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November 20  • 

Think Twice Before Posting Those Favorite Vacation Photos

Don’t get fired, expelled, or hauled to court for something you (or a friend) posted online. These people found out the hard way.

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November 18  • 

Snapchat Crazy: How Your Photos Can Be Used Against You

It really didn’t take long for Snapchat to be used to send naked pictures, which means there will inevitably be legal issues surrounding it.

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October 13  • 

Lisa Bloom: Facebook and Maryland Partner Against Cyberbullying [Video]

Lisa Bloom discusses a new partnership between Facebook and the State of Maryland's schools fighting cyberbullying.

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October 11  • 

A Chance For CA Teens To “Erase” Embarrassing Online Content

Wish you could take down that embarrassing photo on Facebook? California teens may soon be lucky enough to do just that.

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June 7  • 

Is “Hate Speech” on Facebook Still Free Speech?

In a blog post late last month, Facebook said it would evaluate and update its policies on hate speech. The social media company apologized for...

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May 24  • 

Was Yahoo’s Purchase of Tumblr a Smart Move?

Tumblr acquisitionYahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion in an effort to attract younger users. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has promised “not to screw it...

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April 25  • 

How to Break Up With Facebook

Feel your privacy slipping away? Concerned about your professional reputation? Addicted to social media? If so, you might be thinking of dumping...

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February 28  • 

Lying on Your Dating Profile Will Cost You in a Divorce

You’re separated from and/or divorcing your ex, so you might feel like dating again is fair game—but can lying about things like your marital...

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January 15  • 

6 Ways Your Boss Can Spy On You

The fact is, your boss may be digging into your life in ways and to an extent you don’t even realize.

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December 27  • 

Instagram Isn’t the Only One Selling Your Stuff

Plenty of people have pointed out that nobody should be surprised by the predatory-sounding terms because all social media terms contain similar...

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