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April 4  • 

How to Avoid Fighting over Fido in a Divorce

While laws are designed to protect children in divorce by allowing shared custody, the laws for pets are intended instead to benefit the owner.

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April 1  • 

Getting Married Again? Avoid these 5 Financial Mistakes

Family law attorney and Avvo.com legal analyst Jennifer A. Brandt offers the following five financial mistakes couples should avoid when marrying for...

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March 31  • 

4 Signs a Marriage is Ready for a “Conscious Uncoupling” via Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop

Gwyneth Paltrow announced last Tuesday on her blog Goop that she and husband of Chris Martin were going through a "conscious uncoupling.”

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February 13  • 

The ‘Valentine’s Effect’ Delivers Divorce, Not Romance

Avvo released data this week that the number of people seeking information about divorce on Avvo increases significantly in the weeks leading up to...

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January 29  • 

3 Significant Facts about a Custody Evaluation

This week’s episode of Beyond Dispute from Avvo focuses on aspects of child custody including child custody evaluations, co-parent counseling, and...

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December 23  • 

3 Reasons To Delay Your Divorce Until January

Here's why you might want to consider waiting until the new year to officially it quits.

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December 13  • 

Top 5 Reasons Men File for Divorce

What makes men leave a marriage? Avvo attorney Kelly Chang Rickert gives us 5 of the most common reasons.

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October 22  • 

7 Steps to a Positive Child Custody Outcome

While it is always best if parents can mutually agree on a workable schedule for their family, a family court judge may decide where children will...

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October 17  • 

How to Divide Your Marital Home in a Divorce

If you’re considering a divorce and own a home with your spouse, here are your options.

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September 26  • 

Joint Accounts During Divorce: When Can You Withdraw Funds?

In many marriages one spouse controls the money. What does this mean for the other spouse when going through a divorce?

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