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Six Reasons Why Dylan Farrow is Highly Credible

Woody Allen in Take the Money and Run, 1969 Woody Allen in Take the Money and Run, 1969

Woody Allen’s twenty-eight year old daughter, Dylan Farrow, has just written a powerful statement outlining the sexual abuse she says she endured by her father, Woody Allen, when she was seven years old. The famous director strongly denies the allegations, and claims that Dylan’s mother, Mia Farrow, is responsible for the false claims.[1] A friend and filmmaker colleague has written a strong opinion piece defending Woody Allen.

Woody Allen is presumed innocent. However, having represented many child sexual abuse victims for decades, I find Dylan’s story is highly credible. Here’s why.

1. She is not seeking anything from Woody Allen. She is not suing him.  No criminal case is pending. (Nor could there be, due to the statute of limitations.) She is not selling a book or movie or anything else. Her sole motivation appears to be to tell her story. When sexual abuse victims grow up and get healthy, telling is a crucial, life-affirming step. Secrecy is toxic. Telling is liberating. It takes the shame off the victim’s shoulders and places it squarely where it belongs: on the perpetrator.

2. She spoke out immediately after the incident, when she was seven years old. Many victims take years or decades to tell. Many keep the secret to their graves. According to reports, Dylan Farrow endured Woody Allen’s alleged creepy but not criminal behaviors (putting his head on her naked lap, his thumb in her mouth) but told shortly after he sexually assaulted her, asking innocently whether this is something fathers do to daughters. This is not a story she just came up with.

3. Blaming the mother is a tired, common strategy for those accused of sexual abuse. (Mothers also get blamed when they fail to act promptly in response to a child’s accusation.) A loving, healthy mother will be sickened and outraged when a child tells on an adult for sexual abuse. This is how Mia behaved. She should not be faulted for it.

The claim that Mia Farrow manufactured all of this does not ring true because (i) Dylan reportedly told a babysitter first; (ii) Mia Farrow reportedly gave her daughter multiple opportunities to recant if she wanted to; and (iii) Dylan is now a mature, happy adult who would have no motivation to continue to lie for her mother, twenty two years later, who lives a thousand miles away from her.

Mia Farrow also did not sue Woody Allen for the sexual abuse of her daughter. She could have. She gained nothing by backing her daughter, and endured a nightmare in the courts and the media by doing so after a mandatory reporter went to the police with Dylan’s allegations. She has spent her life raising her own biological children as well as disadvantaged, often disabled children, and fiercely advocating for human rights for desperately poor Africans and victims of genocide.

4. Woody Allen not only has had a long-term, well-established interest in young girls, he’s never seen anything wrong with it. His film Manhattan, in which he stars, features a forty-two year old man in a sexual relationship with a seventeen year old high school student without any compunction whatsoever.  (Don’t tell me things were different in 1979. Plenty of us opposed sexual abuse then too.) And more significantly, he demonstrated an outrageous ability to prey on Mia’s family by secretly engaging in a sexual relationship with Dylan’s teenaged sister Soon-Yi and taking explicit pornographic pictures of her. (He ultimately married her.)  He made bizarre public statements showing an almost sociopathic lack of understanding of the devastating pain this caused to Mia and the siblings at the time, like:

“I didn’t find any moral dilemmas whatsoever, I didn’t feel that just because she was Mia’s daughter, there was any great moral dilemma. It was a fact, but not one with any great import. It wasn’t like she was my daughter.”

Not important! Not a moral issue at all! No wonder Woody Allen is kept from making public statements now, hiding behind his publicists and attorneys.

5. The lack of criminal findings tells us nothing. There was no finding of guilt, and no finding that Dylan or Mia was lying. In 1992 a prosecutor oddly announced that while there was “probable cause” to believe Dylan, he would not pursue the case because of the “fragility of the child victim.”

When it comes to allegations of sexual abuse, especially against wealthy, powerful men, the child is easily discredited and often loses.  See, e.g., Roman Polanski. In this case the prosecutor is alleged to have persuaded Mia not to put Dylan through the ordeal of testifying. This is very common and completely outrageous. Children should be supported, prepared, and encouraged to testify. I have done this many times and they find it an empowering experience when it’s over. Testifying teaches a child to hold her head high, that she can speak her truth without being swallowed up by the earth, that she has done nothing wrong and is a hero for bringing justice to the predator and protecting future victims. Discouraging kids from testifying allows predators to escape justice and to prey on others.

Our legal system is entirely broken when it comes to child molestation. It’s heartbreaking. People contact me constantly seeking help for prosecutors who won’t prosecute, or police who won’t investigate.

6. Dylan’s story is entirely consistent with what we know about sexual abuse.  Commonly, decades pass before a victim can become centered and brave enough to speak out. (Many never do.) Dylan’s details are powerful (such as getting sick looking at toy trains to this day and Woody’s claimed “grooming” behavior like putting his head in her naked lap and his thumb in her mouth) and consistent with the literature about the effects of molestation on its victims.

Woody Allen’s friend says that the idea of him molesting her in an attic when he was claustrophobic and there were others in the large house implies that child molesters behave rationally. Nothing could be further from the truth. Child molestation is inherently irrational, compulsive behavior. Little girls are commonly molested when family lurks in the next room. Little boys are victimized in homes, hotels, out of doors, anywhere and everywhere. The digital sexual assault Dylan alleged can happen in seconds and leave no trace.

Woody Allen’s publicist said that seven year old Dylan was unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Seven year olds do not fantasize about sex with their father. They don’t fantasize about sex at all. To a seven year old, sex is disgusting and unimaginable.

This matter will probably never be resolved, as no one is going to court now. But the least we can do is acknowledge the credibility of Dylan’s story, and, more broadly, show respect to other sexual abuse victims by avoiding tired myths about how and why they speak out.

[1] Ronan Farrow, Dylan’s brother, who supports her claims, will soon host a show on MSNBC, where I am a regular contributor. I have never met or spoken to him or anyone else involved in this story.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Avvo.


  1. 1

    Spot on with this write-up, I truly believe this amazing site needs much more attention. I’ll probably
    be back again to read more, thanks for the advice!

  2. 2

    “Woody Allen” used in sentences on a web site gets search engine rankings. Toss in “child molestation” and you are making money. The writer knows nothing of Woody Allen or Mia Farrow or their private lives. You have never met them, spent time with them yet you have a list of what makes someone credible which is absurd. You would be dangerous on jury but you would never be on a jury if you spouted off like this in court.
    Comments here are from those that do not know anything but what they have heard: Hearsay. Inadmissible.
    It is quite easy to accuse someone and you should hope you are never accused if you are innocent. We are innocent until proved guilty are we not? Not on this web page. The writers bio suggests she is an attorney but read it again, I only see “legal analyst”. What concrete evidence in Mr. Allen’s trial have you analyzed? Or is he on trial?
    People get up in arms about child molestation especially felons in lock-up.
    Yes I am defending Woody Allen. I am defending his Right to Due Process. Free Speech to defame or slander? No, that is not allowed. It is a violation of his Rights. As I said: You best hope it never happens to you. Once you are in the court system, guilty or not, you will never be the same.
    America, shut up, mind your own and do not infringe on others Rights.

  3. 3

    Wondering how many cases of child “brainwashing” and lying about molestation there have been recorded. It seems farfetched to say “this child is lying because her mother put her up to it” when molestation is a thing that happens with some frequency.

  4. 4

    Regardless of what happened in the attic, I can’t quite get a handle on any of the defences that Woody Allen and his supporters use to justify his relationship with Soon Yi. Even if it’s true that Woody did not think of Soon Yi as any kind of daughter- step, or otherwise- and even if it’s true that Soon Yi never thought of Woody as any kind of father figure, the fact remains that Dylan Farrow (then a small child) and Satchel Farrow (also a small child) – both children of Woody Allen- very much thought of Soon Yi as their sister.

    Therefore, the supposedly ‘adult’ relationship between Allen and Soon Yi, is not just about adult choices at all. In many ways, it SHOULD be illegal for a man to have sex with, and then marry the sister of his six or seven year old daughter. What a horrible thing for that six or seven year old girl to live through. Equally, it should of course be illegal for a mother to have sex with her own small child’s brother, but it’s hard to imagine a mother attempting to justify such an action.

    It’s all about Woody, isn’t it? I mean, it seems that, at no point, did this man question what effect his actions might have on his very young children. who, according to him, he loved unconditionally, and put first in his life, like any other father. I think not! Woody Allen doesn’t show any understanding of what it is to be a real parent, at least not to those two children. Whether or not he’s got it now, i wouldn’t know. But I somehow doubt it.

    Why are so many educated, articulate people engaged in defending Woody Allen in terms of his relationship with Soon Yi? Don’t they also see that there were small, damaged children in all of this? Children that would naturally be confused, regardless of what their mother said or didn’t say? We don’t live in a culture where our fathers have sex with, and marry our sisters.

    Which brings me to this: These defences, by and for Woody’s choice from Soon Yi, sound as if they come from a bunch of inbred Hillbillies,- people who don’t understand boundaries, who have grown up with incest, and who have no real connection to the world, and very little , if any, education.

    The problem is that Woody Allen is a long way from being an ignorant, inbred that one might forgive for not knowing any better. His films indicate a profound understanding of the human state, and given that fact, one can only assume that Woody has taken this approach, simply because in his mind- it’s not so much that the ‘heart’ wants what it wants, but that Woody GETS what he wants’ And, after all, Woody Allen is not some harmless little neurotic man, afraid of baths with the drain in the middle, and afraid of enclosed spaces. That’s his movie personal. Woody Allen is a highly successful film director/writer/producer etc…. We know his level of success, and this is not achievable by the sweet little scared persona he uses in his movies.

    Woody wants what Woody gets, and Woody subverts reality to make it all okay.

  5. 5

    I appreciate Sandie sharing her own experience. The most striking property is the repetition of the offending behavior. Rather than going overboard in penalties the focus should be in discovery of the first offence, due process, as well as discovery of the second and third offence for which the aggravated sentencing then kicks in. One has to remember that children have a remarkable ability to heal from the emotional trauma once released from the oak of shame. If offender is not a immediate blood relative then this should be fairly straightforward process. In the case of Allen vs Farrow or opposite I see too many motives and characterizations that discredits Mia and too little effort to prove Allen did what Mia accused him of doing. If you accuse a man of murder then you need bullet proof evidence. Both murder and molestation convictions are very much final In case of molestation the crime even if paid off through served prison sentence can never be sealed or expunged. The mugshots on internet and computer databases makes sure the convicted person can never escape his past. The worst thing that can happen a free man is being wrongfully accused of murderer. Second worse that can happen to a free man is being wrongfully accused of molesting a child. The latter just happens a lot more frequently. Women are virtually free of this kind of accusations.

  6. 6

    Already first claim goes fundamentally wrong. Dylan Farrow is not seeking anything from Woody Allen. It is absolutely correctly analysis of statues of limitations, but shows no understanding of what consequences brainwashing would have on a subject. Depending if Mia Farrow reported real abuse or coached we get two different outcomes in Dylan’s adult life. In case of real molestation Dylan would be expected to rehabilitate from the molestation and need for support from husband would be expected to monotonically decrease as time goes by. In case of coaching followed by brainwashing the victim, Dylan and other family members would be in need of constant dichotomy to prevent the internal conflicts that arises from deprogramming. In the latter case the burden on Dylan’s spouse would either remain constant or increase. Only death of Woody Allen would eradict need for dichotomy, but could still be some 5 to 10 years ahead as Mr.Allen appears to be of good health. If Woody Allens films become permanent installations in American awareness .. through Blue Jasmine and other true to life American stories .. then the legacy may not necessarily terminate with the death of its author and may even outlive Dylan’s lifetime.
    There is a risk that Dylan’s husband will bail out, and then Dylan would be in urgent need of finding a surrogate person to prevent the painful stages of deprogramming . Could decide to return to Mia, but it would be the most true sign of the morbidity. Dylan Farrow currently have something extremely valuable to her mental health and well being. The author and legal analyst fail to read the expected consequences within the victim when the he said she said situation is turned around 180 degrees.

  7. 7

    I too face the dilemma that Dylan is in, but for me it’s my immediate family that do not believe me. I ask just one question and agree mostly with the point made in the 1st statement – Dylan is not seeking anything, do why would she lie. It is the same question I ask myself. Why would I lie, why would I make myself a target to my family, be ostracised by everyone of them, be called a liar and made out to be vindictive and at fault. It would be so easy for Dylan and people like me who have been through child sexual abuse to just keep quiet, keep the peace, say nothing but there comes a time when you need to speak your truth.
    There is not enough evidence to convict my father either, I cannot give exact dates, places or times. The same brain that chose to shut down to protect me from the abuse at the time, still protects me now that my recollections are like flashes, some very clear, some a little fuzzy. I too like Dylan spoke out at the time, three times in total. First to a teacher when I was 5, she called my parents in and as I was colouring in at the back of the classroom I could hear them telling her what a liar and troublemaker I was, my teacher never treated me the same again. I then tried to tell my mother again at 13 and she accused me of stealing her husband. And I wrote both my parents a letter when I was in my mid 30’s (mid 40’s now), through my sister (who still has a relationship with them) I heard that I was crazy, vindictive and of course a liar.
    Again it would be so easy to not tell your truth or live in denial. To not put yourself out there for the world to judge you. Dylan has no reason to lie and make herself a target for all those that feel they know her truth better than she does. I hope that one day soon I am as brave as Dylan and I can share my truth out loud.
    Thank you Lisa for shedding light on this topic.

  8. 8

    Thanks for the link to Mr. Weide’s intelligent piece on the messy Woody/Mia history. It was the sole redeeming part of your insane article.

  9. 9

    Wow, the use of the “mugshot” here was pretty sleazy, and the article was the nothing but innuendo and the suggestion that the seriousness of the alleged crime should be taken as evidence that it occurred.

    Look, I feel for Dylan, she’s obviously in a lot of pain, and she has done absolutely nothing wrong. But the fact is “I had enough evidence to convict but chose not to” is complete bs, and the prosecutor was rightly disciplined for saying so. There has simply never been enough evidence to overcome Woody’s presumption of innocence and conclude that this incident occurred.

    And before you think I’m defending Woody, I’m not. I’m defending due process. I live near Jordan, MN, where 25 people were thrown in prison in the 80s for “satanic ritual abuse” with zero evidence. If an accusation is all that is needed to ruin someone’s life, no one is safe, not me, not you, not even Dylan.

  10. 10

    A common thread that I find fascinating in reading these comments – those who were comfortable enough to acknowledge they too were victims of pedophilia when leaving a comment ALL agree with the points made in the article and all have pretty much stated that they are applicable to their own situation/abuser in one form or another. Not a single ‘victim’ attacked this article in any way. I too am a survivor of pedophilia. I too can relate to almost everything Dylan has said publicly, repeatedly, since she was 7. I too had a mother who did whatever she could to protect & defend me when it all came to light. And I too had to live with a father and countless adults I had always looked up to turn on my mother, defend my father and say my mother had filled my head with lies. I too have a father who waited until I was 30yrs old, on bed rest with a high risk pregnancy write me a letter of ‘apology’ – saying ‘he was so sorry that I allowed my mother to fill my head with lies all those years and because of her manipulating me with lies I ended up such troubled youth’ – as if I was too simple minded of a child to remember details of breath on skin – acts that are called ‘grooming’ while the abuser builds up courage for the actual act.

    Also interesting is that those who have made comments claiming the article is a joke, ignorant, a lie, uncredible, etc etc etc… the common thread amongst that group is not one of those who have attempted to disparage or tear apart the article have acknowledged nor alluded to the fact or possibility of having been sexually abused or preyed upon in the way Dylan has maintained for over 20yrs that she was… to me, that says all I need to know – that this is a topic that you are completely uneducated about – whether you are an ‘MD’ or not (Laura M.D. – I cant bare to phathom how many people you have harmed with your cluelessness.). And people like you will always unwittingly give abusers the undeserved feeling of overzealous self-righteousness that they always exude.

  11. 11

    I find it hard to believe that at the height of all the child protection and empowerment legislation that passed through congress 1988-1992, Ms. Mia Farrow did not pursue prosecution at the time. If Mr. Allen had molested Dylan, he would have been prosecuted. Not even in 1992 would child services, police, prosecutors, or judge advise a molester go free rather than traumatizing the 7 year old to testify. What I don’t find hard to believe is a mother so enraged over her ex-boyfriend dating her daughter that she would try to destroy his life.

  12. 12
    Michael E Piston

    It is remarkable that the author, as an attorney, would publicly (and unsolicitedly) make a judgment about the credibility of a witness which she has never heard testify at all, much less be cross-examined, and by implication conclude that another witness, whom she has also not heard, is not credible. I’m glad she’s a lawyer and not a judge.

  13. 13

    Everywhere the Dylan Farrow letter is being discussed in open forums, pedophiles/rapists have been showing up, en force, to minimize, defend, and even boast about their compulsions to sexually assault children, teens, and women.

    These are ordinary, everyday, even smart and talented men: husbands, brothers, fathers, friends, teachers, artists, filmmakers, etc. They are common, they are not ashamed, and they are not going to stop. They thrive on doubt for the victim, and they are emboldened by getting away with what they do. They encourage and support one another, bonding over the damage they do to the bodies and minds of females and children.

    We should listen to what they are saying, and realize and accept that they are telling the truth about themselves, about what they do, and will do, when they see an opportunity.

  14. 14

    To respond to some comments here and add a few things.

    –Woody did not marry Mia Farrow. He did propose to her after she learned he had slept with Soon-Yi. He begged forgiveness. She didn’t take him back.

    –Mia’s attorneys offered Woody’s a deal to drop the abuse charges for $5 million. Woody’s lawyer said no. That money was supposed to be for the kids, and for her future film projects.

    –Mia still wanted to work with Woody the week after she made the charges.

    –Mia saw Woody’s creepy behavior toward Dylan starting when Dylan was 2. Instead of keeping him from her, she got him to go to a therapist and said he could not be alone with Dylan. How on Earth could she let him adopt Dylan a couple years later? And how could she even be involved with a man who first had NO interest in her kids, then, too much interest in Dylan? OK he was giving her movie roles, but come on. She is an codependent enabler and he is a malignant narcissist. They are a real team. They live in this cloud of rage. Dylan’s rage over the abuse is entangled with Mia’s rage over Soon-yi. Though I think Woody is a pedophile I have to say I don’t want to hear anymore from these victims either. Mia is every bit as guilty, she LET HIM ADOPT THE KID that he would FONDLE RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER.

  15. 15

    From a fellow victim of childhood sexual abuse, all of the emotions in Dylan Farrow’s NYT’s piece were eerily familiar. The tone, the frustration, the anger, the indignity, the defiance… All of it was spot on and I knew before I had finished reading that she was telling the truth. You don’t fake it and get it so exactly correct.

    All of those who want to further attack Dylan Farrow and accuse her of vicious lies, answer this: If she was sexually abused and you know it to be true, would you care then? I suspect the answer to that is ‘No’. You are, if not in your actions, in your heart, disgusting and unfeeling. In short, you are devoid of empathy and sympathy for fellow humans regardless of their suffering and that is sad.

    Peace to you, Dylan Farrow. 

  16. 16

    Woody molested both children, his step daughters Dylan and [Soon-Yi, who he took explicit pornographic pictures of, and married]. Soon-Yi was how much younger than Woody-when he married her?

    The public needs to know. Child abuse is litigated in criminal court under penal codes. But child abuse by a PARENT or In Home Abuse is different. If there are no custody issues, child abuse is litigated in Dependency Court/Family Court, under Welfare Codes. The one and only law mandated by legislation is REUNIFICATION, reunifying the abusive parent with the child they abused.

    If there are custody issues, child abuse is litigated in Divorce Court under Family Law, where a [representation of abuse is wrongly labeled a parental alienation case]. The abuser is awarded custody, while the protective parent is court ordered ‘no contact’ or supervised visits.

    Of course judges and prosecutors have discretion, so they could if they want to-criminally charge a parent or [in-home child abuse]. But I have never known a judge in the nation use their discretion to protect a child.

    National Safe Child Coalition

  17. 17
    Noa Summerfield

    Finally, an intelligent, credible article on this subject. Thank you.

  18. 18

    How do you explain Ronan’s stellar intellect – he graduated Bard College at the age of 15, then went to Yale…unless he has Woody Allen’s genes for intellect? True, I don’t see any physical resemblance to Allen.

  19. 19

    In reply to ” Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed. / February 5, 2014 at 11:42 pm
    Read more of this comment and realize that the poster has 2 masters degrees … One in EDUCATION – This person could in all likelihood be teaching your children! Scary!

    “Lisa Bloom was totally hot when she showed up on CNN to discuss Woody Allen with Piers Morgan. She wasn’t leaning back, she was sitting upright, leaning forward. You could see her wonderful straight back and almost glimpse her gorgeous butt. But not quite. She was wearing a beautiful gray suede leather jacket on what looked like a see-through sexy silk slip that beckoned to reveal her gorgeous breasts. A sexy woman talking about sex. Any man watching her that night on CNN was bound to think about her all night. And think about her to the point of ejaculation. Thinking about Lisa Bloom can certainly take a lot of juice out of your system.
    And men have been looking at Lisa Bloom for some time now. No doubt since she was a girl. She is horrified by Dylan Farrow’s story of sexual abuse. But Lisa Bloom surely remembers how men looked at her when she was a girl. Pretty much the way they look at her now. Surely she remembers how men lusted for her when she was a girl. She may not have understood at the time what the attention was all about or what those admiring glances were all about. But surely now, as she looks back, she can understand what was going through the minds of these men as they looked at her. Lisa Bloom was always beautiful. And men have been looking at her since she was young. Very young indeed. And she knows it.
    So why is she horrified by all this? She is a beautiful woman and she was a beautiful girl. She has experienced the attention and the admiration of men since a very young age. No man would ever admit to her how young she was when she began to be desirable. Men are intimidated by Lisa Bloom. They would never admit to this powerful superstar attorney how young she was when they desired her butt. Or how young she was when she began to occupy their thoughts to the point of orgasm. ………”
    Cited from: Lisa Bloom: Six Reasons Why Dylan Farrow is Highly Credible

  20. 20

    Arshad Sherif nails it, in comedic fashion, in a manner that would make Woody proud.
    Ladies: guys see things differently. Males start thinking about sex at a very early age, and not just thinking about it but masturbating while thinking about it. Girls/women, of almost all ages, are gloriously desirable. It starts for us early on and it never stops till we’re dead and buried.

    That said, sex between parent and child is, for me, wrong. Yet, I am personally aware of a parent who had oral sex with her very young children and those children grew up to become happy and extremely successful men. More than anything else, this personal knowledge tells me it is not so simple, the issue being discussed here.

    Lisa, cultural norms change over time. And, cultural norms vary from country to country. How can you not know this? Think about the cultural norms pertaining to race, or homosexuality and how radically they’ve changed. Think about the most popular films of the 1950’s and the 3 decade age differences between the male and female romantic leads. It was completely acceptable.

    Dylan Farrow’s psychological issues are not the sole result of what Woody Allen may have done in the attic. The Farrow household was a weird, complicated place and I would look to it broadly for answers, were I one of the many Farrow children seeking to understand myself. Allen should not have done what he did, if he even did what she claims, but it is not the crime of the century and does not make him a monster.

    By the way, I think a lot of Allen’s films are not great works of art, although I have enjoyed some of them, especially Husband and Wives.

  21. 21

    I have seen many reasonable sensitive people use Allens falling in love with a teenage woman, and portraying such relationshipa in his films as evidence that he might well be a child molestor. In your article you cite reasons you are an expert on child sexual abuse. So how can u not see the fallacy of this connection? the reason attraction to children is a pervertion is it is desire for someone who is not sexually mature. Many people are creeped out by big age differences but the relationships in the films and in his life are with sexually mature women. If u want to conclude he is a potential molestor of teen girls, i think thats a stretch but maybe. but that is a different prediliction and does not support Dylans accusation.

  22. 22

    in your first point your logic seems to be: it is healthy for victims to tell their stories; Dylan has told her story; therefore she must be a real victim. Huh? There must be a Latin term for the fallacy of that logic.

  23. 23

    retired, he wasnt married to mia and they did not live together. He never lived in the same house with Soon Yi. Previn was her father. The points in the article are very general and dont do much to really support Dylan. The idea that one could rationally look at the facts and have an opinion without falling under some kind of all powerful ‘blame the victim” paradigm is insulting. I am a man. I have no stomach for child molestation or sexual assault of any kind. but it should be obvious that credibility cannot and should not be immediately presumed based on the nature of the accusation. the point of the blog piece is based on the fact that credibility must be determined. ms. bloom awards credibility for details of dylans story that anyone watching tv knows are the common mo of predators, details that were not reported in dylans original story. thats just one example. the six points are weak. BTW please delete the beyond innapropriate post of mr hilarious with the sexual graphic language. geeze.

  24. 24

    Thanks for your article. It shows a great deal of understanding of the nature of child abuse and experience dealing with it. It shows an awareness of how pedophiles groom children and also how they want to blame the victims and discredit anyone who substantiates the charges. If anyone was really honest, they would question a 56 some year old dating a 20 year old and also the fact that he had taken explicit photos of her as a child. He also was a father figure to her since she was aged nine and we will never know at what age that relationship really started since he has married the chief witness. Most people without any knowledge or experience with sexual abuse really don’t have a clue about the grooming and the attacks and attempts to discredit those who expose them.
    Please see the comment above by one Arshad Sherif. It should be flagged or removed for being highly immature and offensive in any public forum.

  25. 25

    The trolls are out on this one!!! A well-written article. 98% of children who disclose sexual abuse are found to be telling the truth (Dympna House, 1998)

  26. 26

    Arshad Sherif; I am pursuing the matter of your comment further but, in the meantime, I want to point out this:

    18. User Posted Content & Other Interactive Services or Areas

    By using any Interactive Areas, you agree to comply with the Avvo Community Guidelines and you further agree not to post, upload to, transmit, distribute, store, create or otherwise publish through the Site any of the following:
    User Content that is false, misleading, unlawful, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, lewd, suggestive, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, fraudulent or otherwise objectionable, including without limitation any recommendation, endorsement, rating, or review of a professional with whom you have not had direct, personal experience in a professional context or as a client of such professional;

  27. 27

    I take back the above statement in that I just read one post up there that has sickened me in a way I have never been sickened before.

    Arshad Sherif. The way you write, to the author and in your own drooling over your description of abuse to a child….I hate to assume but you appear as a pedophile. I cannot imagine such disgusting bile coming from something who is NOT that way inclined.

    You do realize there are ways to find people like you, don’t you? You sit there and prey on a woman over the internet, with your truly sickening words, thinking you’re safe behind a computer but….you’re not.

    You just never know who, out here in the big wide internet, has the capacity to track you down.

    Now, unless you are as good at hiding any trace of yourself online as my contacts are in tracking people like you down….you are about to learn why it’s not such a good idea to vomit the contents of your vile mind online.

  28. 28

    At first I was absolutely gobsmacked….FLOORED and repulsed by Vivian’s comments. I had no words…I still don’t. She is one of the reasons the world can be so fucked up.

    Then, I had the misfortune to read Didel’s bitter and ugly rants. Oh boy. That troll is a piece of work. If I had the choice of a world of Viviens or a world of Didels, I would struggle to decide but….I think, in the end, I would go with the Didel’s because at least that troll is openly fucked in the head…as opposed to Vivian, who is pretty insidious.

    It is very rare that a child lies about being sexually abused. Rare. To any of the truly awful people on here who smugly, behind their keyboard, say that Dylan and other children who step forward and tell someone about their sexual abuse are lying…have any of you been sexually abused? If you had, then you would know how MUCH it takes to summon up the courage and stifle the fear by speaking up.

    Again, reading some of these comments makes my heart weep, it really does. YOU….people like you….are the reason why victims of sexual abuse struggle to speak up AND stand up.

    Man, there are some spectacularly ugly, horrible people in the world. The internet attracts them like crazy.

  29. 29

    I am 65 years old and an Adult-Child-Incest-Survivor-Advocate, I am still not believed by society, mostly because, people in communities worldwide with high profile who believe themselves to be gods, have become “Untouchable” by the law because of their high prestige’s statues and position in society, yet these people have no substance of character, value or integrity and many paedophiles mask their crimes against children with their celebrity statues.

  30. 30

    An utter load of rubbish, this doesn’t explain anything apart from you’re clear lack of understanding about sexual predictors and abuse victims.

  31. 31

    After spewing all this crap on her blog site, Lisa Bloom is very likely to be the guest of Ronan Farrow, whose show on HLNTV (the same channel Lisa Bloom frequently appears on, as a guest) is about to begin soon, this month. Ronan Farrow is believed to be (by mentally unstable people) the biological son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, but in reality he was conceived during one of Mia’s numerous sexual affairs, in this case with Frank Sinatra. One shouldn’t be an anthropologist to realize that Woody Allen has just as much to do with the conception of Ronan Farrow as I do and I swear that I did not have sexual relations with that woman (to cite a famous politician). Ronan looks JUST LIKE his biological father, Frank Sinatra. There is NOTHING from Allen (who happens to be uglier than a whole pack of stubborn mules), in this young man’s facial traits. So, to cut a long story short, Lisa Bloom felt like taking sides with one of Woody Allen’s detractors (Dylan) who happens to be the sister of her future “colleague” at HLNTV.

  32. 32

    “When Woody Allen married Mia Farrow his role was to be provider,care-giver, protector and father to THEIR children. It was NOT to be lover or eventually husband to his teenage
    adoptive daughters.”

    In response to your comments to my previous statement. I was of course referring to a Common Law marriage, and he did marry HIS adoptive daughter because Woody Allen was in the role as FATHER in that household. A man or woman is NOT suppose to use the home as his personal “dating pool” for protential lovers to any child or teenager in that home. PERIOD!!!! Related by blood, adoption, or any another relationship.
    As I said before and I shall repeat again…. Woody Allen role in that household was to PROVIDE, PROTECT, & PROCLAIM his love for Mia Farrow and all children in the home by maintaining an appropriate relationship. It’s just that simple.

  33. 33
  34. 34

    I am so horrified to learn all of this but am thankful for blogs like yours who are helping to get the word out about this travesty. I am sickened by how Dylan was made to suffer in silence for so many years. Glad she is finding some peace finally.

  35. 35

    The cheap shot at Allen by heading this column with a “mug shot” of Allen (taken from his movie “Take the Money and Run”) is reprehensible and warns me even before I begin to read that Bloom has already made up her mind and that the piece will only condemn and pillory Allen. Shame on you.

  36. 36

    And when Allen was suing Farrow for custody of Dylan and two others, this is what the judge said:

    “None of the witnesses who testified on Mr. Allen’s behalf provided credible evidence that he is an appropriate custodial parent. Indeed, none would venture an opinion that he should be granted custody. When asked, even Mr. Allen could not provide an acceptable reason for a change in custody.”

    That’s right, not even Allen’s own witnesses would testify that he was an appropriate custodial parent.

    And concerning visitation the judge said:

    The common theme of the testimony by the mental health witnesses is that Mr. Allen has inflicted serious damage on the children and that healing is necessary. Because as Dr. Brodzinsky and Dr. Herman observed, this family is in an uncharted therapeutic area, where the course is uncertain and the benefits unknown, the visitation structure that will best promote the healing process and safeguard the children is elusive. What is clear is that Mr. Allen’s lack of judgment, insight, and impulse control make normal noncustodial visitation with Dylan and Satchel too risky to the children’s well-being to be permitted at this time.
    It is unclear whether Mr. Allen will ever develop the insight and judgment necessary for him to relate to Dylan appropriately. My causation is the product of mr Allen’s demonstrated inability to understand the impact that his words and deeds have upon the emotional well being of his children.
    I believe that Mr. Allen will use Satchel in an attempt to gain information about Dylan and to insinuate himself in her good graces. I believe that Mr. Allen will, if unsupervised, attempt to turn Satchel against the other members of his family. I believe Mr. Allen to be desirous of of introducing Soon-Yi into the visitation arrangement without concern for the effect on Satchel, Soon-Yi, or the other members of the Farrow family. In short, I believe Mr. Allen to be so self-absorbed, untrustworthy, and insensitive, that he should not be permitted to see Satchel without appropriate professional supervision until Mr. Allen demonstrates that supervision is no longer necessary.

  37. 37

    None of these are “reasons” that attest to Dylan’s credibility. And #2 directly contradicts #6. And Dylan’s brother Moses joins Woody Allen in a “tired common” blaming of the mother. Of course, he was an actual witness to it, so what does he know?

  38. 38
    Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed.

    Lisa Bloom was totally hot when she showed up on CNN to discuss Woody Allen with Piers Morgan. She wasn’t leaning back, she was sitting upright, leaning forward. You could see her wonderful straight back and almost glimpse her gorgeous butt. But not quite. She was wearing a beautiful gray suede leather jacket on what looked like a see-through sexy silk slip that beckoned to reveal her gorgeous breasts. A sexy woman talking about sex. Any man watching her that night on CNN was bound to think about her all night. And think about her to the point of ejaculation. Thinking about Lisa Bloom can certainly take a lot of juice out of your system.

    And men have been looking at Lisa Bloom for some time now. No doubt since she was a girl. She is horrified by Dylan Farrow’s story of sexual abuse. But Lisa Bloom surely remembers how men looked at her when she was a girl. Pretty much the way they look at her now. Surely she remembers how men lusted for her when she was a girl. She may not have understood at the time what the attention was all about or what those admiring glances were all about. But surely now, as she looks back, she can understand what was going through the minds of these men as they looked at her. Lisa Bloom was always beautiful. And men have been looking at her since she was young. Very young indeed. And she knows it.

    So why is she horrified by all this? She is a beautiful woman and she was a beautiful girl. She has experienced the attention and the admiration of men since a very young age. No man would ever admit to her how young she was when she began to be desirable. Men are intimidated by Lisa Bloom. They would never admit to this powerful superstar attorney how young she was when they desired her butt. Or how young she was when she began to occupy their thoughts to the point of orgasm.

    But if you read the letter that Dylan Farrow has written for The New York Times, you discover that there is one major problem: the lack of any specificity with regard to the “sexual assault” that she says took place in the closet. This is a major problem for any investigation. And for anyone who is willing to lean Farrow’s way in this controversy. There is a complete lack of specificity. All she says is that Woody Allen told her to lay on her stomach and play with her brother’s toy train. Then she claims that she was sexually assaulted. But she needs to tell us a lot more. She has to be much more detailed in her account before we can begin to side with her and accept her story.

    It is clear that she wants us to imagine some type of sexual assault that took place from the rear. Perhaps her bottom. Maybe a fondling of her bottom. Biting her bottom. Perhaps some spanking. Possibly licking her bottom. But did the licking involve the anus? Was she licked around and inside her anus? Was her bottom penetrated? All the way? Or did he go in just a little and stop because she found it too painful? Was a moisturizer used to get her rectum moist and ready for penetration? How long was he inside her bottom? Did he pull out and go in again or did he penetrate her only once? Did she feel the gush of sperm inside her rectum? Did she understand why her bottom was so exciting to him? Was her self-esteem raised knowing that it was her exciting butt that caused his ejaculation?

    And these are the thoughts that come to men’s minds when they think about Lisa Bloom. When they think sexually about her. She knows how desirable her bottom is to men. How it is desirable to them right now. Right this minute. And how it has always been desirable to them. Since she was a girl they have been thinking about her bottom. Fantasizing about her bottom to the point of ejaculation. Just like they did when she made her appearance on CNN a couple of days ago. Lisa Bloom knows this. She knows how men have always desired her butt. And she knows the things they do to it once they get her in bed.

    Lisa Bloom doesn’t address these issues in her article. And she would probably claim that these are issues that only an aroused man would wish to discuss. A man she has aroused by her appearance on CNN. Aroused to the point of orgasm.

    But they are issues that are relevant to any investigation of this kind. Lisa Bloom is a superstar attorney who has dealt with many sex abuse victims. And so she knows how detailed and how graphic such cases can be. They are the details that attorneys on both sides must delve into before they decide whether to move forward or not. Whether there is sufficient evidence or not.

  39. 39

    Thank you for this article. I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and really appreciated it.

  40. 40

    @Michael Kullik… What planet did you say your residence is on? K-PAX? Or is it TAM-PAX? Let me remind you that children have fertile imagination and your idiotic statement “Children do not make things up when it comes to sexual abuse.” doesn’t fit in the real world. Let me remind you a case known as The McMartin Case. Google it, read about it and then shut up.

  41. 41

    #7. Dylan changed her name and her appearance. This is often the case with an abuse victim. She has straightened and dyed her hair, apparently fixed her nose, and has changed her first name twice. I can relate to this because I’ve changed my name (and my hair color), largely to escape my childhood. I wasn’t abused in the same the way Dylan was, but I grew up with ugliness and lies just as she did. It’s a way of re-creating yourself and distancing yourself from your history.

    #8. Dylan claims she cut herself and had an eating disorder. Classic symptoms of sexual abuse.

    I’ve always believed Dylan.

  42. 42

    Very interesting column. I worry about Dylan…doesn’t matter how strong you are the attacks can hurt..maybe not today, but every survivor will tell you the highs of awareness and acceptance and recognition are wonderful but the lows are as dark as hell..I write about this here in my column: Take care of yourself and your soul:

  43. 43

    It is heartbreaking, when a person can be so ignorant as to believe a child at the tender age of 7 would ever think about sex in a pleasant and arousing way. There is a thing called puberty. And that does NOT start at the age of 7. While you can know the mechanics of the Act (such as reading the book ‘where do babies come from?’) as a child at age 7, YOU DO NOT have feelings/experience/or the imagination enough to become stimulated, because you DO NOT have enough experience to connect the feeling and the act together to create the event in a realistic way. In order for Dylan to be able to come out and say…this is what happened and this is how it felt, that is the proof right there. Only a child who has been violated can explain the pain, hurt, and violence done to them. You, at age 7 cannot (no matter how much you have been coached) lie that sincerely, without the basis to draw from it. And at age 7, unless you are watching porn have no reason to it either. So the fact that you are, shows that this is out of ordinary, and something that needs to be exposed.

  44. 44

    Woody is a pedophile and I can’t believe so many celebrities have stuck up for him over the years. Dylan had this stuff reported to authorities way back when it happened. Just ask Alan Dershiewicz.
    Not seeing anything immoral about dating the daughter of his former long time lover Mia Farrow??? Gag. He is just disgusting. He’s no one to look up to. I stand by Dylan. He needed to be exposed

  45. 45

    I’m disgusted to see so many comments that provide this and that reason why Dylan Farrow should not be believed. Our first impulse when confronted with this type of testimony should be to believe the victim. Don’t get it twisted and think that you have the responsibility to presume Allen innocent until proven guilty. That is a legal issue. That is not your responsibility as a person or as a citizen.

  46. 46

    I was molested by my father when I was 7. I remember specifically asking him if this was what all dads do with their daughters and if mommy was going to do this with my brothers. He told me he was teaching me about sex so that I could do it well with my husband. It was our “secret.” When I was 15, I finally was able to stand up to him and make him keep his hands off me. When I was 37, there was a TV show about a child being molested. My brother called me up and asked me if that happened to me. He noticed how my dad behaved toward me and was terrified that my dad would do it to him. I have post traumatic stress disorder. I take 2 antidepressants. I’ve had therapy. I hate my father. I can’t even look him in the eye.

    I know that everything Dylan has said is true. Those who claim that it never happened are deluded. Those who say Woody would never do this are clueless. It happens ALL THE TIME. If you look around the classroom, around your church group, your office, anywhere- 1 out of 4 girls is being molested by their father, stepfather, relative, etc.

  47. 47

    Good God I really hope you’re lying about working on cases like this if these points are your standard of proof.

    Just take the first one: Dylan gains immediate fame and slavish hero worship as well as world-wide recognition for her brother.

    The rest of the points? Exactly what liars say when an investigation has proven them wrong.

  48. 48

    This was accurate and true. I find it interesting that people do not believe her. It’s called victim blaming and maybe we get inundated with so much of it through the media. I’m proud of her and its shame there is so much collusion on the part of people who see Dylan’s statement as false.

  49. 49

    @angry bitc# What exactly qualifies you bitch to call the men who wrote comments here “a bunch of no good perverts”? Your menopause flashes, or the lack of “wiener”?
    If you weren’t a stupid bitch you would realize that the most powerful pieces, which mopped the floor with the aberrant claims made by Lisa Bloom on this page were written by WOMEN, you imbecile. The difference between you and them? They have brains whereas you have compact bone between ears. As far as your desire to see the men cut off their “wieners” (so you can collect them all and get a bit of happiness in your useless life), don’t put all your hopes on that. Better pay a male escort, like many women of your type do.

  50. 50

    So many inaccuracies in the comments. Woody Allen did not marry Mia Farrow, he did not adopt Soon Yi, she was not his daughter. I truly believe that Dylan believes what she is saying is true. However, I don’t know if that is the way it happened. Saying you should wait until a man is found guilty, or even tells his side of the story, is not victim blaming.

  51. 51

    society is full of parasites

  52. 52

    Though I agree Farrow has a case. Ms Bloom , by lying has ruined it. Fortunately she is not going to be representing Farrow.

    If you are a prosecutor you know quite well that a liar’s testimony is invalid.

  53. 53

    I have prosecuted, investigated and consulted on these cases for over 15 years. Ms. Bloom is spot on on every point. Great work.

  54. 54

    I know you mean well but really she knows who her dad is and we have two girls here.
    The adopted daughter of Mia and his own daughter.

    I am a product of incest, and I cannot believe you want to even think others things could happen.

    One she would not make this up, and two she knows who her father is.

    Woody has demonstrated he has a thing for young girls by writing the movie about it. He is hiding it and further more he married the one of the two girls he was having sex with.

    Children do not make things up when it comes to sexual abuse. When it is a story someone has given someone it is easy to figure that out.

    The chance of him not hurting his daughter is very small. From what was said I side with his daughter. If you want to think it was the uncle go ahead.

  55. 55

    See this comment on Facebook. Her father was a brillliant scholar:

    “I am a victim.” And funny how Dylan said her father told her it was their secret. The same thing my father told me. My father told me it was our secret b/c mommy and your brothers and sisters will get very jealous and hurt you. Guess how old I was??? Exactly 7 yrs old. I remember it as if it were just yesterday. For the next 12 yrs of my life until I was 19 and finally ran away from home……did I get to move on with my life. Those were the worst 12 yrs of my life. I believe every last word that girl is saying…This is something YOU NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, FORGET!!! I don’t give a shit how many people talked to her…I had cops involved and they brushed it off. For 4 days I was tied up in a basement by my own father. My poor mother was forced to spoon feed me. Finally my sister in the middle of the night loosened all the ties and I ran for the dickens away. I called 911, showed them my goddamn arms and legs and they put me right back in that house with my father. He was smart….Oh yes he was. He said I was a disobedient child didn’t work, didn’t do anything but cause trouble. My poor mother couldn’t even help me…..She knew what the consequences were for her and the rest of her children. Cops bought into it….Just like they bought into Woody. Oh my God….He married his adopted daughter. What does it take to register the absurdity and disgust of that alone???? We are VICTIMS!!! It’s not an illusion!!!! It’s disgusting!!!! First chance I had to run away..I did. And then I persuaded my mom to just pretend she was going to the laundromat with the kids and take all their clothes, and don’t look back. Leave everything behind. And she did just that!!!! Finally we were all free from that brilliant, good looking, clean cut guy that was a f’in psychopath. The only advice I have for Dylan is to forgive him, so she can be free once and for all. Only a sick, demented mind does what these fathers did to their little girls. But NEVER ever forget what they did!!!!”

  56. 56

    It is sad that people have decided to attack Dylan Farrow for writing a letter blaming Woody Allen for sexually assaulting her when she was seven years old. If there was not history of Mr. Allen engaging in sex with underage girls, it may not be as easy to believe the allegations, but Mr. Allen, on numerous occasions, has engaged in sexual relations with under age girls. To publicly challenge Dylan Farrow’s accusation and to defend Mr. Allen against them is in effect participating in the assault. If you do not believe the allegations, be silent. You cannot know and to defend a man who has sexually abused children before is just wrong.

  57. 57

    Typo, Should have said:


  58. 58

    Woody Allen did a 60minutes interview about this. When the interviewer asked about the allegations, Woody’s body language totally changed. He could no longer maintain eye contact with the interviewer and his body stiffened up in an effort to maintain control of his feelings. @Vivian Wolsk, some pedophiles only prey on their children and not others. This helps them to have more control. Soon-Yi still has her 17 year old body since she adopted instead of giving birth. So Woody is probably very happy with her child body. No need to look elsewhere. Plus he’s 78 yrs old. Your comment is typical of women being pitted against other women. Woody and his lawyers were successful when it comes to women attacking and blaming other women. They made Mia the target and viscous women fell for it.

  59. 59

    Thank you Lisa, for an excellent article. Pedophilia is an abhorrent crime and rampant in our society. I have spoken to many women who were victims of child sexual abuse and what you say is true. Children do NOT fantasize about having sex with their father and what Woody Allen did with Soon Yi was reprehensible and yet Hollywood accepted it.

    The men and women I have spoken to about this carry the pain with them throughout their lives. Some have healed in some ways; many are still trying to. One person told me that when her grandmother caught her grandfather molesting her, she simply gave her a dirty look and walked away. Another knew what her grandfather was doing to her but pretended nothing was going on until years later when she finally told her mother what happened. A young mother that I know immediately reported the sexual abuse of her two children by the father’s mother, the children’s grandmother, when they talked about it in front of her to a behavioral psychologist they were seeing. Not only did the woman and father deny any such actions but these children are still being forced by the court to spend weekend and overnight visitation in this woman’s home since the father lives there.

    Again, thank you for standing up for the children in a society where too many people are quick to dismiss those claims, especially If the person is a famous Hollywood actor/director. My heart goes out to Dylan and all of the children who were/are sexual abuse victims of pedophiles.

  60. 60

    Yes thank you Lisa Bloom…and for those of you who are twisted…find your rock!!! Lisa is just stating her opinion on this issue…and if you have never been abused in this manner…shut the hell up! Your opinion has no credibility…and you are so right Lisa Bloom…being able to come forward years later and discard that suffocating skin that trapped you all your young years with exhilarating to shed…I would know…and to say something so unbelievably cruel and discrediting as posted by @Vivian Wolsk is in my best wordage…bullshit! How dare any of you put this young woman through that horror again??? I know if someone told me I was fantasizing or was confused, made it up …I’d have to slap the stupid right outta them…end of story!

  61. 61

    There are only two people on earth who know whether this is true or not so it is senseless to call Farrow a liar and it is equally senseless to call Allen a child molester. No one here knows with certainty.

    It’s a horrible crime and so is the crime of false accusation.

    This article, in it’s attempt to defend Farrow has failed miserably as it has started out with a lie. Farrow is NOT Allen’s daughter. In court of law, if you tell a lie, your entire testimony is considered a lie. In the author’s attempt to bolster Farrows case, she has just lost it entirely.

    There is absolutely no way the truth of this is ever going to come out unless one of the parties eventually admits their lie.

    Finally. if the crime actually did take place, most parents would not sleep day or night for 100 years until the criminal was behind bars. I find it disturbing that this accusation only comes up when convenient

    This article has unfortunately set the persecution of perpetrators back 25 years.

  62. 62

    You’re using this announcement for your own publicity…. that’s how I see it. Be proactive and write something to educate people…. Perhaps he did… that’s not the point…. He’s in the spotlight now for this… and you’re sucking up to it…. a typical parasitic means of ladder climbing. :P

  63. 63

    Thank you for this insightful & correct analysis of Dylan’s Farrow’s abuse. Her open letter to the NY Times was haunting. You have obviously researched Child Sexual Abuse & our society’s & legal systems failure for some victims. You validated this brave woman’s choice to speak up & you validated her mother who too was victimized as she fought to protect her children & society laughed at her. Be proud Dylan & Mia Farrow, for choosing to survive.

  64. 64


  65. 65

    When Woody Allen married Mia Farrow his role was to be provider,care-giver, protector and father to THEIR children. It was NOT to be lover or eventually husband to his teenage
    adoptive daughters.

  66. 66
    Kyle Michel Sullivan

    Ms. Bloom, I understand where you’re coming from and despise even the idea of molesting children, but pedophiles are not know for having single victims or molesting a specific child just one time; they usually have multiple children and occasions to molest. Have any other children accused Woody Allen of molesting them? It’s not like this is a new case, so if he had done so, plenty of kids would have let the world know, as happened with the priests in the Catholic Church and that coach at Penn State.

    I also feel you hurt your thesis by equating an interest in 17 year-old girls with 7 year olds. They are not even remotely the same, and as questionable as such a relationship may be, it’s not illegal so long as the age of consent is 17. Using his interest in young young women to bolster your argument that he raped a 7 year old is cheesy, at best.

  67. 67

    Couple things…
    I’ve had more than one girlfriend tell me their first love, their first sexual feelings were for their dad.

    Secondly, what doesn’t add up for me is this: Why is Mia Farrow a defender and still currently friends with convicted statutory rapist Roman Polanski if her daughter were a victim of child molestation?

    Third, why does she have a history of getting involved w men old enough to be her father?

    Fourth, she makes no mention of her convicted child molestor brother in any of her condemnations of Woody Aallen.

    I’m not a psychologist but it sounds like there is some serious projection happening from the Farrow family history…

  68. 68

    I guess the medical doctors would call this a dysfunctional F— u- family

  69. 69

    I always thought he was kind of creepy started banging his own daughter even if she was a not related step daughter .

  70. 70

    This article sounds like it was written by someone with Histrionic Personality Disorder.
    A) Mia Farrow is insane and has brainwashed her kids to hate Allen. Her sick obsession with taking him down is longstanding.
    B) There’s a book involved and this explosive accusation boosts sales based on who the “villain” is. That’s motivation enough to “come forward” after all these years.
    C) Lisa Bloom admits she’s working with Ronan Farrow who supports Dylan in her in claim. This tacit sucking up to Ronan wreaks of hysteria and is motivation enough to slant in Dylan’s direction.
    D) All parties including Bloom are cashing in on the coattails of Allen’s success. Had this been about
    John Doe’s alleged molestation there’d be no book by Dylan or MSNB TV show featuring Ronan.

  71. 71

    The connection between Polanski and Woody Allen in this case is the fact that Mia Farrow had been close to both of them.. Polanski gave her the lead in ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ which launched her career. In 1977 he admitted to having sex with a 13-year old and fled the country. In 2002 Polanski won the Academy Award for Best Director for the film ‘The Pianist’. Of course he was not present at the Oscars, but he received a standing ovation. At the Golden Globe Awards when Woody was given a lifetime achievement award, Mia made the following comment, among others – “A woman has publicly detailed Woody Allen’s molestation of her at age 7. GoldenGlobe tribute showed contempt for her & all abuse survivors” She made no comment in 2002 about Polanski’s award. The rest of their connection is that in 2005 she willingly testified in London on his behalf in a lawsuit.

  72. 72

    Very well done. However, as is the case, victim blaming has gone so much to the heads of most people that even despite what lies before their own eyes [in this case his own statements and his own work even] some people simply continue to support a peadofile, becuase he’s A) rich and B) famous, and naturally rich and famous people are never bad or wrong….. Thanks for this article, very well written.

  73. 73

    Attorney Bloom neglects to mention the state of Connecticut’s forensic examination finding these allegations, now repeated without addition, unfounded.
    Allen has suffered a disservice by New York state Supreme Court judge Elliot Wilk, who gave Dylan Farrow’s personnel psychotherapist’s testimony more weight than that examination, even though it was unbiased and used more experts in more disciplines.
    Attorney Bloom knows what this means legally, but she’s cut a deal with one of Farrow’s siblings.

  74. 74

    Thank God for people like you who are actually thinking this out and realizing what is actually taking place here. For awhile, I thought Woody and his shadow army of defenders were going to win out, but I’ve seen so many great commentaries picking his stories apart, it is heartening to read and hear.

    I would say also, Woody’s lawyer came out today acting like Mia was the devil incarnate- and talked about her implanting Dylan’s memories and acted like Woody thought she was the most evil woman ever. But Woody himself suggested that Mia should play his wife in “Mighty Aphrodite.” There was an item about it, because the casting director thought he was nuts. Why would he do that if he thought Mia had implanted child molestation memories in Dylan. The narrative isn’t logical, something is off, it doesn’t make sense.

  75. 75

    Why is it that nearly every man left a rude ass comment that made no sense?
    Bunch of no good perverts. Go cut off your damn weiners and do the world a favor.

  76. 76

    To Laura MD: Oh, and using the mugshot from one of his movies is a really cheap thing to do.

    — Is this the most profound statement you can think of from this article?

  77. 77

    REPLY to Laura MD

    Most women who counsel their own children after abuse are able to step back and realize that while they cannot diminish the horror, they also have a responsibility to help the child understand that “Daddy is good in many ways, but sick in this way.”

    Laura, considering you are a ‘woman’ and putting an MD at the end which I presume you might be a doctor, it is HORRIFIC for you to post what you just posted. She writes alluding to Polanski and his movie scenes which are connected to his psyche. We are NOT talking about other writers but the understanding of an ENTIRE person – psychologically, whatever form of work or art a person does is an extension of a BELIEF SYSTEM or an extrapolation of whatever value the person is trying to emanate to the world. I don’t know how exactly you can’t work that out if youre an intelligent reader. Of all the posts in this thread, yours is the one that made me nauseated the most.

    SECOND. ‘responsibility to help child understand that daddy is good in many ways but sick in this way’. A DADDY THAT IS SICK IN THIS WAY IS NEVER A GOOD DAD/FATHER IN ANY WAY.

    Didn’t it ever occur to you that a person coming out saying the person’s been abused or molested is sharing this shameful event in their lives which nobody would like anyone happen to themselves be known to the world? There’s nothing amazing or laudable about coming out with that experience. I hope you do not counsel any abused person.

    It is people like you that allow the rationalisation of abusers in this society your post made me actually ponder if you were an abuser yourself.

    Ms Bloom, thank you for this piece. No need to explain this piece further to anyone it is self-explanatory.

  78. 78
    Dr Rosemary McHugh

    Thank you to Lisa Bloom for her insight and wisdom about child sexual abuse and by how the sexual predators can escape from accountability. As a physician who has met many who have been sexually abused, I agree with all she says. Men have been getting away with sexually abusing women and children for too long with no need to be accountable. As there are more women lawyers and doctors, hopefully male sexual abusers will be made accountable for their crimes against women and male and female children.

  79. 79

    thank you for this!

    What Dylan Farrow describes in her poignant piece (that Nicholas Kristof posted) is the gradual depletion of boundaries, carefully orchestrated by Woody Allen who expressed that he sees no problem at all in having sexual relations with someone who saw him as a father figure and with whom he had a father-daughter relationship. There is nothing incredible in this account of what clearly qualifies as child sexual abuse.

    It’s typical, the standard behavior of pedophiles to deny engaging in sexual acts with a child and to deny, in fact, any wrongdoing at all. When the perpetrator is found out, which is rarely the case because pedophiles are experts at hiding their traces, they blame the victim and those supporting the victim in the overwhelming majority of cases.

    It’s also typical, standard behavior of the witnesses and by-standers (and, in this case, the public) to defend the perpetrator and blame the victim. Whether she speaks or remains silent, the assaulted person is the one who suffers in a myriad of ways. That’s the upsetting reality of living in a porn culture that no one questions that the perp is speaking the truth; and that the victim is left struggling for years, or for a lifetime, to prove that she is not lying, even when she has nothing to gain from speaking up at all.

    reposted your article on our Stop Porn Culture facebook page and twitter.

  80. 80

    @Vivien Wolsk and laura md…. Ladies, thank you so very much for your contributions on this page. You are the voice of reason and the way you dismissed Ms. Bloom’s aberrations was not just an excellent piece of work, but I hope a cold shower that may eventually awaken Ms. Bloom and return her to reality. Of course your explanations will not succeed to change the minds of ignorant people who choose to believe fictional stories conveyed by Mia Farrow and her adoptive daughter Dylan (who were NEVER related to Woody Allen), simply because at some point in time during their childhood they have been victims of sexual abuse, thus loosing the ability to be objective, whenever they analyze a case where allegations of sexual abuse are made. Good bless you both and those who were victimized too, in spite of their blindness when it comes to understanding and judging the facts, not some unsubstantiated allegations as in the case of Woody Allen and Dylan Farrow.

  81. 81

    I’d like to make four points. 1) There was no further risk to Dylan as Woody was expelled after taking up with Dylan’s sister so authorities could feel confident of that 2) How would this relate to the detailed FALSE reports that arise out of the ’80s? 3) There may not be money involved, but something far more important: breaking the bonds and creating Havoc and Hell and dissension within a fragile family with many very delicate children at risk. GUILTY!!!! GUILTY!!! (And he doesn’t even give a damn.) But 4) We have our own strong biases. I don’t believe MJ’s accuser AT ALL for example.

  82. 82

    This article is a load of crap.

  83. 83

    Being a survivor of child molestation for 13 years I can relate I did not tell anyone until I was in my late 20’s It started when I was very young a family friend who was a Church of Christ minister would molest me even in the twin bed next to where his wide was sleeping. I was a very good victim I didn’t say anything until he died and then I only told my sisters. It does ruin your relationships with people. I was forced to perform oral and vaginal intercourse. After finally telling I learned that he had molested my other sisters as well. I don’t know how no one every suspected. It has caused me great emotional pain and relationship issues with men. I pray that Dylan and all the other poor children that have been abused will seek help and not let it ruin their everyday lives.

  84. 84
    Emma Terese Brown

    Speak Write Act Truth to Power To Stop Abuse

  85. 85

    There are just so many inaccuracies in this piece that its impossible to weigh its value or usefulness, no matter what you believe happened or didn’t. Is it too much to ask that, if we are going to try this case in the court of public opinion, we at least use the facts, to the extent that they are available?

  86. 86

    What’s with the part of society that turns a blind eye? Despite many unhealed wounds, a portion of society sees clearly. My favorite Allen film is the one he could make in which he fesses up, begs forgiveness, and expresses extreme remorse for his lack of self control having hurt numerous good people who loved and trusted him. Causing pain to a loved one may be one of the biggest mistakes a healthy person can make, but Allen is sick. Without picketing, many of us have been quietly boycotting his films since learning that he betrayed Mia’s family by making porn photos of, and then marrying, his longterm lover’s 19 or 20 year old daughter. Dylan specified in a recent Vanity Fair interview how he painfully violated her at age 7. What he did would not have left physical evidence and would only take a few minutes, but with lifelong emotional effects. Now that she published a letter in the NY Times, a larger swath of society will be too disgusted to indulge in his “art.”

    Unless proven guilty, we presume that Dylan is innocent of the charge of lying. He has ample incentive to lie, but why would she lie? Mia would not have lied because doing so would hurt her kids, whereas her truth-telling protected them. Dylan’s incentive for truth-telling is to give courage to other victims. Fearing they will not be believed, some never tell. It is very important that an attorney who is experienced in these matters finds Dylan credible. Thank you for publishing this, Ms. Bloom.

    Fortunately, there are male authors who “get it” too:
    Was Allen victimized as a child? Many perpetrators were. I pray for him, his wife and their adopted daughters, as well as for all those he has hurt, for all those who need healing, and for that portion of society that does not face and challenge injustice.

  87. 87

    PERFECT. Thankyou. Beautifully written piece.

  88. 88

    Excellent article and thank you so much for writing this. It’s such a shame that people only choose to see what they want to see, and presume this man’s innocence when their is no legitimate reason to.

  89. 89

    Thank you for speaking out on Dylan Farrow’s statement on being molested by W. Allen. I was molested when I five years old, as were my sisters and other girls in our neighborhood. We were lucky to have parents who listened to us, were encouraged to talk about what happened, and that what happened was not our fault. It took away the power this deviate had over the children. Our parents did have him arrested, but they couldn’t take the case to court as they thought we were all too young to testify. So my parents and neighbors let him know they were watching him every day. Unfortunately he did reoffend again. When I first heard about Dylan, I believe her immediately. I never watched an Allen film again, and have publically spoken out about the entertainment’s ongoing support for this child molester. But with people like you continuing to speak out, you’re raising people’s consciousness on child molestation. Not to look away from this crime against children and too believe them when they do talk.

  90. 90

    Thank you.

    Thank you for laying it all out in such detail, thank you for giving all of us who believe Dylan enough ammunition to fight back against the tired defenses that automatically spring up, &, lastly & most importantly, thank you for believing the victim

  91. 91
    christa hillhouse

    you said “When it comes to allegations of sexual abuse, especially against wealthy, powerful men, the child is easily discredited and often loses. See, e.g., Roman Polanski.”

    Polanski was charged and was incarcerated in prison for several months while under psychiatric examination. He pleaded guilty to a crime. One case has little to do with the other except for the two men being film directors.

  92. 92

    Oh, and using the mugshot from one of his movies is a really cheap thing to do.

  93. 93

    I am not sure I understand the Roman Polanski reference? Roman Polanski confessed to his crime and he was told he would be given a plea deal, however, it was reneged upon and he fled the country. Yes, the child in this case lost out in seeing her abuser in jail, but she did have the satisfaction of knowing that at least he admitted it.

    Yes, he had age inappropriate relationships in a movie and was with a 19 year old whose consent he had and who he later married, but how on earth you could conclude such a notion that if it was his films he could have done it? Think of how many films have horrific scenes of violence and molestation. Seriously?

    When I was seven, sex wasn’t disgusting, it may have been a little hard to imagine how it could possible work out, but it wasn’t a disgusting thing and like many seven year-old children, I was extremely curious about sex and asked questions and of course read Where Do Babies Come From? I’m much older than Dylan and yet even in my childhood we knew about sex.

    Having worked with children who were victims of sexual abuse by parents, I can tell you that one of most difficult things is the conflict they feel about what their parent did and how they feel about the parent. Most children still love their abusers. In this case, because her mother kept her away from her father, (I understand this impulse), it seems clear that she only received negative reinforcement about her father. Most women who counsel their own children after abuse are able to step back and realize that while they cannot diminish the horror, they also have a responsibility to help the child understand that “Daddy is good in many ways, but sick in this way.”

    It is clear that the household of children was taught that he is a molester and a bad person or they wouldn’t be able to nurture such public hatred and venom.

    Yes, abuse victims need to be heard and need to speak out, but you have perpetuated several tired myths in this post.

  94. 94

    I rarely read something more stupid/stupider, lacking any trace of evidence and full of obvious and nauseating feminism (as in the feminist movement). Under normal circumstances a person with common sense and an ounce of decency would be ashamed, but you don’t appear to be such a person. I am way too nauseated to begin the task of dissecting your idiotic 6 reasons, but I assure you that ANY human being mentally sane can see the idiocy you spread on this page instead of rather knitting a sweater, clean the house and wash the dishes, which are activities you seem to be more fit to do then play psychologist.

  95. 95

    While I greatly sympathize with all that Dylan has gone through and believe she believes Allen did these horrific things to her, there are other possible explanations for what she believed occurred. It is known that Ms Farrow has a brother who is a convicted pediphile. He may have been present in her life at that time. If she was a troubled child as is reported, Dylan may have transferred the blame onto Allen especially in the midst of the other accusations vs him and her mother’s obvious upset and perhaps encouragement. She also may have felt her own sense of betrayal and rage that he chose her adopted sister instead of her. It also makes no sense to me that in the midst of the exposure of the relationship between Allen and her adopted daughter, Ms Farrow would allow Dylan unsupervised time alone with Allen and that he would chose that one time to do this. In terms of Allen’s interest in young women, they have been teenagers not children. Ms Farrow as well has had rather unusual morally questionable relationships with much older sometimes married men, including Sinatra and Allen himself. And lastly what about the 2 teenage adoptive daughters Allen now lives with? How must all this be impacting on them? There have never been any accusations made against him other than those made by Dylan. Typically pedophiles as you say cannot control their behavior and are repeat offenders. Bringing this out so publicly now cannot prevent him from repeating the accused behavior. This is rageful revenge (possibly justified) but still not without its own victims.

  96. 96
    Linda (westcoast prof)

    Great read Lisa! Holds true to my understanding of child sexual abuse as well. Thx

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