Who Has Everything: Plutocracy

In today’s decision of McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court struck down limits on aggregate spending by individuals.

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March 26  • 

Gym Takes Body Shaming to New Heights

A California woman was told to cover up at her gym for “intimidating” the other patrons with her toned body.

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March 25  • 

The Dire Implications of the “Hobby Lobby” Case

For-profit corporations have never had religious rights in America, but with the Hobby Lobby case argued today, that may change.

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March 21  • 

Prior Offenders Get Marijuana Charges Revisited

CO ruled that people convicted of some marijuana-related crimes may appeal those convictions, as marijuana was made legal in 2012.

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March 20  • 

5 Shockingly-Common Renter Failures

Renters should know their rights in this competitive market and make sure to avoid these common tenant pitfalls.

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March 14  • 

Mass. Closes Upskirt Photo Loophole, More States Left

Taking “upskirt” photos in the state of Massachusetts is now illegal.

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March 14  • 

Facebook Tightens Policies on Guns, Stirs Free Speech Concerns

Facebook announced last Wednesday that it would change its policies, and those of Instagram regarding firearms.

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February 26  • 

NY First to Reform Solitary Confinement for Minors

New York State has agreed to impose "sentencing guidelines" to make disciplinary practices more humane, fair, and progressive for all prisoners.

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January 29  • 

Virginia District Attorney Will Fight Gay Marriage Ban

Recently elected Attorney General of Virginia, Mark Herring, announced last Thursday that he will not support the state ban on gay marriage.

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January 23  • 

Lisa Bloom: Va. Attorney General Will Oppose Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Avvo Legal Analyst, Lisa Bloom on Va. Attorney General, Mark Herring's decision to oppose same-sex marriage ban.

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