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November 11  • 

Can immigrants serve in the US military? 8 Q&As about non-citizen service

In honor of Veterans Day, immigration attorney Greg McLawsen answers frequently asked questions about non-citizen military service.

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June 7  • 

Air Force Launches Special Victims Counsel for Sexual Assault Victims

Amid increased focus on how sexual assault cases are handled in the military, the Department of Defense (DoD) has unveiled a new program that...

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January 30  • 

Combat Ban Lifted for Women in the Military

Earlier last week, the Pentagon announced a major change in policy—one that allows women to serve in combat roles previously unavailable to them.

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November 29  • 

Time to End the “Brass Ceiling” for America’s Female Troops

More than 238,000 US military jobs are currently off limits to women. How can this be in 2012, when so many women have served honorably in our armed...

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February 21  • 

The Truth About Women in the Military

Even as the debate rages over the Pentagon’s recent decision to officially allow women to do certain dangerous battalion jobs in combat areas, the...

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October 8  • 

Halloween in Islamic Countries

Americans are often curious about life in Islamic countries, especially regarding holiday celebrations. For Halloween, it turns out that Muslims not...

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May 6  • 

Was the Assassination of Osama bin Laden Illegal?

Most of us were taught in school that assassinating someone in cold blood is against the law, even if he is a raging bad guy. The Nazis got tried in...

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April 27  • 

5 Blog Posts That Led to Libel Lawsuits

Libel and defamation lawsuits against bloggers have exploded over the past few years, as people increasingly post opinions online without thinking...

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November 3  • 

Top Secret Security Clearance: How Easy Is It to Get, Really?

You may have seen the recent Washington Post report that revealed approximately 854,000 people have top-secret U.S. government security clearance....

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September 2  • 

5 Ways Nanotechnology Could Kill Us All

Nanotechnology ("nanotech") is the science of controlling matter on a molecular scale, usually sized between 1 and 100 nanometers. How small is that?...

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