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November 3  • 

What to know about leaving negative reviews online

A consumer's guide to leaving negative reviews -- the facts about lawsuits over negative reviews and your right to express opinions online.

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October 27  • 

Vote now! 5 excellent election guides

A list of helpful election guides, whether you want explanations of key issues, advice on who to support, or a way to track the action.

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October 21  • 

How domestic abusers use technology to track partners, and how to protect yourself

Technology allows domestic violence abusers to track and spy on their victims. Here, the steps to shut down stalking methods and get help.

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October 8  • 

44 percent of elementary students using smartphones, and other surprising tech trends

A look at student tech trends in elementary through high school, and how attitudes are shifting around technology in schools.

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September 3  • 

Legal implications of the Jennifer Lawrence nude photo leak

Legally speaking, obtaining and disseminating private photos through unlawful hacking is not only creepy, it’s illegal and possibly tortious.

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August 28  • 

Throwback Thursday: Whistleblower laws, from Deep Throat to Snowden

This August marks the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon's resignation. A look at the changes to whistleblower laws since Deep Throat's day.

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August 26  • 

Cellphone ‘kill switches’ now required by law in California

California is now the second U.S. state to require cellphone 'kill switches,' allowing users to remotely shut down a phone’s functionality.

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August 25  • 

7 essential apps for college campus safety

Here are seven apps every college student needs, addressing everything from sexual assault to drunk driving to suicide prevention.

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August 7  • 

3 potential legal pitfalls for Kickstarter ‘creators’

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs, provided they protect themselves against potential legal pitfalls.

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August 1  • 

5 keys to kick butt on Kickstarter and jump-start your small business

Smart entrepreneurs can leverage Kickstarter for their new businesses. Learn the basics and follow these 5 rules for start-up success.

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