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Marijuana: A 420 state of the union


Though the origin of the tradition is hazy at best, the celebration of April 20, or 420, has become a fixture of American culture.

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New marijuana survey shows changing attitudes towards pot


Most respondents said legalization was the right move, and 44.6 percent say they’d consider bringing a bag of pot to a dinner party instead of a bottle of wine.

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7 essential tax tips for the sharing economy


It’s the most wonderful time of the year … wait, scratch that, it’s tax day. 

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5 ways your kids can save you (tax) money


5 child-related tax breaks you should be taking advantage of. Hey, they owe you!

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Equal Pay Day reflections around the Web


An #EqualPayDay roundup of the top tweets and articles that got us thinking about gender dynamics in our personal and professional lives.

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Ask Avvo: What does ‘estate planning’ really mean?


Avvo attorneys answer your legal questions. This week: Lawyer Kelly Kennedy outlines what estate planning really means for your family.

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Indiana jury makes dangerous call in feticide case


After making headlines for LGBT discrimination, Indiana is back in the news — this time for targeting women’s reproductive rights.

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Whose rights are most right? Religious freedom laws spark debate


Indiana’s recent Religious Freedom Restoration Act sparked fiery debate about whose rights are being infringed upon the most.

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Ask Avvo: How do I decide which lawyer to hire?

Ask Avvo How do I decide which lawyer to hire?

Avvo attorneys answer your legal questions. This week: 3 steps to decide if you need to hire a lawyer, and which lawyer is right for you

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5 common mistakes to avoid if you’re arrested


Texas criminal defense attorney Franklyn Mickelsen on the top five mistakes to avoid if you are arrested by the police.

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