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Posted by  •  August 18

Advice is only as good as the person giving it, right? One Reddit user forgot that age-old wisdom when he sought divorce advice on the site.

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August 14  • 

Throwback Thursday: Michael Vick pleads guilty to dogfighting, and dogs everywhere have their day

A look back at Michael Vick's disturbing dogfighting crimes. Plus, how the infamous case sparked demands for stronger animal cruelty laws.

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August 13  • 

The shooting of Michael Brown: Why it’s time to move beyond condolences

Lisa Bloom: With all due respect, Mr. President, we need more than calm reflection and quiet conversation. We need outrage. We need change.

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August 13  • 

8 helpful tips for anyone paying child support

In honor of Child Support Awareness Month, here are the top 8 helpful tips for anyone with an ongoing child support obligation.

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August 12  • 

Why Katherine Heigl’s $6 million lawsuit may win

Legal precedent proves the actress' $6 million lawsuit against Duane Reade is more than an instance of Heigl not playing nice with others.

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August 12  • 

Ask Avvo: Will my daughter’s school tell me if students skip immunization?

Avvo attorneys answer your legal questions.

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August 11  • 

The savvy home buyers’ guide: foreclosures, short sales and more

Inexpensive ways to buy your next home, including foreclosures and short sales. Plus, how to guard against costly scams and fraud.

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August 8  • 

Earth, wind & fire: Preparing your home insurance policy for the unexpected

In the wake of natural disasters, standard home insurance coverage often falls short. Prepare your policy for the next storm now.

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August 7  • 

3 potential legal pitfalls for Kickstarter ‘creators’

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs, provided they protect themselves against potential legal pitfalls.

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