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Is it legal to flip off a cop?

flip off cop_sized

The finger. The bird. Flipping someone off. Whatever you call it, it’s a rude gesture meant to express disdain and provoke a reaction. So, if you flip off a cop, can you get arrested? In January 2013, a federal court said no. Hurrah for freedom of expression! But not so fast. Just because you can legally give a police officer the finger doesn’t mean you should.

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Swearing “Minions,” and other toy rollout disasters


The F-bomb dropping “Minion” toys living in McDonald’s Happy Meals aren’t the first foul-mouthed toys to pollute impressionable young minds.

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From the Avvo vault: July 4th edition

July 4th UGC_sized

Avvo’s users ask questions on how to deal with their Independence Day-related legal issues.

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Legal bloopers: When it comes to legal advice, know who’s giving it

Legal bloopers: When it comes to legal advice, know who’s giving it

Advice is only as good as the person giving it, right? One Reddit user forgot that age-old wisdom when he sought divorce advice on the site.

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Profiling the Most Famous Mustaches in History

Profiling the Most Famous Mustaches in History

In light of “Movember ” we’ve rounded up some of the best manly ‘staches in history for your viewing pleasure.

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The Nastiest Celebrity Divorces


The TomKat divorce is yet another reminder of the hopelessness of even the most hopeful celebrity marriages. From nasty custody battles to ridiculous payouts, we’ve seen it all.

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Even The Blade Has to File a Tax Return


Martha Stewart isn’t the only celebrity known to try to evade the IRS. More recently, Lauren Hill has been on the hot seat for skipping out on taxes from 2005 to 2007, failing to file papers for around $1.8 million in earnings.

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The 7 Craziest Tax Deductions


Tax season is upon us once again, which means you’re probably getting ready to break out the old TurboTax or, if you’re lucky, your mild-mannered accountant is sharpening his pencils and dusting off his calculator on your behalf.

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Top 10 Career Killers at Office Holiday Parties


There’s nothing like the office holiday party to bond with your coworkers, get access to upper management, and practice everything you’ve learned about networking. The problem is that office parties usually involve alcohol, and when alcohol is involved, disaster lurks in the shadows.

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Mustache Law: A Historical Primer for Learned Gentlemen


Around this time every year, you might notice generally clean-shaven men of your acquaintance suddenly start sprouting facial hair. They haven’t joined a cult; instead they are participating in Movember.

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