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August 25  • 

7 essential apps for college campus safety

Here are seven apps every college student needs, addressing everything from sexual assault to drunk driving to suicide prevention.

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August 7  • 

3 potential legal pitfalls for Kickstarter ‘creators’

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs, provided they protect themselves against potential legal pitfalls.

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August 1  • 

5 keys to kick butt on Kickstarter and jump-start your small business

Smart entrepreneurs can leverage Kickstarter for their new businesses. Learn the basics and follow these 5 rules for start-up success.

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August 1  • 

How to beat the cable guys this moving season

Cable companies are the most-hated corporations in America. How to score a win against TV giants this moving season.

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July 9  • 

Supreme Court rejects Google’s wiretapping appeal, curbs tech industry power 

The Supreme Court sides with lower court, holding that Google illegally wiretapped users' home networks and misused data.

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June 13  • 

Regulating the Air: The Future of Drones and American Privacy

Separating science and fiction — today's drone types, current regulations, major obstacles to drone use, and who uses drones in America.

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May 21  • 

What You Need to Know About Text-to-911

Text-to-911 now available in some markets. What you need to know about texting 911 when calling is difficult or impossible.

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May 16  • 

Remembering Privacy Rights, Europe Requires Google to Forget Us

While in America the privacy rights of ordinary citizens are becoming a thing of the past, Europe has a different approach, regularly protecting the...

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April 17  • 

Heartbleed Breach and The Passwords You Should Change Now

The Heartbleed bug left around half a million websites including Google, Yahoo, and YouTube vulnerable to attacks. How does it affect you?

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March 5  • 

Three Parents Better Than Two?

An FDA panel has begun debating over whether to test a new process on humans that combines DNA from three people. At the same time, FL recently...

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