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Kelly Rutherford and the pain of international custody battles


Kelly Rutherford played a major character on the TV series Gossip Girl, but may be more famous today for the real life custody battle she is waging—across three different jurisdictions in two different countries—with her German born ex-husband, Daniel Geirsch.

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Is Facebook creating a divorce crisis?

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People have always cheated on each other. Long before the dawn of the information age, people in supposedly committed relationships were sneaking about, looking for some clandestine action on the side. So it’s no surprise that modern technology is being used for similar purposes.

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7 unbelievable divorce tales from around the world

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It’s easy to agree on some no-brainer reasons for divorce – abuse, alcoholism and infidelity are all common reasons to end a marriage. But what about cleaning too much, disliking a beloved film or kissing a horse?

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Top 7 places to get a quickie divorce

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In a rush to get divorced? Then don’t file for divorce in Maryland or South Carolina, which both require a year of residency plus a year of separation before you can even start the process. Instead, look for places with short or non-existent residency requirements and waiting periods. Assuming you’re after an uncontested divorce, the process could take just a few short weeks.

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Online cheaters—and the rest of us—are not safe

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Ashley Madison, a dating and social media website that caters to married people looking to engage in adulterous relationships, provides users with a place to chat, exchange photos, discuss fantasies, etc. But there’s a problem. Earlier this week, Ashley Madison was hacked by the so-called “Impact Team,” a group of hackers attempting to extort the company, but not for money. They want Ashley Madison to shut down, and they are threatening to expose its users’ private information, including addresses and credit card information—unless, that is, the site disappears from the Internet.

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5 reasons men file for divorce

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When it comes to divorce, does sex matter? That is, are there differences between men and women? Research and experience both say yes.

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10 STD laws you should know about


Can you go to jail for giving someone an STD, even if you didn’t know you had it?

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5 surprising statistics on divorce in the U.S.

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Which costs more: A divorce or a new Corolla?

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Half of American men not strongly opposed to being in an open relationship, Avvo study finds

Men V Womenn

Renowned relationship expert and sexologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz weighs in on state of affairs for men and women.

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How to divorce a missing spouse


Divorce lawyer Jennifer Brandt on how to divorce a missing spouse, including due diligence, publication, even divorce service via Facebook.

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