5 tips if you get stuck at the airport


With some of the busiest travel days of the year fast approaching, here’s a list of five things to do if you end up stuck at the airport.

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Syrian refugees, George Zimmerman, and the logic of fear

syrian refugees_sized2

We cannot make life entirely safe and risk free. Terrorism is flashy and scary, and looping images of it over and over again boosts TV ratings. But surely our leaders, our media, our resources and our minds should focus on real health and safety risks.

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High school sports injuries: Who is liable?

high school sports_sized

It’s one of the rare times a huge crowd of rowdy people goes absolutely, completely silent: a high school football player is down on the field. Fear and concern wash over everyone in attendance, regardless of rooting interests. Unfortunately, it seems to be happening more and more. Who’s at fault? Or is anyone?

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No, Italians can’t legally watch porn at work

italy porn_sized

While media sensationalism may tend to focus on the libertine qualities of government executives and corporate elites who surf porn while the rest of us languish in sanitized workplaces, the truth is that porn remains the basis for termination the world over, even in lusty Italy.

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The law and HIV: Is Charlie Sheen in trouble?

charlie sheen

Sheen contends that he told all of his sexual partners of his condition, that he had unprotected sex after the diagnosis only twice, and that it was “under the care of my doctor and they were completely warned ahead of time.” This raises interesting legal issues about a person’s criminal and civil culpability for exposing a sexual partner to the virus.

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When schools take zero tolerance too far

zero tolerance_sized

Many schools have taken a hard stance against anything that might taint the learning environment or jeopardize the safety of our children. The results can be amusingly absurd, but it’s a bit sad how collective fear can override common sense.

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Traffic Laws

Is marijuana subject to open container laws?

pot open container_sized

As more states move towards legalizing marijuana, laws continue to evolve and address new scenarios, both unforeseen and obvious. One particularly troublesome issue: open container laws. Should somebody get busted for, say, having a loaded pot pipe in the glove box of their car? Or even just walking down the street?

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“Pastafarian” wins right to wear colander on her head


In these trying times, it’s good to know nobody can stop you from wearing a pasta strainer on your head in a driver’s license photo.

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Are daily fantasy sports in danger of being illegal?

fantasy sports_sized

With 56.8 million people playing in the United States and Canada, fantasy sports have steadily grown into a big business for everyone from ESPN to entrepreneurs creating small businesses around “expert advice.” Everything was humming along quite nicely until this year, when two companies went big on “daily” fantasy games.

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What really caused the Civil War?

civil war_sized

In a recent NakedLaw blog post, I wrote that the state of Texas was ignoring historical facts by downplaying the role of slavery as the primary cause of the American Civil War. That blog incited a rash of commentary, almost all of it taking me to task for ignoring the real cause of the war. In response, I thought I might discuss the nature of historical fact and the processes that guide our acceptance or rejection of it.

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