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Could Hillary Clinton’s email scandal happen to you?


As we collectively watch Clinton twist herself in knots trying to navigate the scandal, perhaps we can treat her plight as a cautionary tale for ourselves. After all, many people are using their personal devices to access work email and vice versa. If your company gets involved in litigation, would it put you at risk for having your private information subject to discovery?

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Uber and the future of employment


On Tuesday, ride-sharing behemoth Uber filed an appeal against the certification of a class-action lawsuit that represents a direct shot across the bow at the company’s business model. The final outcome could have far-reaching impact on employment law in the United States.

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How to bring drones back down to earth


Officially known as “Unmanned Aircraft Systems,” drones have become a trending topic over the last few years. With the use of drones by the military, ongoing media attention, and’s commitment to bringing drone-based delivery service by the year 2020, questions regarding their appropriate use have been growing in importance for law enforcement and civilians alike.

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Is your Facebook account really yours?

facebook privacy_2_sized

Who owns your Facebook account? You or your employer? The answer may not be as obvious as you think. Several courts have held that our social media pages, which most of us consider personal, could belong to our employers or new business owners after a bankruptcy.

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Pocket-dialing: A cautionary tale

butt dial3_sized

The butt-dial: one of the more common, and occasionally embarrassing, faux pas of the cell phone age. Accidentally dialing someone is awkward enough, but now, thanks to a ruling by a Cincinnati federal appeals court, it could mean that any conversation you have during an unintentional phone call could be made public.

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Crowdfunding justice: How to raise money to hire a lawyer


5 crowdfunding sites that allow users post their case and raise money to hire a lawyer. Plus, 3 considerations before you set up a campaign.

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Twitter makes it easier for Ashley Judd, users to report threatening tweets to police


Twitter announces a new feature to help users report abusive and threatening tweets to police, days after Ashley Judd is harassed on Twitter.

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Closing the justice gap: 4 affordable options on the rise


You might think a $400 billion legal market would cover most legal needs. The fact is, the U.S. is the largest legal market in the world and yet has plenty of underserved populations.

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Lucky number 7: The best apps for St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day festivities are right around the corner. Download these seven apps to take on March 17 like a pro.

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8 ways to save on your cellphone bill


4 ways to cut your cellphone bill in 2015, plus 4 common billing traps to avoid.

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