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January 6  • 

Clean out the cookies: Protecting your information after holiday shopping

It's a new year and time for a fresh start: clean up your subscriptions and protect your online privacy by following these steps.

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December 19  • 

CurrentC vs. Apple Pay: Who will win?

Based on privacy, safety and ease of use, which mobile payment system has the edge?

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December 18  • 

5 real life villains in the Sony hack drama

Avvo General Counsel Josh King discusses free speech, ethics, and 5 real life villains in the Sony cyber-attack drama.

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December 17  • 

Three laws that help the sharing Web thrive: DMCA, CDA 230 and Anti-SLAPP laws

From snarky commentary on Twitter to cat photos on Facebook, Americans are sharing thoughts and creative works in an unprecedented fashion.

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December 15  • 

Tech that connects: 5 cheap ways to keep in touch this holiday season

5 apps that let you connect for free (or quite cheaply) with friends and family abroad, even Santa.

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December 11  • 

Throwback Thursday: Target data breach, one year later

During the holiday shopping weeks following Thanksgiving, sensitive information including credit card data of millions of Target customers was...

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December 1  • 

Pot and patents: Marijuana industry innovations can be protected despite federal ‘morals’

Patents are greatly beneficial to innovators in the marijuana industry yet are often underutilized by creators in the space.

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November 19  • 

3-D printing makes courtroom evidence high-tech and tactile

3-D printing technology has made waves in the manufacturing, architecture and medicine industries. You can now add law to that list.

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November 10  • 

Internet in the fast lane: Sure to make you lose your mind

Lisa Bloom: "Internet users should have equal access to everything on the web, without favoritism to the big players."

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November 10  • 

Skip the plastic: 10 payment apps to keep you safe

Looking for a less-hackable way to pay? 10 methods of payment that may be safer than debit and credit cards, both online and off.

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